What is golden nuggets? A new series on youtube?

I thought of a great idea for a new series called golden nuggets. Since people are always asking for new advice videos. But they don’t want to see my old advice videos even if I remixed it. Or maybe I can post both.

See the source image
Golden Nuggets of Wisdom
Before I create the show called Dear Asians. Or my 10 best strategies. This covers a lot of my techniques. 
Those other shows will show up inbetween golden nuggets

Why do this now? Why not before? Why did I keep so much advice and clarity away from people? Its simply, these were too fucking powerful in the wrong hands.

That was my initial thinking before. What if other white dating coaches were paying attention and used the same advice to reverse engineer my student success.

Then I realized, they are too dumb, narcissistic, sociopathic, delusional to listen anyways. If they admit it works, they have to disqualify their own teachings.

Plus I get to help the warrior gene no empathy scale on a massive level. Or the narcissistic Indian guys with crazy and controlling parents.

Or you have the stubborn excuse making, blame shifting Asperger deluded sociopath hardcases. Where its never your fault or your autistic parents fault. Its always the girls. Instead of adapting to change, you just shift blame.

Whatever you are. I figured if I put out the truth in plain site and it looks opposite to every other white dating coach.

I’ll even use a metaphor of how money works and sales and marketing real world tactics to explain everything. Or even boxing. Or John Wayne’s theory of everything daygame…

Then you will see how unethical snake like white dating coaches are

Telling you looks, race doesn’t matter, be in the moment, be grounded, freedom from outcome.

While this shit sounds great. Its mainstream as Mcdonalds. I’ll show you French cooking and elevate you how food can taste better.

They just appeal to the lowest common denominator making you fat full of bad foods.

But when you get burnt enough times from it, you will want a change.

Well i’ll film golden nuggets this year or early next year. In the mean time, hope things are going well.

For me I already have a few students for Text Game for Minorities. The course has a bronze package for $400, silver for $500 and gold for $600. I already have students for both bronze and silver. If you are interested, find out how to contact me.

-John Wayne

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