More lay pics in Europe. To encourage Asians it is possible.

I actually posted these on the front. I met her recently, but same day lay her before. Condom broke too, so I hope I didn’t catch anything during that time. She is taller than me and has dark hair. Nice ass and long legs. Most of the girls I fucked are taller than me. I got her number again when I met her. Since I same day lay her, I didn’t get it.


There is a lot of lay pics of girls Deepak Wayne doesn’t want me to post. They are fuck buddies type. Even prettier than most of them here. I don’t post people I am still seeing. I’m not seeing her but if I wanted to i’m sure I can after texting her. As soon as I have that other stuff in the clear, i’ll post it.

White dating coaches will never post lay pics because they will look twice as good as the girl. Of course they might luck out once in a while with someone equal. But that is not game. I mean shitty game like Karisma King is not game. Whoops I forgot to censor her ass for that pic. Oh well.

I’ll be coming back to Vancouver soon. I’ll be teaching non stop bootcamps. Denton or Karisma King could learn a thing or two. So he can actually get results instead of making excuses. Will he be able to get results one day and become legit? I’m sure if I train him. I’ll post a video about him in the next post. No longer will white people be able to steal minorities money after that video goes viral.

She wasn’t the first approach as I remembered, but it took a few. Usually in Europe I can get it for my first approach. My efficiency has gone up. But then again lets see if it gets better coming back to Vancouver that LMS city. Since the cost of living for apartments are impossibly high. Survival value every women has, so they look for replication value. This is how I see the world and my background or beliefs were formed in Vancouver. The evolutionary psychology of this place has been affected.

Its not easy like Las Vegas or something where everyone is dtf. Its not even game. Once again white people will just call this limiting beliefs. Even if Jan Lifestyle, every student failed in daygame here. He was trained by RSD, but he is better looking than Karisma King or any Asians. Its not even game being her type playing on easy mode. I never had it easy.

I train every race as you can see on the front page. They all get success because I don’t teach the same type of game to every race. I have to adapt it to break negative stereotypes. Behavior, game and fashion. I’m really scientific.

Karisma King or Deluded King is the next sociopath on the list. If you read my blog. You know these guys are all deluded. Opinions as facts, they try to be the judge of what is right and wrong. Often times they want to be a dating coach or is one. But low level one bottom feeder type. Its always the same pattern. Eventually most won’t fight back and regret fucking with me. They all have lost, they are losers. He doesn’t know he fits into the same mold. He is in for a world of hurt. I will show no mercy. He won’t even approve my post on his youtube. We are going to war. He pretends he is a sheep dog protecting the industry. But the real sheep dog can see he is really a wolf in sheepdog clothing. You hurt my minorities, I will get you back. I’m the only one dating coach, no one usually fucks with, but the most deluded and the most sociopathic. Turns out he is the fifth one. Or the next one on the chopping block.

Its like going and killing John Wicks dog by mistake acting like a thug. Karisma King. You really should of done some research before you fucked with me. That there are people in this world more ruthless than you. Who are more unforgiving, who shows no mercy.

John, 20 same day lay infields or more. I haven’t even recorded them all. I don’t have time. There are more. Vs 3 infields from Karisma King. He has 3 testimonials, vs 350. Yet those three are written. Maybe by him and none of them got laid because he can’t get students working at Mcdonalds and uses dating coach as a side gig. Yet mine are all pulls and lays from students.

John Wayne, gets laid in his first approach now in Europe. Karisma King needs to spam approach. Who is intermediate? You are really just beginner/intermediate. You didn’t realize being tall and her type, you are playing on easy mode. Pretending to invent new techniques. That compliance you get is your blindspot. Since you have no empathy, its why you can’t get that many infields, you can’t connect because you can’t empathize. You can only act manipulative or Machiavellian. This is your blindspot. But looks don’t matter, yeah to the unempathetic. You would need to know where your SMV stands so you can adapt to it. Whether in fashion, or working out. Maybe heel lifts, or even more game.

For your stupidity, you have gotten in the way of the crosshairs of Wayne Dating Lifestyles. I mean figuratively of course. You found a company that can finally fight back. You will get wrecked. Bring your worst, i’ll bring twice of that. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. But two eyes for an eye, two tooths for a tooth.

Regardless, I will be making my way back to Vancouver soon just before Sept. I’ve been in Europe for a long time. But not sure how I will settle back in Vancouver. I mean i’m not sure what is even going on there to be honest. In my absence and after conquering Europe. I’m honestly going to miss Europe so much. I’ll make more blog post later about Europe after I destroy Karisma King first.

In Vancouver maybe the creepy Jan Lifestyle students are approaching non stop creeping out girls without social calibrations. I think this is going to make PUAs looks bad. I didn’t teach them. Most of my students were everywhere in the world, especially in Europe.

When I come back, you PUAs will scatter like cockroaches as before and run in every direction. Most of you will be scared to death when I am back. You guys shouldn’t have gone with Jan. Who learned from RSD. Just like Karisma King. Jan has no student results and creepy students who likes to tap the girl in the shoulder. Dude I don’t touch the girl in the approach. Most of the RSD style guys are into spam approaches, no social calibrations and no results. Except making daygame harder for the rest of us.

I call these guys without LMS who are short and creepy Asians without social calibrations RSD victims. They will all drop like flies, its always RSD that ruins entire nations of Asians. They have destroyed the entire Vancouver. People like Karisma King can’t empathize when I see my entire race fallen to bullshit RSD concepts taught by a tall Chinese guy with good looks and huge muscles or LMS. Just to say looks don’t matter. Just creeping everyone out and them failing, so they go night game then quit game. So they become the 1 in 5 Asian men who doesn’t procreate. But then again how you can empathize when you are the cause of the problem, you and RSD. Try to see if from my eyes if you can. We both know you are a psychopath. I can see though you. But wait until the rest of the world does too.

Who are the two PUAs who’s game is destroying Vancouver. Jan’s teacher, Julien Blanc. Yes that guy who was all over the news for chocking women. Also, RSD Tyler, cult leader. When I see people complaining about PUAs scattered with RSD shit in Vancouver. But then again I see people like Karisma King phrasing RSD since he was from RSD. It really needs to stop oppressing my fellow Asians. Too bad they chose the wrong coaches. I really pity you guys. Every time these RSD victims does a bad approach, there are consequences. Just stop watching RSD stuff for a month and you will get your sanity back. You will stop being creepy or weird.

Edit: He seems more apologetic now and is willing to get more infields. I hope they are daygame not night time outside of clubs. Also, he seems like he is willing to debate if he is wrong or willing to take down the video. Well, I am not going to take down my video. Must be tough fighting the worlds best daygame coach who actually has a gold metal. It wasn’t like I just am intermediate and claim this or that. I’m actually this good. Whether or not people accepts me for the top of the throne is irrelevant now. I’ll assert my dominance and education you. Give credit where it is due.

-John (Wick) Wayne

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