Solutions for Asian daygamers. The sequence. Do everything backwards from white people.

Change the sequence. For white people, black or Latinos. Positive stereotypes. They just have to 1. Learn game. 2. Improve fashion 3. Get a pull location 4. Inner game. 5. Work out. I get it because they don’t acknowledge they have LMS or looks, money status. Game and fashion would be enough. I say for Asian guys. Seeing how all 8 Asian guy, white girl couple I seen this summer. The guy is tall or strong, either or. The sequence should be 1. Work out for 3 months, compensate 2. Inner game mindset. 3. Improve fashion. 4. Get a pull location 5. learn game. Asian guys are so dead last, they are so dominated and defeated in the media. By Asian women with white guys couples. By white women.

Besides the 8 Asian man, white women couples this year. Last year I saw 25 couples or more. Yes it is getting worst based on this years trends. I have gone out daygaming a lot this summer. I had three Asian students get pulls and f-closes. They either were bulky strong and unattractive. Or tall and handsome, but not strong. Or a mixture of both qualities. But the other Asians who failed, were hardcases who refused to bulk up. This is a very important post for priorities. It might be better to take three months to bulk up before you get into game. I’m sure there are “many ways” to get bigger.

For a white guy, he just has to learn game first of all. Then improve his fashion, inner game and he is set. He already has LMS. There is a community divide between LMS and game. I say they both matter. But they already have status being white. Most likely they aren’t short either as Asians. A change in fashion helps them open sets. Just by learning a bit of game, they get some results.

Have you ever noticed most Asian daygame coaches are always super tall? (Protector status and preselection) There is a reason they succeed more than shorter coaches who gets flaked on a lot more. Yes most women are shallow. It isn’t their fault. Imagine how nice a women looks doing yoga. Now imagine how they think about men, working out. It is the same thing. Most of these positive stereotype coaches are bigger than the general white population. Not to mention stronger than most white guys. Plus having more game. I use that term loosely of tall strong direct game Asian guys. They can get away with less game.

Also, ever notice some Asian guys either have extremely high standards or extremely low? I suggest they start off with lower LMS women who they would still sleep with if they were naked in front of them. She doesn’t have to be perfect. This gives reference experience. Then raise the score later on. This would make you less needy and improve your vibe. But I also noticed those who stays in their comfortzone of 6.5/10 looking women. Yes I use a scale and believe in it. Your LMS sets your scale for you looks. Then your game will either move it up or down. It is a concept of levelling.

Solution, think of daygame as a long term self improvement project as an Asian guy. The faster you acknowledge looks do matter. Being a positive stereotype does matter. That working out helps. For every inch you are lower than the 5’9 average height of males in North America. The more you compensate. The faster you would succeed. Even if you are tall, but over weight. Or not a positive stereotype. Lose weight, slim down, fix your fashion, inner game then work on game. While there are no shortcut, you can focus on the most important paraeto principles. Which are muscles first, inner game, aesthetics, inner game then actual daygame.

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