Updates for Nov. In video form this time?




I seriously took my series I write on the blog, updates for whatever month and put it into a video. I seriously couldn’t believe it worked out so well. But integrating my blog with youtube works so much better than keeping it separate. I might even reference videos. It actually had a good rating. I used a lot of red words which seems to really communicate clearer.

An observation was, I wasn’t in the video. My hair was messy as fuck. My hair is not dyed, but almost all black. Thanks to the things that cover my grey hairs on the side. For the most part, its reduced. I’m pretty self conscious about it. But there is a reason why my hair is brown. Its not because I am some K-Pop fan. Its more for functionality and breaking negative stereotypes.

But it seems just my voice, some videos, some text and the white board with the right message is good enough. If that’s true, then it will save me some time of using hair products and dressing well.

The update is everything for the white board in the video is gold. All the statues are gold in the video and a giant spoon for the kitchen. I can’t believe they made a giant spoon. But it makes every piece of the apartment with a golden thing in it. Thanks Walmart.

The red drapes are not up yet. So I have to figure out what to do with those. It might take until next week, since it might be good for making advice videos. Its raining more and colder. Which is perfect to make advice videos even with a white board.

This video is full of hidden golden nuggets on purpose. For those smart enough to decipher it. Subscribe if you haven’t already.

Lol, turning everything gold. I never really liked gold until I got my two watches. These are not Rolex watches, but the same design. I really started to like the gold color. Also, the gold and red theme matches the blog and youtube. I didn’t like watches before. I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. However I found it to be extremely practical.



-John Wayne


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