I’m tired of ungrateful emotionally weak snowflakes

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I’m really tired of people who gets butthurt easily. The more you do for someone in psychology the more they take you for granted. Get them to do something for you. Today I am learning and creating a new method to manipulate everyone. I’m tired of the butthurtness I have to deal with.

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I hear a lot of stupid comments like you are not likeable. My response is go fuck yourself. But then its like John Wayne, you need a crowd of people one day to lead them or change the world. I say say, I need to walk on eggshells, so careful about what I say I can’t even get my message out to get people laid? I mean if I wasn’t so honest, people can’t adapt and get laid for my students.

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I heard even dumber comments like don’t project your reality on others. Its okay if they paid you, or its okay on your blog or youtube. I say these people have a weak reality. They think with emotions vs logic.

I’m going to have a zero tolerance for ungrateful snowflakes. Since I have so much student results. The more student results, the more they take me for granted. I know people doesn’t understand. I can even teach them ethnics or call it out beforehand. But they will do it anyways. I get way too much student results.

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I heard other stupid shit like you have to respect others. Everyone is equal. Lol, that is where I have to disagree. There is always a top, me as a dating coach. Also, there is always a bottom. Rat faced Krapisma King with no students laid testimonials. Our advice is opposite and the opposite is true.

I made an advice video I have to cut on emotions. But I think I am going to have a zero tolerance from now on, including students who trained under me and got tons of results. If they get ungrateful or turn to the dark side. Well, its always 99% someone with a narcissistic personality disorder and the lack of empathy. Almost always. I’m empowering people who got no results or limited results.

I turn them into daygame gods, they take all the credit for it and is ungrateful. If you think you could of done it without me. But don’t want to give the credit. Well, have fun without me. Everyone without me afterwards always suffers and fails. You had your chance. I have my boundries what I will or will not tolerate.

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I don’t have to suck up to you. Or need your validation or be liked. I just want to say if you think that, please go fuck yourself. Oh no John, you say that you won’t get as much money. Well at least I earned it from the people who are open minded and like what I teach. The brutal honesty who wants to see reality instead of being comforted hiding under the sand.

I hope you know where I am going with this. Its not to sound angry, or to sound unhappy or whatever. Its just I seen this too many times and venting about it. You simply don’t get anymore training from me. If you bite the hands that feeds you. Even if you say you aren’t hungry because I got you a girlfriend or fuck buddy. When she is gone, you will be back. But don’t knock on my door and ask for help then. Being that ungrateful. I don’t have to be greatful back.

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People are really stupid. They keep falling for RSD, London Daygame and other shitty daygame systems. Then I have to do the repair work.

See the source imageYou will never understand this problem, no one will. I’m the only dating coach who goes though this. Of course my personality is blamed, but never their ungratefulness. People don’t have to like me, i’m not here on this earth to be liked. Respect will do. Also, I think the human race is weak, stupid, inefficient. You can’t save everyone. They will resent you for it.

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I really hate emotional people who are overly emotional and narcissistic. Its really annoying. I am self absorbed too, I am also narcissistic in that regard. But still I fucking hate this generation of snowflakes. I never grew up in such a generation. Every decade people just gets more and more butthurt and ungrateful.

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I’d rather live in a world of science, logic, results vs some emotional whiny children.

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When I hear people say, you are repeating yourself a lot. Ummm, learn to fucking listen you fucking snowflake. I wouldn’t have to repeat things if you stop shutting off your stupid fucking sheep ears. Most people who are butthurt easily like this, won’t make much money or succeed in life. Unless they have high SMV mixed with emotions, they usually succeed with women. But if they don’t have it, they are fucked. Its not because they are good with women. They just happen to be her type due to SMV.

The biggest secret behind dealing with narcissistic emotional people is to tell them you don’t give a fuck what they think. You don’t need their validation. It hurts them, their kryptonite. I know, its field tested. Its part of Wayne 60. Also, you have no idea how free I am to say whatever I want, I can be brutally honest. When you are dishonest and give a shit about offending snowflakes, you can’t really say shit. I love how its always my fault by these narcissistic snowflakes.

I want to say more offense things that these guys can’t say. But that’s all the time I have today to say that. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I think the human race is an inferior species that is value oriented and an emotional tampon.

I also project my reality onto others. I like to think people can evolve. I see the good in humanity that is untapped potential. I like to think my audience is smart. But, maybe that is just my reality. People might be extremely stupid, dumb and emotional.

I mean don’t you find it weird how they pump out hours of free advice videos, one after another. Its not a way to judge if your advice is good or not. Its as stupid as trying to judge infields like a food critic. Its either they got laid or didn’t get laid. Its not interpretations. But advice videos full of good emotions and fluff. But sheeps loves it. There is only 24 hours of advice for daygame at most. Why are there non stop advice videos of RSD shit? Just to be emotionally manipulated with fluff.

Snowflakes tries to tell me Dan Pena or Gordon Ramsay is nice behind the scenes. They just know how to fake it.

