Attractive women snobby, ugly women ugly personality? 7.5 hits on a lot, full of themselves?

Funny title. But a women’s score on the scale has a lot to do with her personality. If she was fat, eagle nosed and has a squared jawed. Look at my post on avoiding uncool deformed by clicking here. This would be a continuation of that article. Females all have the exact same psychology. But their implementation of it is different. What makes some of them uncool or dishonest? If she is fat and ugly, her family would treat her like shit. They would hate her because she reminds them of themselves. That is why you always find fat and ugly cockblock women who are uncool. I’m generalizing but this is generally what happens. My ex GF wasn’t the prettiest. Has a long eagle nose, flaky as hell. I even met a new girl who was Irish. On her WhatsApp she looks totally insane. Just flaked on me like four times in a row. Giving excuses like my ex. Even though I set boundaries, said flake again, I am gone after the third time. Always stick to your boundaries. Some of them has borderline personality disorder. Some has a personality because they been raped before. Click here to find out more. I dated models before who told me these things. So they develop this type of personality called borderline. Also, some that hasn’t, are sociopaths. Yes females can be sociopaths too. They don’t feel guilt and like gaslighting you. To deal with them, just have no contact with them. Set strong boundries.

Lets talk about the girls who are like under 5/1o in the looks scale. Despite, the people who doesn’t like using a scale. Saying your 10/10 is my 8/10, I don’t care. I’m going to. Under 5/10, they act very masculine. Or look very masculine and obnoxious. Ugly personality, ugly behavior. They tend to be over weight, obese and very manly looking. They are always the fat ugly cock block at the night clubs. The fatter and uglier she is, the faster she pulls her friends away. She is often delusional and thinks she is a 10/10. Also, they would think they are better looking than they really are. For example, they wouldn’t find me attractive, even if most pretty girls does.

The 6/10 are very logical and they think a lot. They are very masculine. While not as obnoxious, they act just as ugly as the 5/10 in behavior in an argument. They rarely have guys chasing after them. Or they never been on a date or many before. They still look female, but are the ugly friend. Most doesn’t even realize it and thinks they are hot. They are delusional. But not as delusional as the fat ugly cockblocks.

7/10. These girls gets hit on the most. Since people generally avoids the 8/10 or higher. Due to the lack of results. These girls are very avoidant and would be interested in guys way above their looks scale. They tend to have an air of knobbiness for that reason. They just aren’t hot enough to be pretty. But aren’t ugly enough to be unpreselected like the 6/10. I’m generalizing, but i’m not talking about exceptions, but the rule.

8/10, tends to be a lot more attractive in their looks and personality. They tend to not be as snobby as the 10/10 with a higher bitch shields who are model and stripper quality. They are able to be logical, but feminine. But generally they seem dumber and more feminine. But in reality, they aren’t stupid. They just been treated very well by their family, they aren’t bitter growing up. You do see a lot of girls like this in clubs here in Vancouver. Since they tend to be very pretty. Really hard to approach unless your LMS is high. Its a very shallow place and I don’t do well in night clubs. They are easier to approach in daygame however. They tend to be very nice in my experience.

9/10. They tend to be snobby and even thinks you aren’t good enough for them. Although I have dated 9/10 before. They are super shallow. While not perfect, they always go for a guy much taller than them. Even if she is 5’11, the guy will be like way taller. These are the ultimate LMS whores. Not all of them are like that, but generally are very shallow. You can attract girls of this scale by my style of game. But you won’t have a chance with natural and direct game. There are some high value women like this with nice personalities. But rare, but they do exist in Vancouver.

10/10, its rare in Vancouver. We have a lot of tall runway model looking women here. But very few has the body to pull this off. Vancouver is the place full of 8/10 and 9/10. More than places like California which is full or ugly women. Or fake women in Hollywood area. I had an immersion student come here and was surprised about that.

Of course women changes with age. As they get older, they tend to care a bit less about replication value or looks. They shift towards marriage and having a family. When they are younger, they are more carefree and flaky. More shallow. Vancouver is very much about LMS game. That is why you see lots of 5’10 and above use LMS game for girls below your looks scale. Most people eventually quit and stick to night game. But switch to my style, which works according to testimonials. Maybe what they need is a style switch because no everyone is a positive stereotype. Unless you are a 5’11, strong buffed good fashioned positive stereotype. You need a stronger style.

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