I made a realization, when I was in the shower. That was so shocking to the core. I lost faith in the entire daygame industry today.
You know those profound realizations you had. Then you forget about it or forgot to write it down. I realized now white people doesn’t have any consistency in daygame and the women they all get are equal or way below their looks scale.
They are not capable of getting something hotter. It is all a lie.
If you don’t believe me, read on.
When I made this realization, I lost faith in the whole PUA industry.
Okay then, why did it take you so long to make this realization John Wayne? Its simple, I wanted to do good in the PUA world. I wasn’t in it for the money. I also didn’t examine that closely of other white PUA infields. I never thought they had game. So I over looked some critical points.
Now what I realized shocked me to the absolute core. What if all white dating coaches for daygame were con artistes and they are all intermediate level that does a ton of spam approaching? Their SMV puts them over the line. What if they were lazy narcissistic sociopaths. Could this be true?
Yet, finally all the pieces hit me and I put it all together. I present to you, the great big white lie and you are all responsible for enabling it.


My name is John Wayne. But that isn’t my real name. I was born in Vancouver Canada. I studied the PUA arts since 2001. You know my story, I field tested every system. Which is why this story is going to get a whole lot more tragic. 17 years in the game, teaching for 5 years blab blab blab. We all heard that story before.
Here is the shocking thing though. What I realized was, what if SMV is bigger than the game? I mean I talked about these things LMS + Game. I was like Neo trying to understand the matrix. Deepak Wayne was Morpheus. But I never fully understood what I uncovered.
What if all this game I developed, all the suffering. I was never suppose to get this much skills? What if all of this 17 years that baked me was over kill. What if studying every style, figuring out most doesn’t work. What if most of this was just marketing. It only worked when I put every single system together in a hybrid. But all individual styles are all bullshit.
All the odds were against me. I might of over reached my abilities and forced an evolution that no one else could of. I had the lowest SMV and I tell that to people. But I never realized, what I have been though would probally put most people into a mental hospital if it wasn’t for the mental toughness. No one should of been though this much punishment and failure to get to this level of game.
You also know me as the daygame coach with the most students laid in the world. This is where things becomes more shocking.


I have a strange theory. What if SMV, race, height mattered more than actually having good game? Of course I talked about it in my advice videos. I only understood it on an abstract level. It was no conscious but subconscious, like a splinter in my mind, driving me mad.

Here is the crazy claim. When Karisma King started to call me an intermediate. Then I countered him. I didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about. I get hotter girls than him. I have almost as many infields as Deepak I am stashing away in my vault. Also, maybe he never intended that message to me. Maybe he just wanted to start a war with minorities to cover his tracks.

I have discovered he only has 3 out of context pull infields. They were above RSD which they only had one in daygame. I found this suspicious at the time. So I put out exactly 3 for a while to see how much shit I can get away with talking. Before I posted my latest infield showing I can do natural game too.

You know sometimes when you are puzzled when someone accused you of something? But in reality, knowing psychology, whoever does it first, could be accusing themselves though others. Here I was with the infields and here I was with all the laid testimonials. I already had a solid case for my abilities. But it was weird he didn’t.

This is where the uneasiness feeling happened. I couldn’t figure it all out, what he was trying to hide. Until today on Dec 2nd, 2018. It was simple. White people actually were not able to get girls above their looks scale in daygame. They can barely same day lay. It wasn’t until I started researching same day lay infields. I never found a white dating coach, maybe one or two get the girl to the bedroom. They stopped the infield half way of an instadate.

Sure they can get laid night game, or night time outside a night club. Like Karisma King’s infield. It was suspicious as hell. Even when he made his top 10 list. I’ll explain in more details but lets call out the enablers first, the Chinese.


I’m going to reveal the biggest secret to the world. No one knows this, just like white people, Asians have a solidarity. I myself have a lot of empathy, too much especially for a whole race, so I didn’t get it until now.

