Leaving London. Students pulled again.

Another student almost pulled 2 blonde girls but couldn’t walk though the door. While the second time he just pulled her home and escalated her. Deepak was happy with multiple pulls, but I said i’m John Wayne and there are 2 more coming. Yes it happened and I was right.

My point is we delivered on our promise. I’m writing as Deepak is sleeping and we are packing last minute. Lots of students almost pulled too and some did. This is making history because most London Daygame faggot dating coaches just number closes. This rewrites the entire history. Wait until we release the immersion bootcamp footage.

It was a team effort, but this is what happens when you bring me out of Vancouver. Its almost like Deepak and I have strengths and weaknesses. But we work together and have no more weaknesses combined. Like Batman and Superman.

This is the ugliest and fattiest country I have ever seen. I don’t miss anything about it. The food sucks and the women are ugly. Its rare to see a skinny hot white girl.

Regardless now that we finally have cameras for the students to bedroom escalate and pull. This will be totally awesome and shock the entire world. See you in the next immersion program.

-John Wayne

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