You Can Still Get Wayne 30: From Hardcase To Hero and Wayne Playbook’s YouTube version



For now the products page are being rebuilt for the official version then relaunched soon. But you can still get the youtube private playlist version I always had for now.

The price for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero is now raised to $200 USD. Contact me if interested in getting it. Or the Wayne Playbook in the respective contact me page of each of the products.

The big difference besides youtube is this version comes with Skype coaching with the Playbook. The other one does not. Also, its on a youtube private playlist only you can see with your email to enable it in the system.

Please be patient while the pages are rebuilt with new funnels. Funnels are the only way I can offer you good deals if you get more items. Otherwise I don’t do discounts normally.

My products will be more intergrated with Wayne Dating Lifestyles main products and official pages. For me its less work to maintain.

-John Wayne

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