Back to back pulls, Deepak and I pulled another girl home. Day 5 daygame.

We didn’t always go out to daygame but when we did, it was amazing. We are pulling girls home every single time. Its pretty consistent overall. This girl Deepak and I pulled and escalated on her. We didn’t overly push it. She had to meet friends. But every single day we daygame together, working in a team. We have pulled a young cute girl home.

I visit Deepak and this shit happens every single day I go out, seems impossible. No other companies could of pulled this off. You think London Daygamers can do this? Nope. They can approach 50 times to get one date. We just same day pull or same day lay. You can’t say Deepak is fake. He would fuck you up, destroy you in game. He is doing this in front of me and we are both like an elite team. Like Superman and Batman.

It seems nothing is super wrong with my game. But I finally have good logistics. I’ll be honest, fast forwarding to future post. There isn’t a day we didn’t pull a girl home or got laid. Its pretty consistent. My concepts of having the best mentors and cutting out underachievers in your life helped. These are tried and true concepts.

I have learned some things or a few golden nuggets that is expert level game. The world will never fully know. I’ll take these tactics to me to the grave. Some really powerful stuff. The stuff that gives us consistency.


On a separate note, Deepak dated another girl from cold approach and bedroom escalated her. She was very prudish. She is still texting him, might meet up with him again.



Well it might seem impossible we are this consistent. But I am seeing all of this happen in front of me. Wait until day 6 or something. It keeps getting better and better.

Also, join the London Immersion Program. I don’t mind teaching a few more students. There are a few spots left.


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