Which races has the least empathy (super offensive post, try not to be butthurt at the truth)

I’m going to offend everyone again. I’m  going to offend everyone again. John you trying to tell the truth is going to turn off people and offend them


Ummm, yeah but I also am not going to censor my blog. Most of my students likes the truth and it helps them adapt around it.

I have taught all races before. I have noticed among PUAs. Lots are not mature emotionally. Well I do have an unfair advantage. I do have a 175 I.Q and lots of life experience.

But however, I have come across some patterns. I’m going to make this sensitive post in the form of a science experiment and data. Most of you honest people will agree.

While only 1% of the population are psychopaths, 1% are narcissist, 4% sociopaths. The PUA world attracts these types into its funnels.

I bring this up because I am just trying to say if you don’t feel empathy, learn to fake it. I can teach you 

100% of Latinos Spanish people have no empathy since I have a huge sample size or ability to connect. Most are mask wearing sociopaths wearing a mask of sanity.

  1. Highest murder capitals in the world. If you type in countries with the most Murder. Its always mostly Spanish countries. Its not poverty, its just a symptom of mental illness
  2. Latinas flakes on Asians who aren’t Filipinos whom btw look like Mexicans. Or if you aren’t tall and strong. They are shallow. If you want to know a race and mental illness, look at their women. The other side of the genetic equation. Latinas are among the most shallow in the world.
  3. Ever notice Mexicans that are in small apartments are always the loudest? Partying without any empathy? The people who lives upstairs of me, are so fucking loud. They don’t give a shit. They have no empathy except for their own kind. Its a genetic problem, not a cultural problem.

95% of Filipinos have zero empathy. Zero. Some are good people, but they will backstab you are be passive aggressive. They do have the Spanish gene. I’m going to meet with my
Filipino friend today for dinner. Discussing business and stuff. Hes a good guy, but most will backstab you. I have offended Filipinos that say they wanted to train with me. No  you don’t. You have an ego, your narcissism wouldn’t allow it. Stop getting butthurt.

  1. They always sabotage you if you in a job. 99% of the time if you are not their race, they will act passive aggressive. Always late. Even my friend is going to be late.
  2. Filipinos are my most successful students in almost all cases. they pull aggressively and can use their lack of empathy as an advantage.
  3. They always want to get you back. Its always a knife over your back. Even if you are Chinese. I heard they love scamming white guys over seas. Marriage, any type of donation scams. They always send money back for their economy. The reason they have a bad environment isn’t because of the culture or poverty. Their lack of empathy creates the poverty.

Middle Easterns. 90% has no empathy. From the sample size I taught. High degree of narcissism. You know what I am talking about. While not true for everyone, but its true in general.

  1. Don’t think I will let you guys off the hook because you guys gets offended easily, are vengeful. I have students with empathy that are middle eastern. But honestly I never seen such stubborn PUAs in the world. They are not as stubborn as Chinese PUAs but very close. I mean they can’t even take an opinion that is different.
  2. My former wingman was middle eastern. There are some good people. Even a lot of my students. They often have a one track mind. Inflexible mind. Only one way to do something.
  3. The amount of narcissism is super high. I never seen more narcissistic people since the Chinese. These guys always thinks they are super good looking when they are not. It kills any chances they have in daygame so they do only socially retarded night game. Super deluded.

Chinese people, for PUAs, I would say 85% has no connection or empathy. Similar among the south Asians. There are no more Asian men White women couples anymore in Vancouver. Not the same in Toronto or California. You still see the opposite trend. But Vancouver has fallen. Asians are completely dark triad sometimes. Psychopathic/sociopathic completely narcissistic, borderline aspergers and socially retarded. If your offended good. Maybe you should think, well, maybe learn to adapt.

  1. Oh fuck, where do I even start. Holy shit. Now the Chinese are so butthurt, they will automatically think I hate my race. I don’t dude, i’m trying to save you from the 1/5 Asians who won’t procreate. I’m actually on your side, but you have to adapt. Chinese people have a gene called Mao-b gene or the warrior gene. The most sociopathic toxic PUAs in Vancouver. They get butthurt as easily as middle eastern people. Most are borderline socially retarded. Worst thing is they have no awareness of it.
  2. They all think they aren’t good looking but 10/10. Dude you are a 4/10, but you are so narcissistic and deluded. You are 10/10, even past Hollywood celebrities, models. Unless you can bang a women that high, you are not 10/10.
  3. They have no empathy. You can see this in other Chinese dating coaches. Hell even your Chinese wingman. While I have met some good ones, most has no sense of connection of empathy. On top of having no social skills. The amount of dark triad personality disorder sickens me. Its why I don’t associate with Chinese PUAs. They have no adaptivity. The Chinese moves to Richmond, rude as fuck. Doesn’t assimilate. They buy up all Vancouver properties, pushing the price so high, making it unlivable. They pirate the shit out of everything. They have no empathy for humanity. I’m Chinese, but I think they are an invasive species. I’m really ashamed sometimes of it. But they will think I hate them. No I don’t hate you, I understand you and you won’t adapt.

