Been sick, story

I finally have the energy to write this. I’m finally coherent enough so listen up. During filming of First Steps, product. I got super sick. Worst flu. Even my roommate caught it went to the hospital. I never experienced such bad flu in my life. I nearly died. 22 hours sleeping after I filmed the product.

New few days I kept throwing up, so I nearly starved to death. I tried to go to a local no frills then it closes. 3 days no food. I was super sick. I finally crawled to a local burger king and chicken nuggets kept me alive.

Later I had the worst stomache flu. I couldn’t even shit solid food, all diarrhea. I never digested a full meal. I kept bleeding even until now.

My dad said fuck this, i’m taking you to the emergency room.

Turns out I was okay. But now sleeping at my parents place to recouperate

Along the way as i’m so sick. I noticed a lot of value taking scumbags because I posted how people automatically thinks its okay to ask how to text a girl this. Or give me this video that, or enable my course this. It was annoying. You realized most of these guys who are your students. Some got laid too and in your testimonials.

It wasn’t until I showed them hospital pics they backed off. One kept saying it was a dentist. I told him to get the fuck out of my site.

See u in a few days. If you have coaching enquiries, you can still email me. Otherwise, let me rest.

I’ve been though more pain in one week then my entire life. I lost all body fat, i’m keto now. No fat anywhere, it

Update, don’t know how long I have slept. But the bleeding never stopped. It smells like a period blood. Now I know where it gets its smell. Blood smells like that inside a cavity in the body. Its unpleasant. I usually just am awake one hour a day like now before the count down knocks me out for another 12 hours of sleep.

The coin laundry system is bullshit in Vancouver. I can’t find any stores with it. Its a stupid system. I depended on my undependable roommate who doesn’t get anything done for weeks. I have no clothing plus this problem. Whoever invented this dumb system where you need a card. But you can’t fill the value online should be kicked in the balls.

Its weird my thinking is still sharp. I still get things as I always do. But, I can’t execute it at all for very long before I need to pass out. As my students or people keeps asking me for free advice and free shit. What fucking assholes. Honestly, how much of a vampire are you? in the future i’m going to stop responding to these parasites. Unless on my own time. The faster you respond the more free shit they demand. They even pretend to give a shit about, that’s the insulting thing.

You don’t know me, unless you taken a bootcamp with me. One did, still demands a free online course. Until I showed him the hospital pics. I’m not going to reply to random shit.


I hope this isn’t colon cancer. The loss of weight and the getting tired is consistent. Same with the excess blood. When I get over this. I’m going to make major changes to my life. If I have another chance. I have so much I still want to accomplish. I’m so far away from my goals to help the world.



Here is a very important video on those asking me for help, free advice. This entitled mentality. Like someone in the comments that said, your students some of them are like vultures. Offer some value before you go ask for free advice on what to text the girl. Or ask a million non stop questions. Or enable my product. Ask yourself, are you a vampire douche fuck vulture? What the fuck is wrong with you? no wonder you are not getting ahead in life. Its only when i’m sick, these people realized they are vulturing.

Update again, finally woke up but not sure how long. I read more on this problem and it seems if I bleed, that has red blood cells which carries oxygen. Its why I am getting so tired. I now can crap more solid stuff finally. Its a small improvement. I’m bleeding less.

I realized you don’t have to panic and push. Also, drink tons of water and get fiber. Sometimes your lifestyle can catch up to you. Chew well too, just don’t push. I’m lucky I have a place to rest at, my home. How much my dad does love me and tries his best to take care of me. I always thought they hated me. But my mom is annoying. She does nothing for my life. Just annoys it. Turns out all these years my dad was on my side. Even if he was very mentally abusive. He didn’t know how to show he cared. For me I have a strong support system. If I had to depend on a normal job, with this problem and living from paycheck to paycheck. I would of been screwed.

Its called H1N1. Lots of people died already or got hospitalized from it. I guess i’m one of them.

-John Wayne

4 Replies to “Been sick, story”

  1. This sounds awful. I swear, the internet makes people SO entitled. Focus on feeling better and take the break you need to get your strength back, John. Too bad you have so many vultures among your students and followers. Times like these really show the character of the people in your life (online and offline).

    Hope you feel better every day.


  2. Wikipedia on Mint tea:
    “Due to the high content of essential oils in leaves (1 – 2.5%), especially menthol, mint tea is popular for its curative effects. Affecting the digestive system and excretion of gastric juices, it acts as an anti-inflammatory.”


  3. “Risks:
    Mint tea has relaxing properties … For this reason, those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux should in principle avoid its consumption. On the other hand, precisely because it calms and relaxes the muscles of the intestinal tract, thus reducing spasms, peppermint can have beneficial effects in the treatment of digestive symptoms such as diarrhea and colic.[3]
    Excessive ingestion of peppermint may be toxic, as pure menthol is poisonous.”

    Hope that info helps. So don’t drink too much, just 2-3 cups maybe.


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