Chinese people have no empathy and a lot of them has a narcissistic parent. Think about it, the warrior gene. 56% of Chinese people have that gene. They can’t feel empathy. You can almost bet whoever is Chinese, for the most part doing some PUA most likely has this. While I don’t have it, most of my students for some unknown reason has it.

Narcissism. Almost all Indian people have it, the entire race. But the Chinese has psychopathy or sociopathy with narcissism. I myself have narcissism but not the other stuff. One parent in almost all cases are batshit insane, controlling narcissist.

They literally passed on the gene. Since the parents are batshit insane and controlling. Chinese people never learned social skills. Their extreme high ego means low self esteem and borderline socially retardation.

Think about it, out of all races, who gets their ego the most hurt? If not the Chinese? Who are the most sociopathic PUAs. I stopped hanging around Chinese PUAs or I don’t associate with any of the PUAs in Vancouver because the Chinese are the most toxic of the bunch.

They become the greatest enablers of white dating coaches like RSD, they are the easiest more vulnerable prey of the bunch. They all fall for RSD for a reason. They are so egotistical, narcissistic. Its on another level. They are so butthurt, even for me revealing their big secret for the first time in the world. They will accuse me of hating Asians.


RSD are the biggest con artistes in the industry for daygame. Not night game, they can do night game. White people can do night game, but daygame is handicapped. I’ll explain. RSD I believe is ran so well. I doubt any of the white people are pulling the strings. Its really the Asian guy behind the scenes who is the smart one. I know, I have a 200 IQ. I’m literally a genius. You can tell by the way I teach. I know another genius when I see it. Only Asians or Jewish people are that smart.

I know RSD is not good. Someone from RSD insider, wanted to work with me. He wanted to work with high laycount guy too. He picked 2 coaches as he defected from RSD. He told me I was spot on, this is a self development cult. He has daygame with every single  RSD member and none of them could pull in front of him. They take week long vacations just to make advice videos. I’m sure even Krapisma King knows this. They can do night game, but they can’t really do daygame. Karima King can’t do daygame, but street game at night. He knows this, I know this. If I mention who is this guy, i’m sure he will know him. This guy showed me all the WhatsApp messages from RSD. He showed me everything. I knew what happened behind the scenes. How much money they made, very little actually. Simple Pickup makes way more. Its all smoke and mirrors.

You saw me talk a lot of trash to RSD. But the secret as this insider told me was the advice videos. Once you give advice, like if I gave you a gift. You will have a feeling to give me something back in exchange. This is called reciprocity. But however if you are unethical, you can literally keep giving bullshit advice on purpose. Todd Valentine does this, Karisma King does this. Jan Lifestyle does this. He is a better product, tall, good looking. But zero testimonials, zero game. Just like Karima King, selling people lies they want to hear. The Chinese in Vancouver. Or the sociopathic Chinese in Vancouver bought it up easily.

Inconsistent with real world measurable concepts.

Have you ever noticed in real life, all my concepts are identical to metaphors in real life. But if you are lying though your teeth selling people and it it for the money, it wouldn’t match?

Dan Pena the 50 billion dollar man as he wrote in his book your first 100 million. He talked about how he went into the self help industry. He knew it was all a scam. Someone said, that we can’t call it self success because that’s measurable. We need to call it self development. So it isn’t measurable.

He went into the self help industry making billions. He realized when he wanted to help. Everyone is in the business of selling conventional wisdom. You can’t measure common sense or conventional wisdom because people are not high performers. You might have some dumb people here and smart people there. There is no baseline.

-Telling these Chinese guys that looks doesn’t matter, except in the first 30 seconds. Even though if you look at real life measurable concept like sales. The sales or persuasion techniques of daygame. You can’t sell a bad product no matter how good your sales skills are. Its just white dating coaches pretends they have game. They actually don’t have much game. They are just a better product than the minorities. Its no different from sales. Its inconsistent.

