Why are Vancouver women so badly dressed and snobby?

There is a stereotype for years that Vancouver women are snobby and unapproachable. They all dress bad and wear yoga pants. In fact, I saw this super snobby women when I was daygaming with my roommate. I negged the shit out of her, saying look at her, she is a 4/10 for the face but acts like a 9/10. I said it so loud, I neg everyone. I even neg creepy white guys and Asian girls calling them white privledged.

Why do I do these things? I am repairing the damage of these boosted egos from these shitty Vancouver PUAs giving validation. Also, it helps my inner game. I am ferocious. compared to other Asian guys putting girls on the pedestal. I’m used to kicking women off it because I banged so many hot women in Europe. I’m even more aggressive. Not in a bad way, but you have to understand. I get women above my looks scale and SMV scale all the time. How the fuck do I do it? Other good looking PUAs gets it below. If they get it below they are 8/10 or above. The girl is lke 6,7. Then if you learn their game, you are a 5/10, is your game equipped for 3/10?

Women wears yoga pants because they can’t afford to live in Vancouver. Who the fuck will pay $2500 for a month without roomates to live here?

Second the currency is devalued so much, its worthless. Its completely wordless as Eastern European countries without the European Union currency. No matter how hard you work, you can’t get ahead. I only work in USD for a reason. I’m not part of this rat race. But that means all the women dresses in yoga pants, no makeup and snobby. They can’t afford to dress well. Some can, but its rare.

Next the snobby behavior is part of PUAs but living in Vancouver is not a livable country at all. Its unlivable and propaganda foisted on us to keep us in Vancouver. If we travelled, then we realized, the worst European country city center, their downtown is better than our best. Women here are completely depressed. I mean so beaten down by working a shitty job, so they can have multiple roomates.

The PUAs here keeps giving compliments and validation. Every time they do that, it just makes women validated to the point their SMV or sexual market value they feel is higher. Then she acts more snooby.

This is why daygame is so hard. With tinder, the Instagram likes. Ugly women I once thought was okay. After going to Europe makes me want to puke now. I am so indifferent, we say only one 9/10 blonde. She nearly fell looking at me and my roommate the way we were dressed. She was into us. I’m literally the best dressed in the entire Vancouver here. No joke. People treat me like i’m from a different planet.



Not a real rolex, but like my Zara clothing, they are obviously not Versace, or Armani. But it looks like it. Still, having owned two rolex looking watches, I wouldn’t pay for the left one which is a $100,000 grand watch. The one on the right is $24,000 which I will get a real one, one day. Just for my ego and to give myself a psychological edge saying I have made it.

Having said that, women are so demoralized here, they are even not wearing makeup and just letting themselves go. They don’t care anymore after all the swipes on tinder and all the Instagram likes. Their friends will even tell ugly fat girls they are so cute. So the fat women thinks she is all that now. The girls years ago I thought was hot, are not just so average or below average compared to me. Compared to the European women I banged.

The more I intermitting fast, it makes me prettier. Prettier than these girls actually they are swooning over me now. Before I was getting a bit chubby and it worked against me. Not everyone has the pretty boy look, I suggest you work out. If you have it, I suggest you lean up. It raises my looks scale up a point or a point and a half. Looks do matter. Of course your vibe matters too.

My behavior compared to other pickup artist coaches with high SMV and low results with ugly women. I’m aggressive, yes I know. But i’m also very different in the way I treat them. I don’t put any women on the pedestal. Its not some inner game exercise, but my core being. Not even for a second would I do something like that.

They all can sense it in my vibe. They sense you putting them on a pedestal, neediness, its game over. I’m more aggressive and alpha than the most alpha PUAs. People thought this was just an act or something, but people who knows me knows I have this edge. Its something everyone should strive to develop. I don’t mean being an asshole. I can be very nice too, but they sense my vibe and know. Women knows.

Just like Bruce Wayne or Batman in Batman Begins, I feel like I walked to Europe. But when I came home, the old me never came back. I was trained, sharpened into me today. I got more perspective. As one of my old mentors told me, you will say Vancouver women aren’t shit.

At this point I feel its so easy to game them, I have got even better than before. So good, one shot one kill. Its almost like I can adapt to them faster than Mayweather Jr can do an opponent. It becomes easier. My roommate Sam is already fucking shocked one fashion chance. His very first lesson when I got back. Women are creaming their panties for him. SMV does matter. He never knew how poweful my mind was. My fashion sense literally can pick a few of the tumblers in the locks of her mind.

This is my mindset now. Find out the best practices, putting women on a pedestal. If you see my daygame clips in Europe, I don’t even make eye contact much because that’s validation. I treat them like shit to be banged. They love it. Ignore any belief system that suggest men are trash. I have none of that mentality. It only makes you feel weaker and lowers your self esteem. When women sense my vibe now, they know. They know immediately how different I am. Maybe try to understand this post even if the concepts for foreign. you will get here one day. Train with me. We have one more spot for bootcamps this month and the next.

