Next same day lay video from a bootcamp. Better than Karisma King


I’m going to be home soon. As much as I dislike Vancouver. I personally found Europe to be a lot better. But then again I do miss the coffee there for Tim Hortons. I could use a steep tea. Also, what we call a double double.

For Karisma King, he used all these tactics above like a typical white blind spot dating coach. I made this pamphlet so he can’t fool people anymore.

Just another lay in front of a student. I done it before over and over. So, its nothing new. But these girls are super hot. In their prime. It makes it harder for most dating coaches to get. You would need some skill. I’m really young looking myself and I dress well. Unlike social prime. Most dating coaches sticks to old 25 year olds. Or ugly white girls who has decent bodies they can censor. These girls actually are close to 9/10. I got all my friends to rate them, averagely. The last bootcamp same day lay was 8.5/10 for that women averagely. Whatever. I always have these one approaches or one shot one kill types of approaches. Its called sniper game. It worked in Europe and it worked back at home.

Point 1 in his video. He said Valentino Cohen had good game because of his vibe. Basically that faggot was in Vancouver for his video showing his opinion of so called best dating coaches. That was in Vancouver. He basically just kissed a girl out of nowhere, twice. Also, tried to steal someones girlfriend. But to white people this narcissistic sexual assault vibe is considered alpha.

Instead I same day lay girls in front of the student and I use their place over and over. I mean what is more alpha? Getting your dick wet? or just kiss closing??? You can’t trust Karisma King’s assessment. He called me intermediate? But Valentino Cohen advanced? Dude i’m like a Navy Seal. Or Seal team 6 equivalent in daygame out of hiding now. Congrats, you will make a fool out of yourself.

Point 2. Then he said he got good fashion and hair. Even though he doesn’t put any products in his hair and dress like H&M or winners, or salvation army thift store clothing because that is all he can afford working at Mcdonalds. In his old videos, he doesn’t even know he has this blindspot, what other blindspot doesn’t he know? But in reality, white guys thinks because they are white, they don’t need to wear nice clothing. Looks don’t matter, RSD bullshit. He is completely delusional as much as his assessment of PUAs. This guy is a joke.

Point 3. He believes writing for a site, with thousands of his articles and lay reports, stats he is credible. Writing for some site for writers, by writers, who has no proof of skill. Most likely just banged some unattractive girls and uses that as game foisted on others. White people as I listed on that chart above uses lay reports and stats. I wrote hundreds of blog post here. The difference is, he has 3 testimonials, which he also written too. No proof it was real. After all that time mentally masturbating writing articles that sounds good. He only got 3 articles and no one laid. Pathetic. Then former flunky of RSD. So he puts himself on the pedestal of truth because of it. Well here I am proving everything and getting it recorded. I wrote a lot of articles a lot of people didn’t agree with. But this I don’t agree with you stuff is what gets people laid. We should demand proof from white people. I’ll match him pull video for pull video. Mine will always have girls above my looks scale. Not below his. Levi Chode and these white people love to write without backing any of it up in real life. Usually when they go after 5-6/10 or girls way below their looks scale. These are writers, not PUAs unlike me. Who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. These white dating coaches are all talk.

Point 4. He even said beta behavior involves nodding down your head. But he has no awareness he does this in front of the camera every single time he lies to the audience, when he lies though his teeth marketing. When he said I swear to god, race doesn’t matter, my Indian or Asian wingman, friend XYZ, he used every dirty tactic in the book. Like I said, he has dark tetrad. Sadism/trolling, psychopath, narcissism, machevelli manipulator. He has nothing to be narcissistic about since he has achieved nothing. Vs 350 testimonials which I will post more of students getting laid. You can see him nodding his head so clearly, even in his infields. So does this make him beta? Yes. I already knew about it wondering why all this time he does it.

Point 5. He tried to say, the Indian accent only makes it a little bit harder. Which I told Deepak, it pissed him off because Deepak said, if he said a little. Then people can over look the word a little. Deepak said that was a very clever marketing tactic actually. I have to agree, how much of a lying scumbag this guy is. What else will he lie about? Perhaps his field reports? Demand proof from white dating coaches.

Point 6. He said looks only help initially, but not after the initial stages. Its all sales tactics or converting like sales. But Karisma King doesn’t realize he was already a better product. I said this to Deepak, we both laughed at him. Deepak said this is the hardest stage. Its not like you are the best friend and convert her into a man to women connection because of game. I said to Deepak, he pretends he is using sales skills, but he is a better product. Imagine a short pudgy negative stereotype east indian dude. He wouldn’t even get the time of day. Its not initial attraction, its either there or not. Karisma King pretends people are using some special tactic. But he can’t address maybe because they are her type. They are white guys playing on easy mode. Like Street Fighter the video game 1 out of 10 difficulty. We are playing at 9 or 10 difficulty. So we have to adapt. He just pretends to invent techniques playing the game 1/10.

