Same day lay screenshots

Here is a preview of what happened on March 15th 2017. My latest same day lay. But with a 6’1 white Canadian women? That is like a HB 10/10? You can argue she is a HB 9/10. But honestly, she can work as a runway model if she wanted to. I’ll be editing a video of this soon.


This wasn’t the first 6’1 women I ever dated. It was actually the second. 1/5 of all women I ever dated were taller than me. But this same day lay was by far the highest degree of skill for an Asian dating coach in daygame so far to date. Its not like I am using height and muscles to my advantage because I don’t have it. Its great if an Asian can get a same day lay with a 6-7/10. But a 10/10?  Imagine, being 5’7 and pulling a women who is 6’1. While other Asian dating coaches goes for HB 6/10 censoring her face to look like a 7.5/10. Train with me. While I do work with Wayne Dating Lifestyle and my prices reflects theirs. I’m worth it. 80% of my students have pulled. You have seen a lot of their testimonials.


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