Local Chinese student pulled

He finally did it. He took a bootcamp from another Asian local instructor. He got no results, no dates. By the time it was his third skype coaching session. He’s already dated and pulled. In public too. Good job. I’m very proud of you.


Like Yoda said. You have to unlearn, what you learned. Or Bruce Lee said. Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. He used to give compliments all day and asking questions. Didn’t go anywhere. I have taught him the advance version of Wayne Game. I don’t teach anyone this stuff. But as an Asian. If it is looks (protector status, muscles, height, face), natural status (ethnicity/hierarchy) and how much game you need to compensate. I believe in the future, I’ll only teach Asian guys advance level game. Other ethnicity can use the same program that gives them a 75% success rate. But, i’m going to have to go the extra mile because Asians doesn’t have the natural status. So their game might need to be double or triple the current skill level. A Caucasian guy might have decent looks. Maxed out natural status and really little game. But it is enough to get that date. For a minority, it might not be. These bigger guys tends to say limiting belief. They can’t empathize with you. They never really had it tough. I know what it feels like to my Asian clients. I know how you feel. I can understand it. I can relate.

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