Very weak now, but still going to post, so please listen, especially Asians

I’m still passing out all the time due to the flu and other embarrassing problems. I barely have enough energy so fucking pay attention.

His story isn’t that uncommon, go have a watch. Its actually my story for a long time in my life. How he disliked being Asian. He was even a model with good looks. But he can’t even get a swipe right for a few days even being a model.

This is actually how shallow women are to Asian Americans. I wish I was joking, but the hypergamy is so high. Women really go after the 20% of men gets most of the women on tinder and the rest are left to rot. Mostly it is just white guys, even if they are ugly. Just by being white, they have this much power.

When a white dating coach like Todd Valentine and others tell you looks don’t matter and race doesn’t matter. Only in the first 30 seconds. Its total bullshit.

You have to make sure the girl finds you attractive. If you ask her and she says she likes everyone or more personality. It won’t get far when you are in the bedroom. Don’t bother unless she is into you.

Some girls are into Asians due to K-Pop.

Which brings me to my first point. No amount of being ripped mattered as an Asian unless you have your muscles popping out and its visiable. Models like that with ripped bodies and abs don’t mean shit. So focus 30 days instead on getting a V shaped body. The right side you can see, the left side no one can see.

There is no positive stereotype of Asians being strong. White women doesn’t even care sometimes. Unless you have bright skin like a Korean American that looks like an actor. Being tanned and Chinese looking is just going to get you Asian women.

I hate to tell you this, but my students who are 5’11 or around there gets laid much faster. The shorter guys without my game, or looks. Will have to grind like crazy. Lots of approaches because women are shallow in North America towards Asians.

Women are extremely shallow towards height. They can’t help it because of what Mystery said about protector status. Having that height alone makes game way easier. You don’t even need as much game, you get compliance.

Turns out I have more game than any company in the world. I took it for granted. But what I taught is so powerful its a miracle. I don’t have the most SMV but I have the most technical game in the world.

You follow false idols like Todd Valentine that said to give her validation. This is the most harmful advice.

With Instagram, when you validate ugly girls now they feel like they are 8/10. They are only a 5/10 but because you are giving her validation because you didn’t know how else to get her. Now you made it harder. Women sees Instagram or tinder as their smv. Once they think they have high SMV,  they will get out of control like weeds.

When you hear dumb white coaches saying being natural, since they are tall with higher smv. Who can’t close on camera btw. Their game isn’t strong. They just depend on online dating as soon as they filmed their number close videos. But Asians doesn’t always have that luxury.

They will tell you not to neg or tease. Its purely harmful advice because if you don’t, women will feel validated and it gets harder for Asian men.

Their other dumb advice is its all attraction building and comfort. They never talk about flirting or seduction because they have high SMV and doesn’t need it. So Asians who has no smv, even if they looked like that model who is ripped. It isn’t enough. This advice is dangerous.

Its as dangerous as me eating non stop junk food and getting bleeding hemorids. It will catch up to you one day when you listen to white dating coaches and their junk food advice. No amount of my daygame advice will hurt you. Only help you. Their advice only hurts you because they will say whatever they can tell sell to you.

I think in 10 years you will see half Asian half white people popping up everywhere due to hypergamy. You won’t even get a date then with a white girl. You won’t even procreate. That is judgement day when you keep learning junk food or RSD kind of game.

That is my message and warning. I believe in the future women will be so validated here. Its impossible. Only Europe will be refuge for Asian men.

I believe in the future the only way to fight back is people will buy sex robots when its cheaper. Then women has to be forced to be feminine again and society will evolve. I predict this within the next 8-10 years. No one wants to fuck a sex doll. But they will fuck a talking robot. This is in response to the me too movement and all the men bashing.

All my predictions are correct so far. Justin Wayne is fake or using seeking arrangements. Same with high laycount guy. I’ve predicted so many trends. This is my next prediction. I’ve hardly been wrong. I think game will get so hard, people will be going to Europe more.

North America is so fucked now. Men have acted like women and women are masculine as men. Its a total role reversal and that can explain why people are so emotionally weak these days compared to my days in the past. Where men were alpha and tough as nails. People are so weak, even the slightest bit of fear, they retreat and avoid everything.

Train under me if you want to reclaim some of your masculinity back and get back on track.

Update, Toronto and California still is the last refuge for Asian men. There is some preselection there. But California will fall soon as I sensed it. Toronto is still okay.

I think if you get a girlfriend as an Asian. Stop aiming so high. Just think of retention game. Try to consider settling. Its going to get that bad.

-John Wayne

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