Day 4, daygame with Deepak Wayne. He just pulled a women now. Almost pulled 3 more earlier

Dude got laid everyday of the week so far. He has a few girls in his life and the new fuck buddy we met first day I was here. He just pulled another women in front of me right now. They are in the other room, he already fucked the fuck buddy. I’m just saying, Deepak Wayne is pretty consistent. Plus his other girl I am not allowed to talk about it. Who looks better than Justin Wayne’s girls, or some. I mean this guy is pretty consistent. For all the people saying he is fake or whatever, dude, this guy will cuck white PUAs. He now has the best wingman who helps him to approach instead of killing his vibe. I’ll update you if he gets it in.

Earlier we tried to pull 3 girls, all 3 extremely young but legal. They didn’t go inside the building. Whatever, but still, that turned a few heads. Then later on he pulls another women and is escalating her now. I bought them food. He told her I was his bodyguard or security team. This is going to be a long pull, to build comfort. But lets see how it goes. Regardless, it was still a pull so far. He ask me for a game plan sometimes, two heads are better than one. Tactical intelligence and a think tank. Update, she turned out to be a total bitch and it didn’t convert.

Stay tuned another pull. I should maybe start to post pictures soon of all of this. Everything has been recorded with my hidden camera. Maybe i’ll post it later. I didn’t pull day 6, but will write about it for day 6 which just happened. I’m having fun and decoding the game. Lots of new techniques are being developed. I’ll talk more about it later. Stay tune for another pull. I’m still trying to install some software into my Samsung S9+ where I can put some new software to transfer the files to my PC. Then its easier to move the pictures and hidden cam videos to it.

Every time they see us, some people see us with a new girl every single time. They might eventually get jealous. They don’t know how the fuck we are even doing this. To them its some sort of sorcery.

Got it to work, but still have to manually upload. You see it in youtube videos. Except i’m filming it on my hidden camera. He has the bedroom escalation videos now.


-John Wayne


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