RIP Stan Lee of Marvel. How he impacted my life in a positive direction.

Why does this even matter?

When I was in highschool, all the courses I took in my last year was all art courses outside of English. I doodled non stop in class. I didn’t even do my work. I wasn’t a great artist or anything. I was okay at copying things. One of the things I learned a lot from was a book called how to draw the Marvel Way.

See the source imageNo matter how hard I tried, I was never good at it. Later years it eventually led me to take animation. I talked about it in some of my infields.

As I was growing up, a comic book shop owner was teaching art classes to draw comic books. He only drew like two pieces and treated me like shit. I started to get turned off by art. The same fucker was at a comic book convention. He told me what was I doing here. for me I was getting a critique. I wanted to meet my idol Jim Lee.

He told me not to show my art to Jim Lee because I was not good enough at the time. My artwork was really rough and it was as terrible as a RSD victim doing spam approaches. Doing more doesn’t mean it will be better. Fundamentals were important.

Jim Lee showed me how he shadow his art. For years I always wanted to ask him that question. Then again I got a ton of X-Men comics signed by him. Might be worth a lot these days. But I will never sell it. He made such a huge impression on me. When I saw him draw freehand, I thought this was not for me. I’ll never get this good. But he told me something profound. How old are you John? I told him. I mean I was still a teenager. He said when he was my age, he wasn’t good at all. It wasn’t until he was older he was able to figure it out.

See the source imageSee the source image

Someone suggested I take animation. I wanted to do 3D animation, so I took 2D first. I thought why not build a better foundation.

It was a disaster. I was practically one of the worst students ever. But I couldn’t forget how it all started.

I couldn’t make things move well. I realized something. My right brain or the other emotional, abstract, side wasn’t that strong. When I drew art, almost no one found it appealing when I posted it. Other people were getting ahead of me in the animation school. Even that shitty comic book teacher came from there.

I still loved art at the time. But this animation school I despised so much. In all of the breaks, I would just cold approach girls in the cafeteria and every single break I was talking to girls. I mean I was a virgin and didn’t get laid in highschool. I got friendzoned badly so I decided to work on this. I mean girls in my social circle all thought I was really attractive. But when I cashed in my chips and tried to go out with them. It led nowhere. Why do you think I hate social circle game so much? I have a stigma around it.

It was here I found a guide on the internet. NLP related. It was more right brain then Mysterys left. Mystery appeared on the scene two years after I did daygame. I was here first. He fought with Ross all the time. But I tried to use the concepts thinking looks, race, doesn’t matter if I had this powerful guide. It has indirect and patterning, NLP anchors and subconscious suggestive words, self point. How could I go wrong?

Trust me it went wrong. I was approaching hot blonde white girls and white girls. Even my classmate who was super hot with a nice ass. She was probally Irish or something with redish hair. Trust me this theme does come back in my life a lot. If it weren’t for art, I wouldn’t be John Wayne I suppose.

If I wasn’t approaching at this campus, failing badly crashing and burning like my art. I wouldn’t be so fucking obsessed with perfecting daygame. I didn’t know the god damn lay guide was a night game guide. They never directly specified.

I even taught lots of students every style. When I criticized RSD or Simple Pickup or simple bullshit, Justin Wayne or any white systems. I taught it to every race for free on my first year. I really did my field test. I’m not just saying it because I hate white people. I said it because it only worked for one student at most. A tall white guy got 7 lays in one week. But no Asians did. I taught everything, even natural and direct. Which got a 6’4 decent looking Indian guy laid.

I later wanted to do conceptual art. But it wasn’t competitive and I couldn’t change the world or impact it in any positive way. Once again when amateurish people posted shitty art, it hit their right brain. They would say its nice when they make 100 fundamental mistakes. I corrected a lot of mine. But instead of wow, cool. No one gave a shit. I didn’t need their validation, but no one liked it. I was scientific, technically good at it.
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I always had a scientific mind. More than the abstract. While I can access the right brain just fine, but it was the technical scientific game that led me to be the best dating coach. You can disagree, but who else has that much testimonials?

Whenever you see these white faggot dating coaches calling it an art. It only implies that they have no student results. Barely any results of their own, except online dating because their SMV helps. They can’t same day lay or show proof. When I hear the name art, its always some high SMV tall guy or some white guy. Its why it makes me so sick to my stomach.

My science is what helps me dominate the industry. I’m not a deluded sociopath cult leader like Lyin’ Rat faced Krooked Krapisma King. Since white dating coaches never have to show proof, they can just make bullshit advice videos all day and we all take their words on it.

I was reading Dan Pena’s book the 50 billion dollar man. He said when he went into the self help industry, there were pretenders everywhere and narcissistic people with no accomplishments. He was heads and shoulders above everyone. People liked comfort and not to hurt their ego. He said if he was liked, he must be doing something wrong. You have to be tough as nails to survive in business.

I have to agree. I mean its the difference between me and every other 5’7 Asian in daygame. Lots of people or Asians looks better than me actually, stronger and taller. But they can’t do what I do. Some struggles to get even a white girl. One told me are you John Wayne. I said yes I am. He told me how he mostly agree with everything I said. But he can’t get a white girl so he sticks with Asians. Its not an uncommon story. I forget how hard this is for most Asians.

Still RIP Stan Lee.

Also, I am raising the prices of my products in the future. If people wants to be so ungrateful. You will pay attention more. I might phase out the skype coaching that comes free with playbook. Or I might introduce it back sometime in the future. I don’t know. But next month or around there. You will see a price increase. I can’t sell things that works so well, that is getting almost everyone a pull or lay that cheap.

Also, i’m uploading a new infield with the 2 same day lay in one day as a trailer I just made. Its war. In the future white dating coaches under my watch will have to show proof. I’ll make it a big thing. It will be so big that, they have no choice. It will run the small frys out of the business because outside of online dating.

You can’t just stop half way in the infield of an instadate and call it a pull for daygame. White people can just make advice videos all day without the authority. But you give them the authority of a police man or doctor without them accomplishing anything. Just because they are white. They can just post stupid quotes having no content or value. Or tell stupid stories and sell you bullshit advice. They are in the business of giving and selling snake oil advice. Not real dating coaches.

When the next infield drops, that is going to be 5 same day lays in front of the camera. It adds more to my authority. The more I post in the future along with testimonials. The more the white psychopaths won’t talk shit. In the future, when they mention my name. I want nothing but fear from them. Them running like coachroaches scattered in every direction. Your days of scamming minorities are over. I will make it so they aren’t allowed to teach minorities. I won’t change my message to be liked or supplicate to you. If I am liked, i’m not doing my job.

White people holacosted the jews. They enslave the blacks, natives too. Now Asian women and the Asian men are paying the price. Its about time someone starts their own holocaust back like Ghenis Khan. But I mean figuratively, not physically. That person is me. In a few years i’ll be the most feared dating coach among white dating coaches. The only reason things are slowed down was video editing. That’s the only bottleneck.

-John Wayne













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