The biggest sticking point my white students have. (Fashion, passive value)

I have a lot of white students. I noticed they all have one thing in common. They always dress the same way they did in high school or university. They never grow out of their fashion sense. Regular fit jeans instead of slim. Their clothing are always two sizes too big. Also, stupid witty t-shirts that no one reads. Or messy hair and really shitty fashion. The thing about white students was, they aren’t aware that their LMS, height, blue eyes, and status helps them in daygame. They actually deny their privileges and tells themselves that looks don’t matter. So they interpret it as, lets have messy hair, shitty fashion and don’t even shower. That lowers their status and any white privilege they have in daygame. They also think fashion is gay, refuse to learn. They get stuck at college fashion.

I actually bring them to Zara and find the right look for them the first class. Or tell them what to bring to the first class. Often times, a button shirt and slim jeans. Brown shoes. Yes it seems simple, but even with protector status, preselection. They sabotage it with really bad fashion. But when they fix this, their results skyrockets. They find instead of being rejected non stop. They actually open almost every set. The longer you are in set, the more you have more reference experience.  5 minutes in set times 10 sets is 50 minutes a day. 350 minutes a week. Vs, 1 minute each set times 10. That is only 10 minutes and 70 minutes or more than one hour or reference experience a week. Clothing or style makes you stay longer. I seen people debate me on this. But when they apply it, they get results. If you are hardcase about fashion and looks don’t matter. You are responsible for your ignorance. In my field test this isn’t the case. See you in the bootcamp and see you at Zara. Oh right, I had a tall handsome student. He was in a mentorship program for another dating coach. I taught him passive value for his bootcamp and body language. Yes he finally got his first lay in daygame for it. Let me tell you another secret. Women do notice your shoes. They might not even look down, but they notice. It says a lot about you. Dressing average or below average is the quickest way to be auto rejected in daygame. While it works for some white guys. I suppose you can drive a car with your feet. But it is harder than using your hands. Or dressing better.

Natural and direct doesn’t work for everyone.

Natural and direct game is basically the biggest scam on the planet. Like requirements on a PC game. They should have requirements for people. You must be at least 5’10 – 6’2 with a large structured build. You must have a squared jawline and a lot of muscles. You must be white washed and a positive stereotype. Have you ever seen all the dating coaches who teaches natural and direct. Notice they all are good looking, handsome, strong and tall. That is no coincidence. This style is used by them because structure interferes with their natural advantages. Structure works well for colored people and shorter statured daygamers. What happens when a short guy gets enthusiastic about natural and direct game. He tries to run it on white girls like the taller handsome strong positive stereotype. He doesn’t get the compliance and gets shut down. Even if he gets a number, it is a fake number because he is only getting positive reactions. If it was an Asian guy, maybe it would work with his own race because of preselection.

The propaganda about natural and direct is you have to be honest with your intention. Have balls, be a man. Be congruent and authentic. That is what the tall strong, handsome good looking guy tells you. He isn’t aware he doesn’t actually have any game. He is just flexing his muscles. He is giving value because he has protector status and preselection. He gets endless compliance due to his LMS. He isn’t even remotely aware of it. Most of these guys denies their privileges. They like to believe it isn’t LMS but their game that gets them the results. You an average shorter, skinny guy start using it. You bought into the propaganda and get confused. You get rejected non stop faster than you can say natural and direct game. The flake rate is extremely high. They keep telling you it is a numbers game. They only go for yes girls. They can’t game maybe girls with it and create conversions. She would always be lesser attractive on the scale than you. I seen a student try it his way. He was around my height and got rejected 4oX in a row. It was hard to watch. Solution, go situational game instead. You can escalate later and be direct later. Just not at the beginning. I don’t advocate indirect game either, just situational.

Natural and direct game isn’t authentic. Hundreds or thousands of years before. Did people give a compliment then have a three minute conversation before they get a number? No, they actually went indirect social game style or indirect. He sees her again and they go hang out. That is actually more natural.

Solution? Learn situational game. You bypass the initial rejection. You then can demonstrate your personality and escalate progressively more and more direct later on in stages. Like a boiling frog that you cook in a pan with hot water. How you slowly turn up the heat, so it doesn’t jump out of the pan. Frogs can adapt to the temperature. But it eventually gets cooked. But think about women as that frog metaphorically. Also, the heat is your progressive escalation. She slow adapts to your levels of escalation. In the beginning instead of being direct and sexual. It is better to build social comfort then escalate later when she is emotionally invested. Otherwise it is just LMS game by the tall strong positive stereotype. Lets be honest here in Vancouver. You see natural and direct game coaches. But how many students actually daygames? I see none, or very few. They don’t last because they can’t get the same results as the good looking dating coach. Also, the guys who uses it and gets results. Using direct game or natural and direct. I bet they are all taller than the average 5’9 height, muscular, or just white who can get away with being shorter, due to his status. Almost everyone uses natural and direct here until my students started to use another style that works better. I’m just average height and skinny build Asian guy. But I can take you to heights in daygame you would never thought possible because I am relatable. The tall strong handsome guy filtered game through his body. He doesn’t realize other people doesn’t have the same advantages. He takes short cuts. I can’t, I make one mistake it is game over. So whatever I teach based on my body type and conclusion works like magic for those who are taller, stronger, preselected with better LMS. Train with me, I will show you the way.