-Natural game. Its like saying I am writing a sales letter for a bootcamp page. But I am naturaling it. It might sound completely insane. You need a structure, same as grammer. When white people tell you they are naturalling it and not spicing or teasing or push/pull. What they are telling you is they are a better product. This will never work in the real world. But sometime it is allowed in daygame.

I’ll be honest with you, this is a scary realization. Almost always, the guys who are natural. Outside of short guy who has lifestyle as a DHV. Daygame sucks. But, outside of that, almost all the natural and direct guys aren’t even real naturals. They all are tall for some odd fucking reason or good looking. They are so privledged in SMV they feel structure interfers with their SMV. So they don’t like it. But their game is rarely trasnferable for daygame. It only works night game. Most of these guys never got a girl above their looks scale. Its almost impossible. They are always so good looking but the girl is always one or two points. In Jan Lifestyles case, 3 points below. Its a fraud.

Another real world concept is BBB or the better business bureau. If you made some claims, like this works. But you have no testimonials of proof it works. You can be sued for a class action lawsuit. That is how the real world works. But not so in the daygame industry if you are white. They actually, or the Chinese assumes you have authority being white. In real life, most of these guys will be in jail or sued. But not here.

I post in a certain facebook group. Sometimes the dating coaches there trash talk each other. But if I didn’t post there, I wouldn’t have seen what I have seen. Lots of white dating coaches, even no name ones has no proof. They stand next to a girl in night game. you all automatically assume they are good.

Another Dan Pena concept. His top 10 high performance concept of the guy who created more wealth than anyone other coach. Think about it this way, i’m one of the worlds top performance coaches for daygame. I have the most student laid testimonials. But we have other high performance people too. Mayweather Jr with his weird ass defense. Jesus Christ with his unorthodox message. Bruce Lee thought outside of everyone. You see a pattern? Almost all the top performance people thinks outside the box. When I made my intro video. I talked about billionare strategies.

But some thinks inside the RSD or Simple Pickup box. This is conventional wisdom without much daygame testimonials to back it up for the amount of people they taught. Its only like 1% that gets results. Not on the bootcamps, but by chance. They attributed to an advice they heard. But in reality, people will luck out eventually. They really have next no testimonials for daygame. Only a black or white guy once in a while might get laid on their daygame bootcamps, but its rare and always those two races exclusively. High SMV.

So if thinking outside the box is something all top people have done. Bill Gates, Amazon’s Bezos. I could go on. You can conclude everything RSD and Simple Pickup, conventional wisdom which drives sales. Are most likely false and only works for white people with low level of game and high SMV.

Have you noticed none of John Wayne’s concept are remotely conventional. But for some odd reason, they almost all work? Even if you disagree with it, but the laid testimonials kept piling up? This was accidental because I had a mission to save my fellow Asian race since 1/5 won’t procreate. But since I wasn’t thinking about money, I was able to be honest about the game and use compensation theory. If I were all about the money, I will have zero testimonals like Jan or Karisma King. The two biggest lying snakes who will say anything to get money unethnically. But I stubbornly refuse to suck up to people and tell them what they want to hear. Even Deepak wants me to be more nice. But I refuse. I’d rather be brutally honest. I think outside the box more than most people. I even think social calibrations, fashion and race, height matters more than game. Even if I have a top level of game after 17 years.


I Knew white people were lying scumbags in daygame. Tom Torrero was caught hiring actresses. But what gave it away with the pull infields. I never look into pull infields nor cared to. Since I have an insane level of game. Or almost forced to adapt or die. No one should go though this much torture to get this. But almost none of Todd Valentine’s infield ends in the bedroom. It always stops half way. Even high laycount guy, it goes into a cab like Todd and it stops. I kept seeing this over and over. I saw a former Justin Wayne white associate. When he walked towards another direction, nowhere near the pull location, it was a pull infield. I was puzzled. I developed so much skill to do this. But they stopped half way. Then when I saw the 4 week natural guy do this. I thought to myself, if I forward the video, he won’t show himself in the bedroom or get though the door.

