Fashion experiment. Versace shoes?

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Yep, lets see how they work. I put heel lifts into the right shoe. That’s why its black. I will gain 2 full inches. Normally I never had a shoe that actually fit these. There was so much space, I am going to pair it up. I’ll finally know what it feels like to be tall. But that only puts me at 5’9.

Does height matter in game? night game or online? nope. In daygame, of course you fucking idiot.

Anything above 5’10 and 6’2 is a downhill battle if you don’t have a lot of body fat and are well groomed. If you are above 6’4, its a bit harder if you don’t have the bulk to proportionally match your frame.

Anyone from 5’3 -5’8 will face the same resistant from girls. I know it seems shallow. But in daygame height matters a great deal. In other types of game, no.

Why Versace shoes?

Its a fashion experiment. I’m kind of a scientist. I test every combination. I think girls can see your shoes without actually looking down. I don’t know why, but they all can see it. Something you didn’t know, hidden secret. Do they have an extra pair of eyes on their pussy to see it? I don’t think so but they know. You can’t hide how poor you are.

I’m field testing money game to boost my SMV since I can’t gain muscle mass or I have maxed out fashion.

Normally all my students and I go to Zara. But with the AP and Rolex look alikes. They are noticed by girls. Its iconic. I also had a student I posted his testimonial with 3 fuck buddies. He wore Gucci and Versace and didn’t get as much results as Zara.

But what I am field testing is the word iconic. Something every girl should recognize.


You don’t need to be rich. You can find things identical to symbolic brands.

I hope you learned something from this post. I know its survival and replication value. These days women with their man hating behavior. They work too and have more power in the dating world. I wonder if this will still work in Vancouver. Since everyone is rich and poor at the same time.

I don’t know, I have to field test. I really have no opinions, I’m a daygame scientist. Everything has to go though testing. You can see how obsessed I am with no opinions, but just science.

Regardless, maybe i’ll recommend some interesting new clothing for London Immersion 2019 students. See you there. You should see how well they dressed at the London Immersion program last year. I picked out every single outfit of the students. Work out and optimized your fashion.

Don’t ask me why I keep posting rap music shit. I can’t help it.

-John Wayne

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