Your angry and depressed vibe is killing your game.

If you are frustrated by women. Maybe you are below the 5’9 line of fuckability and women are shallow. You must never blame women, but fix your game. If you blame women, saying it is all LMS, you would turn into these Elliot Rodgers type. They don’t really approach women at all. They are full of anxiety and depression. Their lack of social skills due to Asperger syndrome holds them back. I have taught Aspies before. Trust me it is very difficult. You must always be happy, positive and have a fun vibe. If you choose not to smile, you deserve to fail. Women aren’t logical or rational creatures. But they do have software in their brain that can detect value. By being angry, depressed, needy they can sense it in your vibe. It signals to their brain to repel you.

Solution: Wear a mask. Fake a smile if you have to. You are depressed, maybe start smiling and be happy. Since happy people who gets laid so often will smile. They enjoy life. Everyday you blame the women, you take away your personal power to improve your life. You become one of those Aspies on those PUA hate like forums who failed in game due to their mental illness. Blames women for being shallow LMS whores. Who goes after the wrong guys. But would they want to be with a depressed angry guy who is needy and frustrated? Wear a mask. This is one of those times you have to fake it till you make it to bypass a women’s value sensory system. If you have a good side, women can sense it too. But don’t try to qualify yourself to her. A happy, fun, carefree, I am going to see what happens kind of vibe would solve a lot of issues. You don’t care what she thinks. A bit indifferent so you are not a people pleaser. But are happy where you show no frustration. You can have some fun around her. You want to give value or build the vibe together. Not take value, as written in the article here.

I only have two rules for hardcase clients. One is trust everything I say as if it is the truth of the universe. So I don’t have to deal with these guys hardcase chatter or excuses. Second is never blame the girl, fix your game or LMS.


Free detailed step by step online course with Skype training



The greatest value and the greatest program ever created. It is growing on a daily basis. Yeah, its free. You can of course buy the entire course for $250 worth of skype sessions. I charge $75 USD only. Or 4 Skype courses and online course is included. It save you $50 and gives you the entire skype course. But Canadian it is higher with the exchange rate. Or you can skype with me for $75 without the course. Or I only give you the pieces of the course related to your skype coaching. It comes in 4 parts. First is the verbal game. Second one is the outer game/tonality, how to stop her. Third one is the inner game, mindsets and approach anxiety. Last one is the text game, pulling, LMR end game. The students who bought the entire package gets the entire course early access. The ones who skyped, only gets the verbal game. Still a good deal. Unless he skyped with me 4 times. He gets everything free. Also, you get homework assignments like drills. Also you get a report card.

One time I had a skype student. He just sort of stonewalled me because he really was a weak hardcase newbie Australian student. He didn’t believe in himself. Yes I have helped a lot of hardcase students. I’m thinking he is my only impossible student. Most people would of given up on him. I didn’t. So I focus on my other students. My current two students are both Aspergers. Incapable of learning social skills. One is already dating two models. Regardless, this led to me create an online course for him because he paid me though skype or PayPal. I figured if he was going to keep taking breaks, at least I can give him some sort of a course.

Fast forward in the future when I have more than a dozen Skype students now. I would love to train you. Yes I have a 75% pull rate with students. But I want to see if I can recreate the same success with students world wide. As I am writing this, the program is brand new. Why learn game from a guy who is super tall Asian or white guy. Who basically is purely LMS game without any real skill. Just has it easy. I would give you so much detail and take your game to a whole other level. I’ll update their early impressions and testimonials soon. I was told it was more detailed than most other coaching products.

See what other people are saying. Just got this right now. He didn’t even skype yet. The online course is so powerful and so amazing, he didn’t even need it yet. I always figured this is something my clients would want. It is like having 10 skype training sessions in one product. The great thing is, its free with your skype session purchases. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Fresh testimonials. 5’7 Colombian student. After one skype class and a few videos. Not only did he get a number close. He also got a date and almost pulled. He just didn’t know how to. He didn’t think he could date anyone in North America.

I just got this field report and testimonial. Well he posted that. He got laid from the system in less than a week. It seems like my game works all around the world then. This guy is hand holding here like I do. He is also very short. Now he is dating girls above his looks scale thanks to this style of game. I don’t work for any one directly or am affiliated with any company. But I do run a similar style an Asian version of it. It is similar but very different. Evolved to a point where other short Asians can use it. Or anyone despite low LMS.


Same student, skype coaching and online tips. He turned a short number close into a pull. I asked him how his LMR tactics are, or last minute resistance. He gave me weak tactics. I rebuilt his dating methods. But I said I would help you with LMR when you failed at it again. Regardless, a pull is a pull. He still needs to see the series of videos about mid game, dating and end game.

Now he has a same day lay with my system.




Time wasters, potential students and girls.

Story, once upon a time. As I volunteered for a marketing seminar. This 6’4 black guy wanted to help with my site. He has skills to do this. I won’t show his entire face. But he meets up. He wanted to see the extent of my skill level. So I taught him a sample. He got his first number. Also his first instadate seen in this pic. He had limiting beliefs that wer all shattered. White women loves tall black guys, trust me. While he doesn’t get results for his dating life. He said he would show up to train at Metrotown. I said you can delay it to another day I am going there. He flaked on me due to a client. But then I said I should charge a flake fee. He then said I am not your client. I said you were going to be. So I decided to put up new protocols in place. Thanks to this guy. I’ll put him in the testimonials, a date is a date. But the fees will double or you will be banned. You can go and fail some where else. My game with your high LMS will get you double of the results.

