Dec Updates

Don’t have a lot of time to post so i’ll list off what will happen this month.

-Happy to have nearly 500 subscribers in 4 months and a week. Its a start at least. I am going to make better content and connect it to the blog more. I find it a distraction towards my blog.

-5.8K for one of my same day lay videos.

-The main sites store page will be rebuilt. Those who got in on the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero launch, great. The products will be relaunched soon hopefully in less than a month.

-I’m going to create a series called Dear. Asians 100 years from now. I did this because most Asians with the warrior gene will go to RSD or some other irreverent coach to get burnt. Maybe even an Asian dating coach. But gets no daygame results, only night game. Then quit the game.

I figured 100 years from now, when 1/5 Asians doesn’t procreate and lots have failed. When squared jawed Asian women are marrying inbred looking creepy white guys left and right. You will see the population of Asians in the future to be half white, half Asians. Except the mother is Asian in almost all cases. The hatred by their daughters will increase seeing that their mom is Asian.

I’m estimating around 30 million Chinese will be softly genocided. Its already 10 million gender imbalance now in China. Meaning there are more males than females. Besides every year daygame will be harder due to Instagram where girls knows their sexual market value and get more and more narcissistic. You need to adapt or perish. So I thought, why not appeal to Asians in the future. This generation might be royally fucked.

-I’m also going to make a series of my top 10 strategies. While similar to Dan Pena. I never knew it was until I read his top 10 list. It matches mine. Then again I am the best dating coach in the world for laid testimonials. Its measurable, so its not just self proclaimed or my opinion. But we all follow the same top 10 principles or strategies. All the best people in the world does at any given field.

-I’m also going to split off the bootcamp page for different races. You can select so the sales letters will be more suited to you. I have taught every race on bootcamps. I can’t teach my students the same. They all have different SMV and different advantages and disadvantages.

Unless you are Asian, you have no advantages by default. Even naturals, you never hear an Asian guy. Its always some east Indian guy. Their SMV is higher than yours. Its always some natural in night game, some tall dude with a higher SMV by default.

-You see a new section called white privledge. I might just call a new section, educational. I put all the top 10 concepts and dear Asians. All that future tactics and techn-‘m focusing on improving my understanding of funnels. With funnels, they can give you more deals if you buy more stuff so its a win/win. Normally I don’t give discounts on individual products. Of course, I did so when it was the official launch of Wayne 30. But its rare.

When you think about it, same day lays are funnels or yes ladders. If you number close, you kind of lose the customer, just to email you back later being retargeted instead of by ads. But by flake text game. Which makes more sense to have a cool Instagram or something. But when you same day lay, instadate, you continue the funnel forward. The upsell is the instadate. Other upsells are more venues. Closing the deal is when you pull and fuck.

-Everything in sales and marketing concepts. Everything that has a real life measurable component is identical to all my concepts. But its weird how RSD even if they make more and Simple Pickup. None of it is even remotely related to real world concepts. Looks don’t matter.

But in reality, its like white dating coaches are a better product, but have low sales/game skills because they are an easy sell. So when you are a hard sell, you try to improve your sales/game. But you still get flaked on or rejected. Get it? its all related to real life measurable concepts. Weird right?

Take this for example. Natural game. Imagine a long form sales letter for a product. They say just be natural. Forget about any written structure. Just wing it. But that will never work in sales letters. But somehow it works for them because they are a better product. Its always natural and direct the coaches are always better looking than you. They are always tall and privledged.

Everything that works or gets testimonials are aligned to real world concepts. Everything that makes money, but sounds the same. Only works for mega companies but not small fry companies. But sounds comforting, never works. Or only gets you equal or below. But now the problem is when every company repeats the same bullshit conventional wisdom.

You can take self help. It used to be called self success, which is measurable. But now self development isn’t. You can’t measure any of it. So you don’t know if you are getting better. Gurus in every self help industry tells you the same conventional wisdom crap.

You can’t measure conventional wisdom. Since people varies in society. You have dumb people and smart people. They have nothing in common, there is no common baseline or common ground. So they market the same advice that appeals to your ego.

I’m starting to think most people are kind of dumb who falls for RSD. It is because of their procreation switch. If white dating coaches just by being white. They have authority to these minorities. That is a privilege minority dating coaches doesn’t have. We have to prove everything and get the testimonials of students laid.

They did an experiment, where people dressed as lab coats start giving orders to people to turn up the electrical shock. They did it anyways submitting to authority. You submit and the procreation switch. White dating coaches shows no proof, so you assume it. Todd Valentine doesn’t pull. He just gets in a cab or half way these white dating coaches stops the infield. You assumed it in your mind. You filled in the blanks.

I have to educate people. Yes the site will look better. I’m also revamping the bootcamp page. If you need a bootcamp early in the year, just fill out the form as I finish creating the page. I don’t have time to make it perfect yet.

Why work on marketing now? I think to myself. I have more students laid than the other Asian dating coaches. I’m not even teaching night game. I still have way more. I should make more? But what’s the difference? Most likely content and marketing. I actually have more laid testimonials than all dating coaches for daygame and night game actually combined. It doesn’t even matter.

I like to think of learning these skills to communicate the value better to make it a win/win. I don’t operate under unethical marketing principles as white dating coaches. They operate under win/lose. You pay them and get no results, you lose.

-I have to go, I chipped my tooth. So i’m staying over my original home for a day. I’m typing this now. I chipped it before, so its the same tooth. I’ll get it repair. I was eating Indian food, buffet and it broke. I last time I chewed on a steak piece and hit the bone. I originally broke it ice skating when I was young.

Update, I have it repaired, dude rushed it. Wasn’t perfect, but youtube wouldn’t know. The shape is good though.

-I changed the background image there above. It seems distracting. So I made it random.

I am also going to change things up, make pages shorter so people can click into more sections to learn more.

-I’m going to make a separate contact me page for some of the products too. Might make it easier.

-I’m also going to rename a page my concepts. I’ll put strategies, tactics and techniques. So people can educate themselves and give an overview. Of course the escalation tactics, game hacks, mindsets, will only be exclusive to my students. Even the techniques. Its too dangerous to put pubically.

If white dating coaches can fully reverse engineer my game, they can replicate my student results. But good thing they are all deluded sociopaths, with opinions as facts. So i’m safe. Their lack of empathy and high SMV means they will just dismiss and never get better.

=I decided to only focus on one thing at a time for an entire week and immerse myself in it. Out of all time management techniques, this one works the best to make more money. Seems life is all about distractions. I found I can’t do more than one or two things at once or I waste months at a time doing that.


-John Wayne



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