Guess what, I was right, he just stopped it in the middle. Which confirms all my suspicions. The first infield I ever saw of pulls from white dating coaches was actually Karisma Kings. I assumed at the time because I can do it, that everyone can. Turns out he got out of context pulls. I know since I have the best analysis in the world. I get students laid like crazy. I’m brought into meetings for Deepak to interview new people who wants to work for us seeing their vibe. I can read people on a world class level. I know nothing happened. He just walked them in there. He didn’t build any seduction. Just as his fundamentals. No flirting or touching. I knew this led to endless testimonials. Even Todd Valentine who half way pulls, says leveling concept. How touch is levelling down.

I realized there was a conspiracy here. If you are a minority, if you don’t touch, you won’t same day lay easily. If you are white, you might be able to pull at least. But won’t close. Or if the girl is equal or worst looking, maybe you can close. But touching and flirting is something that seems to be required. I taught tons of white people. They have escalation anxiety. They are afraid to touch because their SMV is super high. They are the laziest daygamers in the world. They take ever short cut, they don’t know how to play the long way. ‘


This is the biggest secret of white dating coaches they don’t want you to know. Most of them are sociopaths. The ones who aren’t, are usually ugly looking guys who doesn’t get much results. Are emotional and they suck at game because they are ugly and already handicapped. Some aren’t tall. But in most cases, the reason they dismiss minorities was because they are delusional. Most of these guys will come up with theories without field testing it with minorities. They are so delusional, they think if it works for them then all minorities needs to suck it up.

The reason they are dating coaches was growing up they were all really screwed up. They have no empathy. Since their ego is so high and they are so self absorbed. They thought they deserved to be with better women. They were entitled. They were so entitled, that they eventually started to approach. Notice how they say oh I didn’t results before so its all game. But in reality, they just need a minimal amount of calibrations then the rest are just their height and high SMV.

But the weird thing was, if they don’t touch, they can’t same day lay. But what game they have is so low, they can’t get minorities laid like Asian guys.

In my experience, my Asian students who are either a pretty boy, or 5’11 and tall all have better results than the average looking short ones. When I fix their fashion and hair, their result triples. Turns out looks do matter. I’m already in the top 1% of Asians for looks. But compared to a white guy, i’m only like 6.5/10 with good fashion and aesthetics. Let me tell you, combined with my fashion, it helps to not be ugly. I make my Asian students work out before a bootcamp and force them to have a make over. Looks does matter. You have to improve the product. I hate to say this. But game is only 1/3 even if you max it out.

Since I revealed the Asians biggest secret. It is the reason why they don’t like me for calling them out. This is the first time I revealed a lot of Chinese guys have no empathy. They never wanted you to know this. Its always been a big secret. They have parents who are narcissistic and that’s why they don’t come to me when I hurt their ego. I never seen anyone so narcissistic in my life. Indians are narcissistic, but not all of them are psychopaths. Some sociopaths, but not psychopaths. They have empathy to some degree.

To make my point, I had to reveal two biggest secrets. White dating coaches has a solidarity they are in it to make money and most are delusional sociopaths. Also, the Chinese are narcissistic as hell. Borderline socially retarded and delusional too. Easily butthurt. These two things no one knows. Its too painful to talk about so we always forgave each other. But this is the truth.

White people does get laid, but most of it if not all are ugly girls and equal and below. If its above for daygame its most likely seeking arraingements or something. Its never above because I never seen a white guy who is good looking get a girl above their looks scale. They have number close videos that goes nowhere if that is the case. Or they demonstrate on hired girls in a studio. People like Todd and Valentino Kohen. Even RSD Max. Sure they can get same day lay footage. I hope Todd has some. But mostly I know its from online game, to pull. Not a same day lay style. Or its just stopped half way. But I know the shorter white PUAs finds this harder because they don’t touch. Without the height, they don’t have enough SMV.

