Wayne 30: 2 day social calibrations bootcamp course

What is the Wayne 30: 2 day calibration course. If you are not Chinese, or an impossible case. You are not allowed to take this. You will be taking the regular course even if you are Asian but not Chinese.

I’m here to get you laid and this is the fastest way.

(If you are a Chinese student, this 2 day Wayne 30 social skills/calibration bootcamp is necessary. It is cheaper than the 3 day bootcamp. But its purely social skills and confidence related. You can’t handle the normal bootcamp because most Chinese guys doesn’t get much if any results in daygame in Vancouver.
Since you guys don’t connect well, have no expressions on your face, or way too timid. I would start here first. Once you complete this program, you may add two more days to learn the regular bootcamp. Either way, you will be 10X better than if you took other direct game or natural and direct game bootcamps. Other hardcases are required to take this one.
However, other types of Asians doesn’t have to take it, only Chinese students or hardcases. Of if you want to learn social skills and calibration, confidence coaching for business, or work related things. But aren’t too concerned about getting laid.
The only thing missing are the escalation ladder in the training. I’m trying to find you guys a solution. Being in a deficit of social skills won’t allow you to succeed. Since it takes more time to teach you guys, I would make it a total of 4 day bootcamp for the extra work. But start here. This is the only way I can see you getting laid. Not learning game tactics without any social calibrations. Natural and direct won’t work for you anyways, if you are uncalibrated.

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