Conclusion, Karisma King is most likely there to market in a manipulative way. I can decode the chode. This guy calling others fake is actually fake himself as much as the other white dating coaches who doesn’t have to show proof. Save that picture above and spread it to everyone you know. Next time a white dating coach uses those tactics, use that against them. Save two copies just incase. I’ll make a video addressing his video once I get back to Vancouver.

Or book a bootcamp with me. I fought with a lot of delusional sociopathic dating coaches before or wannabe ones who wants to be one. They always lose, they are losers because their delusions and lack of results disqualifies them. Their rationalizations and left brain is so wrong, they have no idea they are literally cult like Charles Mansons starting small cults of dumb minions. He can literally say he studies evolutionary psychology in his video then he is qualified. I beg to differ. His audience is dumber and more uncalibrated than the Vancouver PUAs who are making daygame harder on all of us when I get back, approaching non stop. Then again they are RSD victims.

I never seen a joke, a guy who started with RSD. He is entirely a blindspot. Guess what, Deepak Wayne was trained by Tyler too. None of that stuff worked before. They might not remember him because he had hair. He came to the United States to train long ago. It didn’t work for him. It wasn’t limiting believes. But your reality doing the same bullshit Karisma King does, to not get the same experience. So your reference experience doesn’t like up saying looks don’t matter. Then your brain shuts down because to some degree it does. Its why I see the battlefield correctly and can adapt. So can my students. Karisma King is the blind leading the blind. I feel sorry for him and their false idol. He needs to be dragged though the mud and destroyed. Since he is hurting my fellow minorities.

Why criticize him? Why not RSD? Well he is everything that is wrong with the white dating coach industry all in one. Also, on my accomplishments which you will see on my channel. I’m the only one who can. Every time people are damaged, it is always RSD related to daygame. If their system might work for night game, but not as well for daygame. Stop using it for daygame. Vancouver is damaged beyond repair because people doesn’t want to get offended. Due to their ego due to narcissism. There seems to be some rule, where you always need a positive tone and you can’t attack anyone. Generation snowflake.

-John (Seal team 6) Wayne

Weird one guy just talked to me on the phone. When I first wanted to train him, he declined and went with RSD. its been two years, he is begging for me to train him. Now, he asked me again. He didn’t know about all the testimonials. I showed him the site. He is from South America, but no info will be given. RSD fucked him up for two years. I remember every potential students and every conversation. I look forward to training him. I won’t give any identifiable info.

Second was my old student. He met a few RSD victims. They gave him links to a facebook group. Has a RSD Max pic on it. RSD victims are really causing a lot of problems because this student who has two girlfriends. Actually he was one of the students in my product. He said these minorities are dressed like shit and spam approaching. He told them he was trained by me. But they didn’t know who I was. Even the guy above said I had bad marketing towards myself because he didn’t know about this site. Its true. Very few people knows about me, its why I have to aggressively market.

Have you noticed almost all the problems all revolves around one company?? RSD that name comes up a lot. It ruins peoples lives. Too bad people won’t listen because to them I don’t sound RSD positive, or RSD politically correct. So they shut their ears and tiny brain. Oh well, Darwinism for you. No wonder you are incels, delusional. You wouldn’t know good game if it landed in front of you.

The biggest take away is if something either sounds good, or if something actually works. Something that works is called proof based/results based thinking. However, if someone sounds good and doesn’t work, like RSD shit or white dating coaches. Its called, idealistic thinking.

Also, other coaches has no testimonials of students getting laid. People who aren’t in game shouldn’t judge game. Sometimes its the simplest calibrations that makes all the difference. In Europe, all the students pulled and got laid. I mean its recorded, so maybe I know a thing or two about game. London Immersion was impressive too, lots of results.

You have to accept, maybe I am this good. Food for thought, I am expressive with my body and facial expressions, tonality because i’m not white. I can’t James Bond it. If I don’t stop a girl, how can I express this walking with her on the sides? She can’t see my expressions. Food for thoughts incels who talks shit about stopping a girl.

Likely you have no idea how the game works. This is addressed to stupid incels somewhere else. If you just walk with her, she walks away. Why not point behind her, she will stop. Idiots. You can point behind you with a dog, it will stop. You guys don’t get laid because you are delusional and think you know how women thinks. Why walk instead of running? You can stealth her so you don’t trigger her PUA alert alarm. If you run, she knows and walks into a store. Idiots.