-John Wayne



5 Replies to “I’m tired of ungrateful emotionally weak snowflakes”

  1. Loving the frequent updates, and glad you realize you speak in a mildly narcissistic way. Regardless, you are on point 90% of the time, and these blogposts are not only informative but comedy gold: “I hear a lot of stupid comments like you are not likeable. My response is go fuck yourself.” 😛


  2. You and Deepak are the most on point dating coaches I’ve ever studied, but noone’s perfect :). In terms of results you are great, but it takes maturity to acknowledge that other coaches have certain ideas that may be more effective even if their overall game is inferior. There are still areas where other dating coaches have provided insights, but they’re just 10-30% on point. You have some theories which in my opinion do have effective alternatives, and it adds to your credibility if you were to acknowledge that. Of course, this is just my opinion from my own limited experience. For example, BadBoy is a crappy dating coach, but he did teach a way to do the front stop that is super super effective. I’ve never had a girl walk away or get creeped out by the front stop he taught in one of his products, yet the walk past a girl and turn around stop looks super gamey. I realize it’s also used by Justin Wayne and the London daygame guys, and clearly it’s working for you as your results are incredible, but I wonder if you’re cool with people also using other stop methods to supplement your game? Anyway, when I receive training from you over skype or in person I’ll do it your way as it’s the most effective way to learn but yeah you’ll get more credibility (though you already have a lot already) by acknowledging others do have approaches and insights slightly different that can get comparable results (to said techniques). Even between you and Deepak, your styles are actually quite different, even if your results and overall structure are the same. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen an infield where Deepak does the turn around point stop, maybe he has but he seems to usually approach girls from the front or the side on the infields.


    1. I use front stop too, its in my product Wayne 30. Ummm, so I field tested everyones game. We teach all stops. I think if I can prove there is a front stop in my Wayne 30, then I obviously out did this other nobody. I had 17 years in the game and studied everyones game. People can’t disqualify one thing because of one thing I have. That’s emotional thinking and rationalzing. I have more testimonials than anyone. I know what works. Students got laid with it. So, show me the other guys testimonials, or did you mistaken me? I don’t have to acknowledge others unless they prove they get more student results. I’ll debate you on this. I already seen what works for my low smv. My system has like pieces from every other system too, golden nuggets or smaller cogs. What if they have higher smv than me? I have lower one. I think you are mistaken. No one is better than me at teaching, but I already stolen and field tested all the new golden nuggets. Objections dealing, I already improved it. Time travel bullshit, I taught REBT. Deepak and I invented the point stop actually together. You didn’t realize, we had a meeting and he said point behind you. I got so many students laid even in front of Deepak. We have a ton of secret stops too. I don’t know you know what I teach. Its too bad, go rewatch Wayne 30: From hardcase to hero stops. You will see the front stop there, I have a 3 step process to it. But believe whatever you want. Since I only posted a few infields, you think you know what I do? The whole thing is just A + B = C cassation equals correlations concept. Which is just your flawed thinking, or a strawman argument stating my position. Now I have to defend it from your misconception. When you say it gives you more credibility if you acknowledge other coaches. Ummm, I don’t need your validation. This is just your thinking. My roommate didn’t get any results using the London Daygame method, 12 coaches. But he got his girlfriend using mine. You don’t even know the subtleties of my stop. I field tested in the tough streets of Vancouver. Its tougher than London and they also walk fast. It works there and here. I really think you are thinking with emotions and you don’t have the evidence these other coaches has students laid or I only do back stops. You haven’t seen all of my infields. I’m not a theorist on emotions. Its people like this, who has all these bullshit beliefs which holds you back. Think logically, if there is a front stop in my product, that squashes your argument. Everyone always has that one point why they think my game isn’t perfect. Krooked Karisma King said eye contact is so important. But my next infield with 2 same day lays in one day I don’t make eye contact in the beginning. Its also, you are using yourself as a case study. I have almost all my students pulling or laid. 80% and 72% laid in daygame. Almost all bootcamps pulled or got laid. So, I have a bigger sample size. You are not thinking scientifically. Just with misconceptions, cherry picking and you are not a coach. Neither does these others coaches has the testimonials to counter me. -John Wayne


  3. If you skyped with me, you would realized I have 10 stops. Front included. I invented the front stop and adapted the distance. Put yourself in my shoes. Every single bootcamp student learns stops from every angle, every speed, every variation. Then to have a fan tell you what you teach even if the evidence suggest otherwise. Based on their misconceptions. Then mentions London Daygame and Justin Wayne. Even though I don’t teach it that way. Its completely different, I don’t touch the girls arm or run up to the girl. But somehow I get a strawman argument or falsely accused. Even if I can post screenshots or even release a video as a free sample to the course. Where you will apologize for. But imagine how I feel right now? When you mention a no name coach who has no students laid in daygame testimonials. Even if I do front stops all the time. How would you feel if you were in my place? I would say based on your emotional argument of strawman and lack of facts. I have to disagree. I’ll even post screenshots to prove you wrong. Its not out of narcissism. But how dare you try to tell me what I teach is wrong without studying it. -John Wayne


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