Day 2 a blonde in front of my student for his last day of bootcamp

He got to observe a number converting into a day 2 or date with a blonde women. While he was asking me why does his number flaked before. Or radio silence. All my numbers replied. There is a formula to it. Many factors are involved.


So he saw me pull 2 blondes and f-closed one. He also saw this. Overall, this was an epic bootcamp, but pretty typical. Another student got 5 pulls in 6 days. He ended with 3 pulls in 4 days. Still pretty impressive.

blonde 2.png

Listen if other bootcamps are teaching you how to get number closes. Honestly, wtf are they teaching you? Our bootcamps are 100X better. With some of the most innovative teaching techniques ever. In ear coaching too. New training drills the world has never seen before.

Ever wonder why some PUA infield videos are all about number closes. But you rarely see the dates? They rarely have dates. Or the girl isn’t goods enough looking to be posted on youtube. It is common of all natural and direct game and direct game. Number bandits, just pull.

Come train with me. Click here.

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