Indians. 80% in the PUA world has no empathy. Its not because they are sociopaths, actually lots are. Criminals, rapist in India. They blame culture, shit on the streets. But they mostly have a self absorbed narcissistic gene. Not all of them, but lots to. I do have students with strong empathy and some just can’t wait to act Indian. Even my roommate is Indian and he doesn’t associate with them. 

  1. Most self absorbed. Seriously even talks behind your back when ordering pizza and calling people ban chode. Seriously rude.
  2. They can’t stop destroying themselves. The hate each other and destroys almost everything in India. Its not they are sociopaths. Its not that at all, but most are narcissistic to a fault. That is what stops their empathy. Their dads hits their sons a lot or is physically abusive. Where do you think these bad genes comes from? Its not a cultural problem. That’s just a symptom of a mental illness problem. They have no empathy. Its always about them.
  3. Mo

65% Black people are next. But despite what the media tells you. That they are high on crime, in the PUA world. Actually, I seen more humanity from black students than Chinese students.

  1. I have a lot of students who are called black folks. Black folks are some of the nicest students I have. I enjoy working with them. They are respectful and they have really good jobs. They are upstanding people.
  2. Then you have the flip side. The dumbass stereotypical negros. You know the ones, Justin Wayne fans. The dumbasses who are the most deluded. More than the Chinese. The most delusional, no empathy. They just escalate. Its all about physical escalation or their high SMV. Worst thing is when you have the tall guys with muscles who thinks they have game. They just have high smv and preselection and protector status.
  3. They have so much attraction built in from white girls. But they don’t know how to capitalize on it. Until they train with me. How many dumb Justin Wayne fans would of benefited if they trained with me. Even dumbass Justin Wayne kicked me off his forum because my bootcamp students were pulling, getting laid left and right. I posted it, then they saw me as a threat. When these dumb mofos all are getting a kiss on a cheek or walked

30% White people. Believe it or not, white people are among the nicest I have ever met. Especially in Europe. Outside of London. Damaged by crime, mostly from minorities. White people always treated me great in Europe. They never actually attacked me, or got angry, or xenophobic, well outside of Riga. They were not used to an Asian guy with their 6’3 tall women everywhere. But they have it so easy in Europe. They want a women, go online or cold approach. They all do it. Life is great when you are white, its so easy especially when you are tall.

  1. Its not white folks that are empathetic. Its the white dating coaches who are. Nearly 98% of them are narcissistic sociopaths. Not psychopaths, that just implies they have no empathy. But sociopath con artist. Talk about white privledge, they abuse it. They know its easier that other students automatically trust them. So they tell  you what you want to hear to comfort your delicate ego. Looks don’t matter, only in the first 30 seconds, race doesn’t matter, its a limiting belief. They don’t have empathy about you that’s why they can say these things
  2. They take advantage of their whiteness to get Asian women and Asian women can’t get enough of it. Hypergamy. They abuse their privileges. Some are aware of it.
  3. As PUAs they do have some empathy. White dating coaches they are lazy. They don’t flirt, or touch because of their high SMV pulls their hand back before it happens because they don’t need to. They play on an easier mode if tall and has good looks and some muscles. Assuming they are not autistic. Their race boost them past most minorities they won’t admit. However, the dating coaches that does have empathy. They often go full Christian on you because they have guilt and a conscience.

Donald Trumps wall. I support it. When I saw the caravan coming there. People getting interviewed. Saying how they deserve a better life. Them this them that. I mean, there was no empathy for anyone else.

I wrote this article, a great article on flaky Latinas. I say to Asian men everywhere. Unless you are filipino. Or you have huge muscle mass being short. Or 5’11 Asian with some muscles or 6’2. Don’t bother with Latinas in daygame. They will flake on you because they have no empathy except for their own or they are flaky. Even if she is half Latina and half white, doesn’t matter. Their genes are tainted. The worst are Brazilians where they have a big booty and black mixed. Spain Latinas are more friendly, rest are trash.


