3RD day, daygame with Deepak. Another same day lay.

I only daygame for an hour. I already had 2 instadates in that time. One with two girls, both 17. One was tall and taller than Deepak. She is so pretty, not even wearing makeup again. Honestly, you would of shit your fucking pants seeing her, since she is so hot. Everyone was fucking staring at us, like why is this Chinese guy dating all these white girls every single day. Or with a hot fuck buddy. Like how is it happening, he has a new girl around him every fucking day. The other one was a short blonde. Then right at my second approach I instadated another brunette girl, quite pretty. Honestly, all the girls are pretty or all 3.

The reason I had to stop was because Deepak has a date and I have to get home. He might pull, but yes his numbers are converting. We are field testing my text game, but will be very powerful. I filmed his approach for this women. He is really good. I’m seeing it for myself in front of me. Deepak Wayne will curb stomp any London Daygamer in terms of game. Honestly, seeing him in action. We both are the best daygame coaches in the world. When we work together, earth shattering stuff happens.

Update, he didn’t close the deal the day 2. But Deepak escalated hard on the girl. If she comes out, its on for day 3.

Update, later in the day, we daygame. I got laid same day lay from this new girl. The problem was the condom broke and I hope I don’t catch some HIV or STD. I showered and put a new one on. I used to vouche for Trojan Bareskins, but not anymore. I like Durex real feels. Thin condoms and break easily. This one is non latex.

So we also have the bedroom escalation clips of this. I’ll post various lays soon. When I do, i’ll add it to the dear Asians section eventually. You will see these clips and think what the fuck. So is Deepak Wayne real? Yes. I’m mentored by the best. Yeah our game works. Just because these London Daygame faggots can’t do it, well Deepak and I can. Now that I seen him in action, he is the real deal.

All I needed was logistics and a good wingman. I want to say to haters and doubters, in your fucking face. More to come. Don’t worry, I don’t just write bullshit field reports. I’ll post everything. I only posted half the lays in pics. I fucked some average girls too before. But I banged super pretty ones lately. I’ll post these same day lays and videos, pictures screenshots soon. I have hours of bedroom escalation because I last for hours. I have to figure out which ones to show. I’ll put it all out there. I don’t need some fake lay reports like London Daygame faggots. Honestly you should be scared shitless when John Wayne comes to London next month.

The reason why its the third day not forth was one of the days it was raining. Also, I just needed good logistics and also a camera in the bedroom. Vancouver is so expensive. I need to sleep. I had too much sex lately. I can barely type. But do you see my point? Get good mentors and stop thinking and just fucking do it without thinking with your delusions. Also, audit all the low achieving people who are losers in your life. Then your result skyrocket. I hope you listen when I am on my way to the top. Fuck your theories and show me your friends, I will show you your future. You’re the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

We are the two worlds best dating coaches in the world. When we work together, even critique each other. Master each others game, we elevate to god like levels. My game is so much better now for my efficiency. Please don’t feel I am unrelatable with same day lays. It’s learnable. Also, please don’t treat me like a god. But put your ego aside and learn from me. For example a chiropractor can’t crack their own back and align it. They need someone else skills to do it. Just as we each can’t see our own blindspots. But now we are working together in real life. This think tank and field testing will fucking make our game way stronger than ever.

Join our immersion program. Deepak and I enjoy cucking an entire white country. Its like that fucking East Indian and Chinese guy with a new girl in their arms every fucking day to them. Like oh them again, lol. Now you know how it feels.

You white dudes stole our Asian women. Know I am teaching the entire world to steal white women back. How does it feel to be cucked? We are cucking 6’3 tall good looking white guys who won’t even fuck with us. Everyone walks aside and wonders how the fuck we can do the things we do. Our game is that strong.

-John Wayne


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