Also I teach the romantic sexual connection, not the romantic connection.

I’m addressing some retards who doesn’t get laid. Thinking they know game. I called you incels out, but you guys needs to be called out again. I am the king, idiots. I’ll show you my gold metal over and over one infield after another. You can’t accept the fact that I am pissing on your looks theory. Its really your vibe that is turning off women. You guys had no idea, it is a hardware issue with your brain. Deepak said you guys can’t learn game as easily being autistic. Its not a software issue, but a hardware issue. Hope you learned something.

I got another 15 testimonials to post. I can even show beginning to end, before I snapshot screenshots. So you can see they are all real. Idiots. Just keep coping faggots.

I also met Deepak and he is real. I wasn’t sure before I went to Europe. But I can confirm it. We both same day lay over and over in front of each other. Other times pulled. It was only 2 times before the London Immersion we didn’t. But all the other days we did. It was unreal, I thought we were a Batman Superman team.

This is going to pour salt in these incel wounds.

Its a 3 part series, I got laid in front of the student. He pulled 4x. I got laid back then in 2 approaches and dated another blonde day 2 in front of him after 2 more approaches. These incels are coping so hard. I mean she blew me and fucked me.


Food for thought incels. I want to make sure you keep coping. Remember, at the end of the day, I get laid and you don’t.



Kiss my ass you fucking incel. Oh wait, that’s not my ass, but her ass. I’m touching it when I flew over here in Europe a few months back. Kiss her ass then, keep coping incels.

Lol, you incels have no idea what its like to get laid. You have no idea.

Fuck you, you fucking incels, another girl. I hope this stings. I get laid so many times per month in Europe, I mean. Go fuck yourselves.

Oh right, I should focus on Karisma King or something. My attention diverted to some other shit talkers. So many fucking haters these days. I mean, player haters gonna hate. You know what, I can’t keep track of all the haters anymore. Just say learn to game or something. At the end of the day, my students are all real, my results are real. I have everything documented. Fuck you guys. Don’t like me, well you don’t have to. Respect will do.

Oh no, but John is mean. Who gives a shit my students likes it. You aren’t my student. Maybe just let people think whatever they want. Let them be deluded and stupid. Don’t let them be the judge, jury and executioner of game. That’s my job. To dismiss 16 years of field testing every single system just to mention another system I field tested as better? Which didn’t work for me. Come on now… I don’t know anymore. This whole you have to be positive like RSD Max or some shit. I don’t know anymore.

-John (You fucking incels wouldn’t get laid if you lived to be a million.. I hope I’m pouring salt on your wounds) Wayne

I had another thought. A revelation. Most people doesn’t know what real game should look like. Or what is effective. So they are purely opinionated since they don’t daygame. When a white dating coach talks technical even if its purely idealistic bullshit. They don’t know who to believe. I think I should make some critique videos. I analyse peoples infields too on Skype. They would be shocked how accurate or different it is. I know what is just pretending to be technical full of shit coaches like Karisma King’s deluded analysis vs a real one. To analyse something, you must be good at something and get others to get the same results. Its really tough being an Asian dating coach telling the truth. But people are so stupid sometimes.

See the source image

More random thoughts as I just woke up. I’m on a different level than most dating coaches. Even way above white ones. Have I got to good at game. Having haters, dealing with stupidity all the time. Even shitty wannabe dating coaches writers like Krapisma King. Have I become so godlike in game, I became unrelatable? Have I forgotten how hard it is for some people even white dating coaches who shows no proof. That even these hater incels, these normal PUAs. This was once hard for me. This was something I kept trying to figure out. You want to educate everyone, you want to educate the whole industry. You want to tell the dumb sociopathic Chinese in Vancouver, guys don’t get scammed by Jan who is RSD trained. Guys this is how the white dating coaches steals your money. Then you got these stupid mofos who thinks this or that works. Even if you can John Wick the top coaches in the world. Then you realize, how fucking alone you really are at the top. They say its lonely at the top. People will say you are attacking other dating coaches, even if you earned the right. Even at 5’7 and being skinny intermitting fasting just to maintain your pretty boy looks you had a while ago. To think people are so stupid they dimisss so easily. This is what I really think of people in general. If they trained under me, just me and put their ego aside. We can get everyone laid and start focusing on how to turn the whole thing around. But no, people sometimes are ignorant sheeps. People are dumber than a bag of rocks sometimes. At the end of the day everyone is so jealous and envious of me.

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