Testimoninal again and again and again and again.

Student pulled again from my online course. You know, that guy from Cali from this Filipino private dating coach. This guy was the student he can’t even get a phone number from. He became a total joke to others. This tall Asian dating coach with copy and paste RSD concepts that only works for tall Asian guys. That didn’t work for my 5’7 student. But I have retrained him.


Yeah this impossible case, not hardcase, but impossible case student pulled again. No matter how impossible you are. A total road kill of a student. I can teach you.


Congrats to the local dating coach who got his first online course student pulling testimonial. I get like 5 a week. So……. who gives a shit about that. Also, who cares if I don’t sound nice online. When you meet me in person, I’m the coolest and most relatable nicest guy you know.

I have so many testimonials of student success, I can’t even keep up with updating my testimonial page.

Go with the proof, not the ideals. Ideals are like, oh be in the moment. You have to square off. Its all self development. All that bullshit. The proof is in my testimonials for students.

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