The propaganda bullshit other good looking dating coaches tells you that you bought into

Ask yourself. If a coach tells you these things. First of all, are the coaches, tall, good looking as a minority? Or even white? Is it marketing b.s to appeal to the masses?

Looks don’t matter. Isn’t it funny or convenient those who said looks don’t matter tends to be taller, stronger and higher status, like being white. They happen to be her type. They get into game because they didn’t know their LMS brought them results. So they teach others and their students has no results. These caveman coaches tends to have a blindspot.

Race doesn’t matter. Some of my favorite PUAs I look up to are not white. But is it harder to not have the status of a white guy? You can inner game it, vibe it. Or maybe you could stop being such a cunt and change your fashion to a positive preselected stereotype. It is no secret very few Asians can even date white girls non stop on a weekly basis. We do this by breaking negative stereotypes.

You have to inner game that shit. More stupid RSD shit told to you by clever marketers. Of course it is good to be deluded with inner game. I sometimes think I’m a total boss. In the back of my mind, I know I would always be a 5’7 skinny Asian guy. Its good to be deluded, but also good to be realistic too. Without being realistic, over the months, you would question how much of a boss you really are and break down. You can’t inner game your way into her vagina. You actually have to talk to her with some decent vibe, game and body language. Also, ask her out.

 Be in the moment. New age motivational PUA bullshit. The self improvement era. While that is good, but what does this have to do with you getting laid? So you are in a zen like grounded stage. You are in the moment. Told to you by guys who spam approaches 150 hours to get 15 minutes of footage. Maybe stop being in the moment and vibbing it and learn some tight game. Not this LMS game vibbing bullshit for taller preselected caveman types.

Be congruent, be honest. I suppose that is a good thing. I don’t disagree with this. But I see some coaches acts holier than thou. Being so honest, this gives  you positive reactions from a girl. But some of the girls with the most positive reactions are the flakiest. This becomes natural and direct bullshit that doesn’t get you laid, but flaked on. You just for her to act more cool in front of you. There is a point of being honest. But don’t over do it, cough. Johny Berba Cough.

Be more confident. Confidence is great, but how do you exactly get confidence? You can only experience confidence. By changing your life, improving it. You work hard in game and get good results. Outside in you get more confidence. It isn’t a light switch. If I was driving a motorcycle at full speed down the highway. Let me ask you, would you rather have confidence, or competence? I’m going with competence.

Be natural, have no structure. You are told this by a medium height super good looking white man. Or told this by long haired London guys who looks like a male model. Or told this by a tall Asian guy who is twice as big as you are and three times bigger than most of the 6.5/10 he approaches for number close videos. This works for girls below your looks scale. Adapting naturally or vibbing is LMS game. But you can’t get girls above your looks scale. Maybe being structurally adaptive has more substance. Like Bruce Lee said, be like water. That is LMS game, you adapt, adapt. But the amount of water is actually your LMS. Structurally adaptive, you have more to work with. The level of manipulation of game is higher. You can get girls way above your looks scale.

Be direct, let her know your intentions because she already knows you are hitting on her. This is the most retarded thing ever. She judges you by your physical appearance. You are a short skinny or East indian guy. You would get an extreme level of rejections. I use, “excuse me, real quick, I have a question. You have a creative and artistic vibe about you..are you an artist?” This isn’t even a compliment. It talks about a creative and artistic vibe. So I don’t get the boyfriend objection right away. I bypass it and demonstrate my personality. Now I can run my game. Not vibe and LMS it.

Go after yes girls only. Why waste your time with maybe or no girls? This one is kind of stupid. Lets say you were a short Asian guy or East Indian guy with an accent. Lets be honest here. For white girls, how many are yes girls? Maybe next to zero. Most of the time, or all of the time. It is told to you by good looking, white tall, or strong tall Asian dating coaches. They have a total blindspot their protector status and preselection is helping them.

Text her three days afterwards or you look needy. I say text within the first 24 hours. Strike when the iron is hot. She might not even remember who you are afterwards. Then say who is this? Then after goes radio silence. You don’t want to text right away. But you don’t want to text so long, she forgets. Unless your LMS is super high. You can get away with it. After making this list, I realized it was b.s advice from those with high LMS. With very little game, giving advice to those without LMS and won’t get the same compliance.

The game is played in comfort. Yeah, if you want to play the game with Asian girls. Asian girls are like cats. White girls and Latinas are like dogs. You have to be dominant and pet them, progressively kino. In a non creepy way of course. But Asian girls are like cats, runs away fast. They say the dating stage or mid game is played in comfort. I disagree. Without your white status, or LMS, protector status or preselection. You have to kino and escalate. I had so many students friendzoned when they started to date without any training. I escalate and the Waynes escalate too on instadates. Progressive escalation is powerful. That along with getting her to open up.

Take massive action. Most of the time, I hear this from hardcases. Just spam approach over and over because some RSD guys or some Asian guy said take massive action. Of course you need to put in the approaches to get better. But some hardcases doesn’t improve and spam approaches every girl 10X in Vancouver. Maybe take smart action. If you have a tight game. Or the style I teach, then it doesn’t take as much work to get results.

It’s all a numbers game. Actually it isn’t. Like salesman, they don’t only depend on yes clients. They can still convince maybe clients. The style I teach is able to convert maybe girls. Honestly, I only have maybe girls. Do you really think I have a single yes girl who is white? No, I have to demonstrate my personality and game her though stages. I wish I had yes girls. Would make things easier. But the numbers game is something most direct game guys believe. Just keep telling yourself that. But if a tall strong Asian daygame coach tells you to go for yes girls only. Then, maybe he has yes girls due to protector status and preselection. It is a numbers game for direct game. Not for my style. Wayne game.

Texting is all point A to B. Yeah if you are a guy with protector status and preselection it is. But if you are not, then you have to vibe a bit and find the sweet spot to ask her out. If you keep asking her out non stop. You lose social capital, she will radio silence you. But tall caveman coaches has no idea.



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