Biggest secret about tall Asian dating coaches around the world. If their students pulls. It is always from night game or night club. Rarely from daygame. The style isn’t suitable to get them pulls. Mostly a numbers game based on LMS. The students rarely have the skill or ability to pull like the good looking tall strong instructor.


Never look for indicators of interest. Look for IOC, indicators of compliance instead.

If she acts cool, trying to make a good first impression. She is would flake faster. She always wants to make a good first impression. But you can sense she is going to flake. It is like a customer not sold on the salesman. But doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. One thing you would learn in game is not what she says. But what she does. She can say she doesn’t have time this week. Or she seems so cool, but flakes on text. The cooler she seems or more positive reactions you get. The more she is going to flake.

Never look for positive reactions. Women are the most dishonest people I ever met on planet earth. When you go on a date, don’t look for positive reactions. Instead just look if she is still there with you every step from the date to the pull. The seduction to f-close. The fact that she might not be emotionally investing, but is there with you is good enough. Just wither the shit test like a bolder in the storm. Keep calm, build comfort, escalate and kino a bit, listen to her, you will pull.

Look for what I have coined as a new term, indicators of compliance.


Solutions for Asian daygamers. The sequence. Do everything backwards from white people.

Change the sequence. For white people, black or Latinos. Positive stereotypes. They just have to 1. Learn game. 2. Improve fashion 3. Get a pull location 4. Inner game. 5. Work out. I get it because they don’t acknowledge they have LMS or looks, money status. Game and fashion would be enough. I say for Asian guys. Seeing how all 8 Asian guy, white girl couple I seen this summer. The guy is tall or strong, either or. The sequence should be 1. Work out for 3 months, compensate 2. Inner game mindset. 3. Improve fashion. 4. Get a pull location 5. learn game. Asian guys are so dead last, they are so dominated and defeated in the media. By Asian women with white guys couples. By white women.

Besides the 8 Asian man, white women couples this year. Last year I saw 25 couples or more. Yes it is getting worst based on this years trends. I have gone out daygaming a lot this summer. I had three Asian students get pulls and f-closes. They either were bulky strong and unattractive. Or tall and handsome, but not strong. Or a mixture of both qualities. But the other Asians who failed, were hardcases who refused to bulk up. This is a very important post for priorities. It might be better to take three months to bulk up before you get into game. I’m sure there are “many ways” to get bigger.

For a white guy, he just has to learn game first of all. Then improve his fashion, inner game and he is set. He already has LMS. There is a community divide between LMS and game. I say they both matter. But they already have status being white. Most likely they aren’t short either as Asians. A change in fashion helps them open sets. Just by learning a bit of game, they get some results.

Have you ever noticed most Asian daygame coaches are always super tall? (Protector status and preselection) There is a reason they succeed more than shorter coaches who gets flaked on a lot more. Yes most women are shallow. It isn’t their fault. Imagine how nice a women looks doing yoga. Now imagine how they think about men, working out. It is the same thing. Most of these positive stereotype coaches are bigger than the general white population. Not to mention stronger than most white guys. Plus having more game. I use that term loosely of tall strong direct game Asian guys. They can get away with less game.

Also, ever notice some Asian guys either have extremely high standards or extremely low? I suggest they start off with lower LMS women who they would still sleep with if they were naked in front of them. She doesn’t have to be perfect. This gives reference experience. Then raise the score later on. This would make you less needy and improve your vibe. But I also noticed those who stays in their comfortzone of 6.5/10 looking women. Yes I use a scale and believe in it. Your LMS sets your scale for you looks. Then your game will either move it up or down. It is a concept of levelling.

Solution, think of daygame as a long term self improvement project as an Asian guy. The faster you acknowledge looks do matter. Being a positive stereotype does matter. That working out helps. For every inch you are lower than the 5’9 average height of males in North America. The more you compensate. The faster you would succeed. Even if you are tall, but over weight. Or not a positive stereotype. Lose weight, slim down, fix your fashion, inner game then work on game. While there are no shortcut, you can focus on the most important paraeto principles. Which are muscles first, inner game, aesthetics, inner game then actual daygame.

I’m creating a new online program for those who wants to learn at home first.

Some students has too much anxiety. Or some students wants to dabble in the skills of daygame. But they don’t want to get out there in the field yet. Or they are hardcase students who aren’t ready and easily quits. I have the solution for you. How would you like to take my bootcamp at the leisure of your own home. You would be doing drills, over and over again. Lately at the start of the fall season. I see students who were interested and thinks it is okay to just flake. Not respect my time. I have the right to refuse students. I will have a questionnaire from now on to answer to see if you are eligible to take on my training. Most of my students pulls. The 75% rate remains consistent. If I think you are disrespectful, take value and can’t do it. I won’t take you on as a student if you aren’t teachable. I’m here to solve your problems. What I teach works for most of my students. If you don’t respect my time and teaching methods. Go to another dating coach. My services are the cheapest because I like students coming back. They learn more in the long run. But hardcase students are challenging this notion.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t take the online course. It would give you indepth detail on how I achieve the results that I do. It would be like doing basketball drills at home. You get the basics down. You come back to the field ready to play the game. Then take my coaching afterwards. Drills and exercises are one thing. But take a training from a dating coach.