I’m still going to update the bootcamp page. But here it is again.

I decided to update this post because I have a lot more to rant or vent. The more I am on the ground, it seems like people likes to laugh when its raining a lot.

There was this couple behind me commenting on my clothing or watch talking about how they are almost going to get paid and her brother has like every color of a watch or some shit. The reality is most of these people are communist here in Vancouver or socialist. Its very true because a lot of these people are dressed like shit. Its starting to make sense. They are living from paycheck to paycheck.

I saw an Asian women looking at me, she was decent looking but old. But however she is with the creepiest looking bald white guy who is old. Which makes me think once again.

Another thing I notice is if a girl wears a yoga pants here. She wears a hoodie on top of that, which is very common in Vancouver. If she has a pear shaped ass, she is considered more valuable or higher SMV. I can’t make this shit up. She always has a boyfriend with some white trash, sorry for a better term, white guy. Its weird, its always some white trash dude. Its very tribal here.

This is how I feel now. Like Agent Smith, when he said I hate this place. I have to break free. Please ship my ass back to Europe, or heaven. What if Vancouver is hell? outside of training students in bootcamps. This place is really a daygame hell disguised as a livable place.

Lets call out Vancouver. Of course some might not think women are snobby here. I mean I daygamed in London and taught there. They are nice in comparison. In fact I would say they are not even as snobby. But now I can empathize. Of course i’m sure none of the other dating coaches here thinks that. Or they might, but they go for women below or equal to their SMV. I only go for ones higher than my ethnicity scale, height and value. But lately I can’t see anyone attractive, only a few 9/10. I’m sure these women has some kind of Russian background in almost all cases or their parents are. When I see these 8+ they look at me but its too late to approach. I am going to have to get contact lenses soon to see them. Or I can’t see them walking by. I’m into big game hunting, not going for low hanging fruits. if they are all going to have a higher difficulty, might as well approach the hottest here. Why? they rarely get approached. Its slightly easier and only hot women seems to be into me. Never average ones. The average ones knows they aren’t good enough for me. As i’m posting this, a white trash is with a submissive Asian girl hypergamy whore. I wish I had my cellphone, I forgot to bring it.

Europe is heaven, Vancouver is hell. Its women like these, which I see non stop, it inspired me to take the fight to the world. Also, I have to thank Vancouver. Its difficulty curve, I mean I daygamed all over Europe. If it wasn’t for this god forsaken shithole LMS hypergamy place. I wouldn’t be as good as I am today at daygame. Also, I might not be able to pass the skills over to the students around the world. I’m going to daygame soon and get back into the flow. I’m John Wayne after all. I’m a legend, I have to do what legends do. Its back to work, just another day at the office. Also, the difficulty curve of Vancouver makes it perfect for training students. If they can cut it here, they can do that anywhere else.

My rant isn’t over. I bought a knife today, it is a credit card knife that folds into a workable knife for cheap. It was scratched a bit so I exchanged it. This was from a Japanese store that sells cheap gimmicks and junk. But I like it a lot. I also bought a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t even charge properly or loses its charge. I’ll have to field test it. But they acted like I will keep exchanging all the time. This autistic Asian girl with no social skills. Same with her brother that works there. This fucking communist mindset of thinking people are cheap. I mean, if I buy something, I am a repeat customer.

See the source image


Also, another place that sold food for $6 for every plate. First time I ate their Sam my roommate bought me a burger. Instead they weren’t happy I didn’t take their fucking upsell for $2. Instead I said out loud, they had a new customer opting in. Its worth it because they will come back and bring friends. Also, even though they don’t make money for that burger and its all in the upsell. Same with Mcdonalds too. But, the repeat business will make a bigger difference. I mean are these people fucking retarded or cheap communist socialist faggots? They got someone into their funnel. I mean people will pay a lot for ads just to aquire one new customer. Once they buy something, they keep coming back. I mean……

That’s not all, I walk into these shops in a place called Robson. These shitty stores selling junk no one will buy in their lifetime. This old guy looks at me as if I was going to steal and rob him. He goes behind the counter. Ummm, or they sell Canadian goods like maple syrup. I mean if I wanted maple syrup for cheap, I go to the big grocery stores. What the fuck is this? Who the fuck is going to buy this? Why even open that store? turn the key and walk away.

Went to Zara, they left the door open, so this Asian guy went crazy with his beta haircut and warrior gene. Saying please leave, looking like i’m a criminal. These fucking commies are miserable and go fuck yourselves. I mean I helped this store more than they realize. But there is always one narcissistic fuck.


People here, when they see my nice clothing, this watch which isn’t even a real rolex. Let me tell you something. It takes a lot of self esteem to dress well. That is why it is so hard.




The media finally calls it out too, how grumpy Vancouver is. They named Vancouver and Toronto as the unhappiest cities in Canada.



Tied for bottom spot, I know the real reason. It goes beyond what they have said here.

-John Wayne


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