This is a public service announcement.

Also, you know this article is true, lots of you guys don’t have empathy. That’s why I teach people in Wayne 60 to have empathy. Or my bootcamps. I know I don’t share my tactics and been selfish. But i’ll give you a big hint, a golden nugget. Be curious about her. Most of you are talking only about yourself. When was the last time your empathy allowed you to be curious? Never.

Other secret, take them from daygame to meet night game. Then learn to salsa, or you are fucked. Seriously they are that flaky, this builds trust.

Or better yet, just use them to learn how to do all of your teasing, push pulls, all that stuff on Latinas. They are going to flake on you anyways. They are shallow as hell.

Might as well use them to practice your teasing on. Do it as hard as possible. One one bootcamp, I trolled a Brailian so hard until she started to chase.

She flaked then I pulled 2 other girls and banged one. I used this advice and practiced what I preached. Use Flaky Latinas to get your inner game or mindset up for dominance. Your ability to pull will be way easier.

Some of my secrets, since no one is listening. Or reading my blog, might as well sneak some clarity in there you are suppose to get from my coaching.

How did you think I got so aggressive in pulling this video and getting that lay? I pulled like a no empathy Filipino. I did this in front of a student on the bootcamp.

You hate how aggressive I am, but unlike most of you weak Chinese people. It gets me laid. Maybe you need to learn how to connect, have empathy, but how to be dominant.

Fuck Latinas, they are horrible people. I am done with them. Deepak said not to post the video calling them all out. Its not smart marketing. Or do it tactfully if you do.

Every time I hear the loud ass Mexicans upstairs. I just know its not culture, but mental illness that causes cultural problems. They are so loud, they even make it hard to make advice videos at home. They have no empathy. Someone needs to call them out.

Why can’t someone finally speak the truth without worrying about being labeled? This blog was designed to be a vehicle of the truth. Unfiltered truth. Nothing will change that.

But this is a blog of truth. This truth will help tons of Asians.

Also no offense to Spanish students. My next bootcamp student is Spanish or a Latino i’m teaching this week. But people appreciate the truth. People appreciate the truth. You can’t be afraid. You get the best type of students this way. The ones who will make the most progress and adapt.


Regardless I have enjoyed teaching all of my students. They are aware, they adapt fast. I’m glad I didn’t go for bad students saying whatever I can to tell them what they want to hear. Most likely they will get no results. I treat all my students like family. Of course there are a few bad apples. But mostly good people.

Empathy or connection is something I can teach everyone how to do. Or how to fake it. I am not going to judge. I’m only about results.

-John Wayne

2 Replies to “Which races has the least empathy (super offensive post, try not to be butthurt at the truth)”

  1. Do you consider courtesy, politeness or formalities to be good enough substitutes for empathy? Also what are your thoughts on bullying the girl for fun? I call it tough love,
    like I am her big brother and she is my stupid annoying sister.
    It comes from a place of love but I deliberately try to be mean to her…
    I appreciate your honesty btw. It is why I follow your blog.


    1. There are top secret mindsets. In deepaks video trolling a rude blonde. He did so to reestablish value. She didn’t respect him. But if you kept trying to plow when she is not respecting you. She will still be rude and walk. You need to remove that roadblock before running game. This might seem counter intuitive to the RSD or white dating coaches putting her on a pedestal advice and going for the next girl, as they spam approach 50 for one date. I’m about conversions and one shot one kills. How do you think I get women way higher than my looks scale? Doing this very thing should of been top secret and never revealed to the world. Then again i’m feeling more generous lately.

      Never put women on the pedestal. Kick the pedestal out beneath her feet, figuratively. Only reward good behavior and punish bad. You don’t show curtesy or niceness, without her earning it. That will only get you girls way below your looks level. I don’t give women validation, until they are sucking my dick. The only validation she gets from me is she is good at sucking it. Otherwise, giving away compliments, validation niceness is just going to make her feel higher value. With Instagram where every 6/10 feels 8/10 due to Instagram likes. Any niceness that Asians uses in general will be seen only as weakness. They can smell blood like sharks. Its why i’m the only short Asian on youtube who can same day lay like I do. My fellow Asians can’t stop kissing other girls asses. Did I reveal too much? Well I hope you find value in it. Most likely most people wouldn’t apply it. For the first time in public, not people who paid for my coaching, they get a glimpse how I think. Doing the opposite to what everyone preaches is the way to be the top 1% in the world.

      -John Wayne

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