Program in the work. Confidence coaching, social skills training.

I found with one of my potential clients. His social skills wasn’t that sharp. He didn’t have the fashion or look that is attractive to women. I always wished there was a course that teaches you outer game system social skills. How to smile, how to stand tall, how to make eye contact, correct your tone. Also, how to basically communicate with people in general without all the PUA gimmicks. I have seen pictures of very creepy looking guys with long hair and stuff who can benefit from this type of program. As a PUA and dating coach. Daygame offers a lot of benefits of social skills and salesman skills. But, if you can extract all the goodness from it and put it into a program businessman in the boardroom. To basement dwellers can use who isn’t social. I think this would help a lot of people out. I’ve been known to be very confident. Also, my level of training involves getting over your fear first. Then working on social skills before attraction building, seduction and authentic sounding communication and tonality. I’m saying, there are a lot of people with some sort of Asperger syndrome or autism who doesn’t know how to communicate. This would be the perfect course.

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