Another testimonials. How to interpret them.

Like I said, week after week I get about 4-5 pieces of testimonials of student success. This guy got laid. He lives in Britain but is Vietnamese. Only 5’5 and very skinny. Less than 120 pounds, told him to bulk up. But has a good face. I’m finding out details of his lay. But, he is part of the hall of fame now of my students getting laid.

How to decipher testimonials. You know the coach is shit when he has a lot of students giving the program compliments. Like I learned something, or I realized something. Or your bootcamp sounds great. Or some irrelevant nonsense like that. Sometimes other coaches rarely have any testimonials, they just copy and paste words. Or they rarely could update the testimonial page. Or they have video testimonial pages of betas who didn’t get laid. Just recommend the program. Or all the pulls you see are purely from night game or night clubs. That isn’t daygame skills. Getting testimonials from students from direct game doesn’t work in Vancouver. Or only having one testimonial from their online course. But this student took my online course with two skype coaching. That is how you can interpret the testimonials.

I’m not here to brag, the results and testimonials speaks for themselves. You still rather trust people who puts you into a slaughter house and turn you into burgers. Or teach you a bootcamp and turn you into RSD victims who can barely put one foot in front of the other. Also, not swallow your own tongue. They become so damaged and creepy. Lots of people who used these concepts have quit daygame in Vancouver in a short time.


Update: hes f-closed the Asian model. But is dating a white girl who is also a model. Two models. It reminds me of my other tall white student dating two Asian models. Yes this would be the second time my students have dated two models at one time and three girls.



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