May bootcamps. (In ear coaching)

May is booked up with so many students. I am not sure if I would even have a day off to sleep. Its okay, I love my job, teaching daygame. Not only are you going to so many drills until you can do things second nature. Since a lot of students are travelling here to Vancouver. Get a sim card or Canadian phone number for a short while. So I can call you and hear what you are saying. I will tell you from my phone exactly what to say. When to go for number closes or instadates. We will do many drills until you can do everything automatically. But the learning process is way faster this way. Rather than just watching from a distance and look at your body language. Or standing next to you to hear it. Which is retarded. That’s how they teach locally. Even if they copied me doing this one day. Would you really want to hear in your ear, be more natural, be more in the moment? Freedom of outcome bullshit? Lol.


My camera man is a head taller than me



I’ll tell you what to say and what to do. You will learn your mistakes in the field quickly.

If you can’t get a sim card to call me, its okay. You will be hooked up to special microphones and audio recording devices. While it is slower, to stop, listen to the recording and play it back. I want to hear everything and correct everything. This is the advantage of a bootcamp. If you make mistakes, you will do drills like a martial art class or like doing layup drills for basketball. We will build you up here. When you bring the skills back to your country. Or if you are here locally. You will be so much better than you can ever imagine. The bootcamps are under a 3 day format for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. But the three days of your choosing.


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