Well to concludes this before I nap. Yes the whole industry outside of Deepak and I. Who are the only two who has ever got girls above their looks scale. Most likely both of us been though a lot of mental turmoil. Bad parenting, bad circumstances, forced an evolution. This is rare, we might never find another Wayne who has been though hell and back. Justin Wayne, can get 7/10 and close her. But anyone higher than his equal he has to use seeking arrangements. Even white people lies about saying they use it as a lead generator. Most are happy to post pics of themselves next to club girls as proof. They mostly depend a lot on online game to abuse their SMV.

My point is, the day you all demand proof from white people. They say its immoral to show you. When you all demand proof. The smaller white dating coaches that pops up will disappear. You will all eventually wake up when they won’t show you proof because they know if they show you proof. The girls aren’t even on their looks scale. You will be so disappointed and stop training with them. Maybe ridicule them.

But you all are the enablers of these white dating coaches or sociopathic deluded parasites. You gave them authority like a policeman, like a doctor. You gave away that authority instead of demanding proof. You trust the stats because you assume because they are white, they are honest. They abuse this to their advantage. Maybe its time to take that away and demand proof. The say you all in protest yell show me proof, show me proof. Their deck of cards will all fall.

Lets be real here, to the Asians who still believes this crap. If you can get a white girl. Most likely she is a 4/10 or 5/10 in daygame. Am I right? You already are tall, or were friendzoned in her social circle for years. She has no one else, so she falls for you. Am I right? When you lose her, you can’t get a second one. Am I right? The Asians who can daygame are usually 6’2 and muscular, using SMV of height, am I right? Or at least is 5’11. I know, i’m not stupid. I see though your bullshit too. But the rest of you, the enablers are just as guilty as the white dating coaches. Demand proof. Stop being stupid, I just revealed your biggest secret to get my point across. There was no other way.

The deluded opinions as facts dating coaches has made this industry into a revolving door industry. Where minorties takes 5-6 bootcamps scamming these vulnerable fucks. It has been an industry of sociopaths conning people over and over again. Its why some are dating coaches and are so scammy. I’m shinning a light and will fight you at every step of the way.

I am still aware that other Asian dating coaches can’t even gets much student results in dagyame. Its all night game, not daygame. I know, about the level of Asian social retardedness in social calibrations. Nothing gets by me. I’m the only one of my kind. I know. I know.

I was naïve all this time. But now i’m ready to finally speak on these topics. Especially when I released my last infield. More people will listen. As you see more and more, you will finally open your ears more. I’m trying to save the Asian race. But most of you might be lost this generation. I should start to make my material for the next 100 years to speak to future generations. They will need my training. You need to be the 1/5. Like Jewish people, with enough wiped out, their race began an evolution. They became the toughest smartest riches people alive. Perhaps, even with Asian women marrying white guys. They sent a message. I wanted to help this generation fight back. But maybe our race is too unempathic and too weak. They are too narcissistic. Maybe a quelling is necessary. Sometimes you have to burn the forest a bit metaphorically so the new trees grows back stronger. This generation of Asians have been a disappointment. They are so stupid, they can’t see sometimes. But secretly every other race saw something in me and my testimonials. They saw the vision and wanted to get in on it. So they got laid nonstop white the Asians are helpless as panda bears going extinct. When they should be eating meat and protein instead of bamboo. Or when Asians should be using our daygame system instead of RSD or other white dating coaches.

I can only save so many. But I can’t fight through your mental illness. You have to stop enabling white dating coaches and admit you don’t have empathy. Put your ego aside if you want to train with me. Otherwise, if you doom our species, well. Don’t say I didn’t try to save you. 1/5 however does marry white women. If 1/5 are genocided softly. Enjoy your grave mistake. Lots of you given up and went to night game. I know. Daygame was too hard, or your head was too hard and stubborn to adapt. For the white dating coaches who are full of shit. My relentless verbal assault on them won’t stop. Someone needs to challenge your hierarchy. White my other fellow Asian dating coaches are weak uncle toms or uncle wongs. I’m not bowing down. But pissing on you, I won’t stop, so you might as well call it rain.

-John Wayne (the coach with the most student results)