Got a same day lay in an undisclosed country

I saw some daygamers yesterday and I just wanted to know the terrain or how the location works. Basically, I walked around and a lot of daygamers saw Deepak. Unfortuntely none of them including an American knew who I was.

Regardless, walking to the mall and stuff, I got a same day lay. It was my second approach here. The girls are way prettier than London. If you like the skinny pretty type. Its not the best I seen, but something I wouldn’t mind banging. I’ll post more pics in the future.

My phone ran out of memory. My entire 200gb memory card is completely full. I have to find some way to empty it. It doesn’t always work when I connect my phone to the PC. Luckily Deepak Recorded the entire thing on his cellphone. Or at least I hope it worked. I have the bedroom stuff. When I have it down, i’ll post some screenshots of it. I don’t know what I captured. Deepaks equipment is still running.

I played really solid game. It was text book perfect.

I don’t know what to say. I mean I’m not even suppose to tell people the London Immersion students were a total success. Also, my original goal I was going to post was to make a same day lay happen from a long distance of impossible distance. I did triple the distance actually and walked a while. Not only did I created an impossible goal. I shattered it.

If I didn’t get a same day lay, it wouldn’t be worth it for the trip. It already cost quiet a lot of money to rent this place. Deepak is teaching a bootcamp here. Deepak wanted something more near the mall. But he moved it since they did construction. So he got another Airbnb apartment. We came here and met an attractive blonde who owns it. Then I took this other girl home in front of her on the way back. Deepak needed to met her.

Regardless, another day in the life of John Wayne.


We tried to plan how the fuck could we get a same day lay. Its super hard here and the logistics are not in our favor. We will be here for a short while. There was some pressure. We planned for an entire night looking over the logistics.

We even heard other shitty London Puas are here. Regardless, they won’t get anything and I would smash them into a trillion pieces.

I’m the legend no one knows about. Its too bad, sometimes I feel to in the shadows. Deepak is here so I have to go.

I have all this skill, even if not everyone knows who I am. But i’ll make more videos on youtube or Wayne Dating Enterprise. There are so many infields of same day lays, I don’t even know how to release it all. I can do it every single month and I won’t run out. The amount of bedroom escalation stuff, i’ll post more in the future. Not to show off, but because minorities needs to see Wayne Dating Lifestyle and me John Wayne solved the Asian problem with daygame.

Its weird because in Germany before I left, 2/2 approaches and 2 same day lays in a day. Its getting more consistent and less work. I don’t need no talent casting bullshit or seeking arraignment bullshit to do this stuff. I do it with old fashion skill. Cough, Justin Wayne, cough. For former fans, you know who to turn to for training. Yes there is a way.

Every time I daygame, I pulled and Deepak did too except one time. But almost every time. I’m saying, there is such a thing as skill. Its a poker game, but what if you were always the top player or world champion? Is it really a numbers game? Ask yourself, is it really a numbers game, obviously not. Its a numbers game for shitty direct daygame coaches. I’ll post more stuff soon, some bedroom escalation stuff.

Eventually I have to post all the testimonials on the front page and copy it from it from the blog post. There are too many, hard to make it to the bottom of the page. Listen, my skills, testimonials and student results goes hand in hand. London daygame has no testimonials, no proof, just fake lay reports. Stupid mofos falls for that shit. We are the most proven dating company in the world. Let me ask you a question, some of your favorite PUAs doesn’t have testimonials or student results.

Sometimes I think if the world is stupid, or are they ready to learn our skills from our company. Its sad when potential students goes to the wrong dating coaches. Also, just trust white dating coaches automatically with zero actual proof and number close videos. At this point I achieved so much, I don’t even feel like bragging anymore. I should focus on getting more awareness.

Updates. Looks like the clips are intact. It was filmed with multiple cameras and some are better than others. But pieces can all be put together. First girl I approached was 16, which is legal. Her boyfriend showed up in the middle of the set. The second one was super far away. We filmed an advice video far away, but I daygamed her there then it worked.

Another thing that you didn’t know was Deepak and I were planning how to execute the same day lay. Logistics seems nearly impossible or super difficult. We went over google maps and planned every detail. But I was talking in my sleep purely talking about how to pull a girl home and close the deal. Deepak stood over me listening and he heard what I was saying. He said what I said made sense, even in my sleep. Maybe my brain was processing the information. But its weird that day I talked in my sleep.

-John Wayne

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