Wayne 30 new Asian student gets laid in 5 days of the program.

juwon retarded.png

He bought 3 Skypes and Wayne 30 after I suggested it to him. He was socially uncalibrated. Had a lot of issues in Wayne 30 related stuff. He never used up his Skypes, but that last pull.

I’ll go back to the other student later who pulled twice. Several just got laid yesterday at the same time. So I’ll have a lot of testimonials to update.  I also have another student pulling and another student getting laid. Too many testimonials to handle at once.

Regardless of what you think. People often thinks they know it all. People with Aspergers or autism thinks they understand Wayne 30. It’s too easy for them or something. But it gets people pulling and gets people laid. Sometimes people over rate their social skills. I made a video about stubborn people or hardcases/impossible case. Saying they shift blame, are delusional, says they would get results if XYZ happened or have a fucked up belief system. You have to be a new level of narcissism and autism, sociopathy to ignore the contents of this course and say you know better. I still maintain the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero course is still one of the best courses around. Simple or not, it’s not about what you know. Its what you implement. 30 pieces of social skills. Even if you think the course looks easy, I stand behind the course 1000000%. It simply works because social calibrations always beats game. Its why the naturals are naturals. They all mastered Wayne 30 without knowing it. All the 30 components. I’m not taking about natural and direct or fake naturals. I’m talking about those guys who are good with women without understanding PUA concepts.

Well, all the testimonials are real and the students are overwhelmingly successful. I’m the most real and my students are the most real in the industry. I’m a better daygame coach than all the other daygame coaches combined, statistically. We will post a testimonial video showing all of them on Wayne Dating Lifestyles and Wayne Entertainment. Due to the excessive amounts of testimonials and video testimonials, I never found the time to finish it all. Censoring their faces.

Update, another black student pulled. Fuck me, I have too many testimonials in less than 2 days. I can’t keep up. I’ll post it all soon. I show these to my other 3MP students, gives them a lot of hope. I’m the best in the world. Whoever doesn’t think my programs isn’t the best things since sliced bread are socially retarded. If it works, but sounds simple, its called being smart. If it sounds complicated and great, but gives you no results, then it’s dumb. Maybe people are so used to fluff. You don’t find that here. Wayne 30 simply works. I don’t care if you know all the concepts or think you do. It is about applying it.


Update again. What blog post is a blog post without me updating it several times. Yeah will post a video testimonial of my 5’4 Asian student getting laid. That is even shorter than me by 3 inches. That’s really short but it still works. He used to study Simple Pickup, RSD and Justin Wayne material with no results. You have to ask, why does all my programs work so well? Maybe I know something you don’t.


There are a lot of knows it alls or deluded people out there who think they do. If you knew it all, you would get my student results. You simply don’t.

Check out the testimonial page by clicking here. I need to update it sometime. Give it some love. (Click here)

-John Wayne

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