The hall of shame students. The successful cheapos uncool flaky ones.

You ever been around uncool people? They are cheap, they take value. They don’t reciprocate back to you. They are flaky and you get a sense of dread around them. I’ve had students like this. Sure it isn’t a good idea to talk about this from a business standpoint. But I think it would help you learn a lot about people and what to avoid in the future. I want to talk about the dark side of the game. The kind of stuff you never really heard before. No different from a flaky girl. Its okay to be disgruntled at a coach who doesn’t get you results. But from a coach who offered the world and was able to deliver? Its uncool.

I posted a testimonial. But I want to talk about a topic that is important. I often see clients that are cheap and uncool. You see two guys, one a Latino guy. I asked him for a decent video testimonial with him and his girlfriend. You get him a 6’2 blonde as his first fuck buddy. Also the most beautiful Latina girlfriend. He delays getting you a screenshot or video. He even stonewalls you afterwards making excuses for a month. The second guy a big Asian guy. Comes here, barely pays anything. Takes you for granted. Honestly the less a client pays you, the more they take you for granted. That guy has 5 pulls in Vancouver flying here. 12 pulls in Thailand. 17 pulls altogether with your training.


video testimonial.png

You get him a 6’2 blonde and a girlfriend. But they shift blame when you ask them two weeks in a row to give you a decent recorded testimonial of their story. Nope, they are too busy for you, don’t give a shit.


I had one guy, who flaked on me for 7 hours. Leaving me outside in the cold. I ran out of batteries. I said i’ll charge him an asshole tax, a grand. He went somewhere else. Dude is like thai or something. He later went to another dating coach. Became creepy AF. He touched a girl in the shoulder and got arrested. They thought he was touching her in the breast. I told him, serves you right. He begged me to teach him, but wouldn’t pay the asshole flaky tax. I often double the fees for flaky clients. I learned this from another dating coach in the past. I call it the asshole tax. Its great, I have a lot of great clients who succeeded and improved their lives. But i’m only talking about the bad apples.


Another cheapo client who got laid. I told him to get a  haircut and wear button shirts, slim jeans. He got laid in a club, after flaking on me for 7 hours.

Other shitty clients who are cheap was one white guy. He dated 2 models and one other Asian girl. He decided because she was a model, he had to pay for expensive dates. I told him not to, it was a bad idea. He never had the nerve to pull her, he blamed it on me. I called him out on it. He was one class away from pulling. From a guy with autism or aspergers. You help him hold down the job with your powerful social skills training.


Another black guy. He is 6’6 and gets endless compliance with white girls. He asked to see your abilities. You teach him for free for 2 hours as a sample. You go on an instadate and you meet him for a second class where he pays. He flakes on you and shift blame on you. With his protector status, he would of been laid every week. Instead he acts cheapo and sociopathic.


Isn’t that weird? All of these guys has all got results people will kill for. Results that defy most dating coaches in a short time. Their inability to pay stems from their cheapo behavior. You give cheapo clients more. Hell I even gave the other guy a gf. The advice was free. I think, posting this, the lesson is give value but if someone gives value, make them offer it back. Or emotionally invest. Higher prices weeds out these vultures. I think if I am this good at a coach. I think I deserve to finally charge higher prices. But don’t be a vulture, or a value taker. People in life like that are uncool. Tbh, I think most of these guys doesn’t have guilt. Think win win, an exchange of value. It is why these guys will fail without my advice or continual help. Let them. I look at the 90 clients I taught and help succeed. Even the value takers who got free coaching and took it for granted. I hope you learn a lesson from this. I glad I changed your life. But the thing is, your behavior will bite you in the ass. I’m not here to kiss your ass. I’m here to get you results. I’ve demonstrated it time and time again.

Make the investment, its worth it. The more you pay, the more you succeed. The more you are happy with it. The more you emotionally invest. The harder you try and don’t take things for granted. I’m very proud of this blog post. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t post it. You know I keep it real with you all. That’s why a lot of you trust me. I get it, before my clients come to me. They still have their old uncool, value taking mindsets before starting. I change their game, but they still have qualities that made them repel women in the first place.


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