Yes, no, maybe girls. How to game them.

Ignore all the tall strong positive stereotype coaches who tells you to game yes girls. A lot of us average looking people doesn’t have any yes girls. It is mostly maybe girls. Whoever tell you not to waste their time or to vibe deeper to get them really doesn’t have the ability to game maybe girls. They are using LMS game which you can’t use. They just get rejected a bunch of times and then find a yes girl way below their looks scale. If you can game maybe girls, then you can easily game yes girls.

Yes girls are girls who reacts positively to everything you say. They emotionally invest into the interaction. They can’t wait to see you again. Maybe girls are on the fence. They will stay, but if you stop talking to them, they would leave. No girls are really difficult to game, just move on and wish her an awesome day.

I would teach you tight game, which is a higher level of skill. You would game girls above your looks scale. Forget natural and direct LMS game, which are only for tall strong positive stereotypes. I’ll show you a natural sounding game with an adaptive structure which has been very successful with students. It is only the direct game minions who believes it is a numbers game. If you only go for yes girls, then it is a numbers game. When you go for maybe girls, it becomes a game of conversions. Meaning you are converting or persuading her to your frame.

Sometimes I look at students the same way. Yes, no and maybe. If it is no, just a time waster, I would just kick them out. The students who gave me excuses and priority bullshit. Say they would train one day. They won’t. They are no students. I usually recommend them to other natural and direct dating coaches instead. Since I know they will not get any results daygame, only night game. They lose more money that way. Gets resentful, then quit. Which is good because the field needs better daygamers. Not worse, rapport seeking compliment giving direct game time wasters making it harder for the rest of us.



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