Once someone delays buying your bootcamp/product or setting up a date. You know that person doesn’t really value you. They act cool. But it is best to just ban them out of your life. Some one told me this. “Flaky clients and delayers have their reasons. You have to be smart to cut them off or set them free. No pressure to hire you. If they see value in what you do, and you are in demand they will come to you without you selling them.” He was who got me into charging money for coaching. I actually taught a year for free to maintain PUA crews. People who are into freebies will waste my time and look for free stuff. They have no intentions from buying from you. Some of these cheapo clients or difficult clients has no intentions of buying from you. I just double their price or ban them. I have been teaching nearly two years of writing this article. Almost a year professionally and I got a ton of results for my clients. I actually have a ton of clients around the world who is interested in my skype/online coaching program. Who are actually a part of it. Lots of people are interested in my game. Another dating coach said you get what you paid for with me. But it is funny he can’t product any testimonials on his Instagram for daygame. He calls it results when students gets numbers. Even though he trained hundreds of students. I have never seen one single pull daygame testimonial. I suppose teaching intermediate LMS RSD style game doesn’t translate well for Asian uncalibrated nerds. I am getting testimonials on a weekly basis. Even my student, who is a tall good looking white guy is dating 2 models. Even if they are Asian. This dating coach said I don’t have infields. But I posted my students infield and it looks identical to this other dating coach. A tall white guy with LMS game. He called it good game, but a newbie with good looks and height, status can do everything word for word, body language and vibe the same. This is why his students doesn’t pull from daygame. He trained me and a lot of other students. I won’t name him. At one point I used to respect him. Like a lot of us students who were his students at one point. We didn’t get any results. Never pay for a coach who doesn’t have worst or similar circumstances than you. If you are stupid enough to pay for a coach who is better looking than you. You won’t get his compliance.

Solution. To deal with these types of girls, tell them three radio silence you will walk away. You will never accept them back if they beg. You need to set boundries. Also, for male students. If they waste them, you will raise or double the price for a hustling fee or flake fee. Or ban them for life. I had another black student hustle me online. He just kept delaying after delaying and acting disrespectful. He then buys another HDTV when he has 6 in the same room. He doesn’t get laid. If he wasn’t so stupid, he would. These days I have a black client and he is a cool guy. He is happy to train with me and I look forward to his results. If you want to hire a LMS coach who is tall, good looking. Then it is your fault if you don’t get results. One of these students got laid by an 18 year old Asian girl under my advice on the phone. So I actually did game him laid. I told him he had mental hangups and go for it. They actually flaked on me at night time. Made me wait 6 hours. Although his friend who was flaky got laid because he listened to my spike up your hair, wear buttoned shirt and slim jeans advice. Also, they were former students of another white dating coach here. I always say, when you guys failed so badly. I do repair work. I have gotten students laid daygame when other dating schools has failed them. Oh right, did I forget? I was trained by the world best daygamer. That has to count for something or explain why my student works so well in Vancouver among my students. Vs a RSD like filter game system that doesn’t. Then again, if people doesn’t value you, fuck em. My online business is taking off like no tomorrow. I still have local students who are dating models. I also turn away people who thinks I am there to suck up to them. One guy thinks I should come all the way over to him, so we can have coffee and I suck up to him to convince him. I told him to go to another dating coach company. I know a certain company with LMS game. I know most of their students will drop out of game entirely. Maybe that is specifically why I send them there. I’m happy for all my good students I do have. I have tons, but for the few. Prepare to be banned or pay double for a hustling fee.

Writing a blog post for those I met on the skytrain.

A student decided it was okay to flake on me. I almost doubled his price. Now I am charging him $1000 for the next class or banned for life. I don’t have any room for time wasters. I saw these guys talking about number closes. They were some of the tallest Asians I ever saw. I gave advice, they did the opposite. They had no game, just LMS. I wanted to see pics of white girls these Asian guys had. They only had one pic, social circle game. Must of met her at University. But they had nothing else to show for it. No pics. One tall Italian white guy said if you made it on the news he would send me $5000.

They asked what the hell is daygame. That is a good question. I could write a long post about it. Their ideas of daygame was if you got a number close. She isn’t dtf like in bars. They said, the girls all walks the streets goes into the bar. How can you covert them into a lay? Through dating and pulling them home when they are comfortable. I felt these guys would of done very well in daygame for their height. Too bad their statements not understanding daygame is so ignorant. Their lives are confined to the walls of a bar or night club. All the pretty girls walking by or buying groceries. They lose them all. Yes its true it is harder to open a set in night game or bar game, or night club game. But it is easier to get laid if you do because she is dtf. But daygame, it takes longer to convert dates into a lay. Maybe another date or two, or more until she is comfortable. If you had 5 dates a week and can covert two of those into lays. Then you don’t really have to pay a cover fee to get into a building to dance. Or alcohol. They even showed me tinder or something. I mean, what is this shit. They had no evidence to prove their skill. Out of everyones phone, they only could come up with one pretty white girl they met though social circle being super tall for each Asian guy. Also having a white washed social circle as social proof (which means other guys around to boost your value). LMS game. Out of everyones phone.

I referenced a video I was in. I was trained by the very best in the world. With the most proof.