Gratitude is the most important for your inner game

500th post actually


It really takes a lot of self esteem to wear something like this and feel you deserve to. You shouldn’t just say you are enough and delude yourself. Make your self enough physically. Self esteem can be outside in for the narcissistic egotistical, low self esteem people.

This watch is miles ahead of other watches. But only costed $55 USD at ali express. Please go buy it. It will force you to dress nicer if this contrast with everything else. It helps your self esteem outside in.

Lately I also found doing a gratitude exercise in the morning helps. You know those people in life who has everything. But they are unhappy and have a scarcity mindset. I’m kind of similar, i’m the best daygame coach in the world. But ungrateful sometimes of all the great things people have done for me.

I seen some fucked up things lately. Some of my best students who won’t give me credit for training him. After I got him 7 lays with 8/10 in daygame. Now you see other petty dating coaches trying to claim credit afterwards. You even see guys talking about who has the best stats, batting average.

Umm, Deepak and I pulled every single time in a European country. We got laid more than half the time. He has more of a retention game since he has stronger emotions than me. Deepak got laid the first day I was in Europe and the last. We even banged the same girls many times. One at a time, then pass her off.

I got laid in almost every country except Riga and I didn’t approach in Britain. Just taught. I did so many one shot one kills. It was way easier in Europe. I wasn’t treated like shit. Just like when I came back to Vancouver I was treated like road kill just for being Asian. We don’t have anymore Asian white girl couples anymore. Vancouver has fallen.

My point is people don’t appreciate things. They just dismiss.

You hear people tell you high SMV things that only hurts Asians. Saying be more grounded. I mean, that doesn’t automatically means a lay. None of my students are grounded. Or emotional control. Its purely SMVing it, trying to be like James Bond. That’s not transferable or getting testimonials.

Or how many times people say you aren’t expressing yourself. When you know structure is like grammer. You can actually express yourself more clearly this way. Its not inauthentic. Saying stupid shit while having high SMV is stupid.

Its funny, all the other daygame coaches are tall. People has no idea how much more skills I need than them to curb stomp them. People don’t appreciate. Tall dating coaches being her type are hurting others. Telling them fake news and fake game.

Sometimes I feel i’m in a thankless job. People always revert to their lower self.

No automatic alt text available.I should appreciate how smart I am. Sometimes I feel everyone especially PUAs are dumb. I’m starting to not be able to relate to sheeps. But I think I need to learn to improve my communication skills across all media. So I can better serve you. My mistake is trying to talk to you from my 200 I.Q. I will talk to the sheeps in a simpler way.

I don’t mean sheeps as a insultive term. They need a good sheppard. Not a bunch of wolves white dating coaches.

My best advice now is to be grateful. The day you learn how to reflect on things you are grateful for. You don’t feel fearful and scarcity mindset. Abundance comes to you.

Do you appreciate me, without the need for testimonials? The answer is no. You are fearful, ignorant, egotistical and thinking with your lower self. I bet everything I taught here, golden nuggets or gold coins gets ignored until I post more testimonials. That is your lower self thinking and being ungrateful. This is why you aren’t successful.

See the source imageAre you an ungrateful piece of shit thinking with your lower self? You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. Do you always operate with your lower self? perhaps its time to change that. Maybe outside in.

Not a fan of Tony Robbins. But he is right. Maybe fucking listen to the advice.

Trust me, i’m the worlds best daygame coach. To the point people are turned off by it. But I say gratitude is way better than high vibrational energy. Gratitude is a much more positive feeling. Even this made a big difference in my life. Its not fluff or RSD bullshit. Learn to stop being so fucking selfish and start learning to be grateful.

Remember when I made this video? About students and how they turn on me after they get results. Then I cut them off, then they no longer have access to my quantum computing game. Then they decline. How much ego and lack of gratitude does some people have.

I ate in an Italian styled Greek restaurant yesterday. I could of went to a cheaper place in Grandville. I paid a lot for the meal, after tax. I even tipped them way more. Even if the service was awkward and they didn’t get my check. They were surprised because how they treated people with bad customer service. I felt better, grateful, also, I felt better tipping more. It shows money that I am not afraid and I will make more.

-John Wayne


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