Is this all there is to it?



Just a fraction of it. I banged some ugly girls too I won’t post. Lol. But over time they just got progressively hotter and taller, younger.

I got too much results too fast in Europe. I think to myself is that all there is to game? I accomplished just about everything.

Girls above your looks scale, checked so many fucking times.

Girls who are taller than me, check.

Girls who are barely legal, check.

Girls who are hipters or other tribes check.

3 somes check

triple digits with girls hotter. After Europe check

Deepak and I banging the same girl, check



I need the next quantum leap. Should I focus on banging a girl in every country or many? Oh wait I hate Asians. I can’t even get hard for those hypergamy bitches. Yesterday I kept seeing them. They look at me all the time and try to put me down in the vibe. Instead of yelling out white privilege, I just yell hypergamy. Works better.

I got enough infields to last forever. I only release them slowly to make sure I have enough for my long career. I don’t intend to quit teaching.

Maybe time to focus on the marketing side of the business.

This blog post is scheduled by the way. Maybe I write as many articles in one day as humanly possible and then its easier that way.


Today should be the last day for the Wayne Playbook. Look I like my existing audience who gets entertained. But you don’t pay my bills. Everyone is on YouTube.

-John Wayne

You might not need the Skypes, but one day you might.



One Reply to “Is this all there is to it?”

  1. I say try KINK lite as your next step!
    Not any of the gross or extreme stuff but see if you can talk a chick into being submissive in the bed for you. Spanking her, tieing her up , using blindfolds etc.
    As long as safe words are used and you don’t injure her, it’s good.
    If you are cringing then sorry, but to me it’s hot as fuck when a chick
    lets you do these things to them, with consent of course.


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