2 Testimonials, 2 stories


For the first guy he pulled 2 girls home. Actually I did, to his apartment and banging one on his bed…

I even got this in an infield. Luckily my camera man was there filming my product Wayne 30: From Hardcase To Hero. If he wasn’t there, I might not have the footage.

The second guy was trained by Simple Pickup and RSD Jefy. He had no results until he came to my bootcamp. I even took him back to RSD Jefy’s meeting. I had insiders who let John Wayne in.



I’m not exaggerating. I know how much RSD makes. I know when they travel they don’t pull. So they make advice videos. I know their game sucks.

This you see is a funnel as they said, a funnel of junk food before they upsell. Its toxic and dangerous.

I was confirmed I was right. He said they became a cult when they had self development and people became zombies. But I digress…

Long story short, I brought the student to face his demons. Jefy mentioned Germany and that they weren’t a cult.

The guy who brought me in showed me all the text messages of RSD. He was for real. He was an intern looking for answers who got no results. He never got laid…

But this bootcamp student pulled at the last minute. He was so gamey I fixed that. You can see the girl he pulled in the testimonial video.

He also got laid right away when he got back home. Mission accomplished.


Check out the bootcamp page. I’m still rewriting it now. I actually rewrote most of my site in 3 days. Seems impossible? because i’m a doer, not a talker. Not procrastinating not taking action. I’m a doer, are you?

link below is the bootcamp page


I’m coming home back to Vancouver tomorrow. I have healed enough. Food poison is under some control.

-John Wayne

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