You are deep in the friendzone and you aren’t getting out.

A lot of skype students has a girl who either gave them a number or led them on. These women are in it for the validation. If they don’t move things forward with you sexually, then it is no different than being friendzoned. A lot of these guys doesn’t have a lot of dating options. This leads to oneitis. Like that one girl is special and she will turn into your girlfriend. So you get needy.

Don’t turn into an oribitor. What it means is a bunch of guys who grovels at her feet. She gets validation and a bunch of guys giving her mini relationships without actually having sex. This is convenient for her because she gets to choose out of a dozen guys. 99% of the time, she always pics the tallest guys in her social circle. Asian or white guy, usually the tallest best one she can get. Usually it happens when her social circle sucks.

Attractive women has endless dating options. Everything from tinder, to night clubs to social circles. The idea is women wants to filter out options for themselves in a very selfish way of having more options for guys. Pickup artist on the other hand is after sex. With sex they have the options to make her a girlfriend over time. Or a fuck buddy, friends with benefits or just friends, nexting her. The faster you put it in, the more options you have. She wants to delay sex as a bargaining chip. She wants to put off sex in a relationship so she can wait until someone better comes along.

The only times you can make friends with girls is to run social circle game. I am no fan of this style of game. Often times the women are below average. It becomes a feeding frenzy where the 7/10 is like a 9/10 to you. Other times you make friends with a girl you can bring to a club as a wing girl to help you social proof yourself. If they aren’t any of these options, then women are masters of wasting guys time. The thing women doesn’t realize by doing this is, when they get older, their social circle shrinks. You often see women not marrying past a certain age. They already messed up having this entitled mentality. By the time they lose their looks, its already too late. They get into about 6 relationships in their lifetime. Often into long term relationships. After a certain point, past their prime, they become redundant. Then go do yoga to get back in shape. Then complaining on plenty of fish where has all the good guys gone. Well, you friendzoned them.

Solution: the best way out of a friendzone is not being there in the first place. Lots of us pick up artist only became that because they were tired of being in the friendzone. If you are there, use it to pull her to your bedroom as friends. Kiss her, one thing leads to another. Once you pull a women home, naturally she might be bored and have sex. But use this with discretion and caution. It worked very well for my wingman. I have also seen other guys who makes female friends because their game isn’t strong enough. I would say get rid of them cold turkey and start all over. It forces you to learn game.

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