I might not get the internet for a long time. Realizations about time wasting.

Well, I don’t want to log into Paypal obviously with a public internet. But however, you can just send me the exact amount for a product. That being said, that should solve that problem. Anyways, I realized we waste a lot of fucking time on the internet.

Its definitely taken an emotional toll on me. I really feel like an Amish and losing my fucking mind. Its ironic how people says people waste too much time on the internet. But in reality, you actually save time. You have to learn how to focus on things that can make you a living vs just listening to music. Its a tool and a double edge sword. Have you ever examine your internet habits?

  1. The first thing most of the sheeps do is watch non stop RSD videos for the golden nuggets, not knowing they are actually getting brainwashed by thought and information control. While I’m doing the exact opposite. They are using cult brainwashing, I am using the opposite which is cult deprogramming. Its true, I studied this topic a lot and that is exactly what I am doing, to free your mind.
  2. I realized I would just watch movies occasionally, like streamed. Also, I would just watch non stop music videos. I mean what a fucking waste of time. I would listen to the same song over and over and over and over. It becomes an endless cycle to get in state. Does it make any money? Does it help me in any way? Like RSD videos, no none whatsoever. I’m sure most of the girls in Vancouver only uses the internet for validation, Instagram likes and tinder.
  3. You realize now you have a lot more time to focus on work. But without the internet, you actually get a lot more done. I wouldn’t say a lot more done, but definitely a lot more things you have scheduled to be done in real life.
  4. You will get used to sitting at internet cafes and not buying coffee. Looking forward as they ignore you and know you aren’t intending to buy shit. I sometimes buy a steeped tea from Tim Hortons so they stfu and use the Wi-Fi across the street sitting in a Tim Hortons next to a Starbucks.
  5. You get way more creative on how to make life more efficient. Seriously I have plastic forks, knives and spoons with paper plates. I used my Wayne brain to make everything more efficient and intergrated. Its like okay its raining outside, so I can’t cold approach. But lets use this same super high I.Q brain to find solutions. Since your not distracted by various things people finds on the internet. You actually start to think and stop using it to self medicate.

My personal chiropractor also gave advice on nutrition which he is specialized in. He has a 4 step process for Wayne 60. Elimination, detoxification, eating better foods and replacing it with better foods at the highest quality. Its not easy, but I thought why not use this for teaching daygame? He wanted me to intermitting fasting. It was his idea, on how I trimmed down the body fat to give my jawline this thinness. Honestly, a slim jaw, with lower body fat percentage will do more than a chubby guy with a squared jawline. Only if you are a pretty boy type. In most cases, most Asians can’t pull this off.

First start by going on an RSD fast. I know for some of you dumb sheeps without any intelligence. Never underestimate how dumb a sheep really is. This is the process of elimination. So detoxification is to watch this video. Stop watching RSD and start improving your mindset.

Start implementing some advices in this video too for your mindsets. I mean don’t be positive until you have achieved something. Or long term you will burn yourself out being high on positive vibrational bullshit faggotry energy.

Just think, what are you doing to further make money, or advance your goals in life? Whether it is going out to daygame or to improve certain aspects of you game? Start the first step of elimination, by getting unnecessary shit out of your life, like time wasting activities. I mean nothing is more time wasting than RSD videos of non stop white dating coach advice of bullshit. That sounds like it could potentially work. I only give out advice that works.

I also audited some girls out of my life too. Some girls who are flaky and stuff. Just let them loose and bang 10 other women every time she can’t commit. Lol. Learn to walk away.

This idea of elimination applies to friends too. You are the sum of the 5 people you are closest to. Always eliminate the weakest link if they slow down your progress.

Also, eliminate bad hunching body language. No one knows they do it. Any weird body language, facial expressions will affect your state of psychological mind. Meaning outside in. Before someone gets mad, sad or depressed or happy. They move their body first into that. Then they feel it.

Wayne Playbook, check it out. Comes with Skypes. I might not include Skypes in the future. You have to buy it separately and it will cost $200 per hour of my expertise.


-John Wayne

We are at a starbucks right now as I am typing this. My laptop froze and didn’t make it past the black screen. I had to reinstall everything. While this sucks, its back online. I have to reinstall the tools to edit videos again. Just a minor setback. But the roofers sliced off the cable and our cable of all cable. Lets see if we can get it fixed. We need a signature from the landlord to get it fixed. If he can’t get it fixed, then its really affecting my business.

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