Day 2, daygaming with Deepak Wayne

Its day 2, I asked if he can in ear coach me. I needed a tune up. I taught him some text game which he is surprised it works. I also showed him the new objections dealing stuff that is way past any white dating coach version of it. Mine works without compliance or some protector status height and ethnicity advantage. Regardless, it turns out I’m the only person in the world Deepak Wayne will in ear coach. He never done that with anyone else yet. Not even people in the past. You see in his videos, the most he does is to maybe he Whatapp people and listens in. I feel honored.

Although I still need to get my efficiency back. I haven’t daygame that much last few months. Seems most of my easily fixable issues are Wayne 30 related. Its coming back to me. Usually once I close the deal I take a break. Deepak and I work well in a team. I have the best wingman in the world. Also, he is using my fashion sense in the day time. At night time he is using his one with the leather jacket. Our ideas are rubbing off each other. You will find you absorb people’s vibe and thoughts like a sponge.

Outside of a few issues Wayne 30. I fixed them quickly on the second day. I number closed a model, was quite young. Deepak told me it will be hard here to get her out because I’m still Asian and my SMV is too low. I’ll see if she replies, but that is something you have to realize if you are Asian. But my conversation finally flowed. I’m getting my skills back. I have this efficiency rating. Once I get it back to the top, its one same day lay after another. But I have to get back up there.

Deepak Wayne is teaching me the advance/expert skill level. I do have a lot of the advance stuff already. Expert is one level up from it. I am learning stuff that are new and innovative no one talks about in daygame. Sometimes its not the Wayne 30 outer game stuff. But the strategic thinking that I can’t talk about. Its amazing how many years of skills I got in one day. There are some stuff that will never be taught. Stuff I will not share and take with me to the grave. Our game is 50 years ahead but this is 80 years ahead.

But I’m happy Deepak is approaching more lately and motivated being around me. Its funny, daygaming with the best and worst wingman is a night and day difference. In daygame sometimes its better to do it solo if you can’t find good wings. Since I have the best wingman in the world now. Only the two best dating coaches in the world can work with each other on this level. He was worried I would dominate the set and kill his vibe. But it turns out we are symbiotic.

I’m glad I finally have good logistics, I don’t have to bang girls in public bathrooms or in hotels or all the way back to my place which is like 5-6 cities away. Every since the Skytrain is there, been harder. I invented a style of bus and skytrain game. You need a lot of calibration on the bus, but she is stuck there for a long time. Maybe I should be daygaming in my area more. Vancouver is for the cameras, infields. Vancouver is fucking expensive without roomates.

No one around me is talented enough to live in the same place as me. I  shouldn’t force people to be as talented. Only person I will invite is Deepak maybe one day. Do an immersion program here or Toronto. He won’t kill my vibe, but work well together. First we have to conquer Europe together. Then the united states for daygame. Then maybe Australia. I don’t know, but $2500 CAD for one bedroom sounds retard and expensive. Maybe teaching around the world will reduce the overhead.

When I get more famous around the world, people will come around. We are more on the world stage than local coaches here that won’t be. My skill level vs theirs is night and day. I even have the infields to show the girls faces. Last one was an 8.5/10. I would have to make a 4 day bootcamp or Asian students without social calibrations won’t get laid. No amount of game will work for them. Game is the frosting on the cake, the social skills and calibrations is the cake.

Regardless I will be back in Vancouver. You can preorder your bootcamps. But if you are Chinese, you are taking the 4-5 day bootcamp. Yes it cost more, but will offset the cost if you can get laid consistently. You might even need to spend 3 days with Wayne 30. Look you Chinese guys without good looks are socially retarded, no offense. Someone has to tell it as it is.

His conversational skills are unusually good for a guy with an accent. He flows like a natural. He would destroy London Daygamers with it. If you took away the accent and just heard the words, it will flow well. He really draw the girls into the conversation.

Day 2 I got laid again by her. I banged her in my room. Deepak put spy equipment in my room. But I hope my laptop didn’t block the view. I think you need the kind of plug that fits into the PlayStation controller, a wider plug. Maybe you can still see her outside of the laptop. She reminds me of a runway model I used to date that was 18 on the side of her face. Her body is among the best I seen so far. Thin arms, brunette, slim body, nice hip to waste ratio.

I think I gave her over 20 orgasms last time. I have this fingering technique I developed and it got girls a ton of orgasms. You can feel it pressing against your fingers when she does. This time after 45 mins she wanted to sleep. She stopped, so I just made her stroke me off. She stopped, I thought she hated me. Or I fucked up, but turns out she is just tired. She told me she didn’t hate me.

Its no secret Deepak Wayne and I are sharing the same girl. Also, she talked about relationships and stuff. Turns out she has a boyfriend. I guess he might be cheating on her and he is also being cucked by us minorities. Most of the people here looks at us like why does an East Indian guy with a Chinese guy dating a super hot girl. Even super hot girls are look at us like omg. Its fucking crazy she isn’t wearing makeup yet. She can look like a 8.9/10 if she does. No one in Vancouver can go out there without makeup and look good. Maybe we could use her in a future product.

She is taller than me at the pull location, when I don’t have my heel lifts. I’m 5’7 and she is 5’9. Deepak is taller than her and me. I’ve been consistently getting hot women around this level anyways. It does feel good banging girls this hot. I did approach her first before Deepak did. Deepak was like don’t approach her, she is too hot for your SMV. But I liked her body and did it anyways. You never know and I myself never had yes girls. I only understand a game of conversions. If I went in Vancouver and gave compliments I would get rejected 99 times in a row and get one date. Our game, gets Deepak and I a same day lay with a HB 8.7/10 without makeup in one day and 5 approaches for me. So fuck your theories.

Another thing that Deepak said that is profound. That only I John Wayne can understand. He said I wish I didn’t need 10x the amount of game as white dating coaches. Or what he called tight game. He wish he had an SMV advantage and play on an easier mode. No one in the world can empathize his words. But I feel the same way. I told him, we wouldn’t be Deepak and John Wayne without the difficulty or resistance. Its a double edge sword, a blessing and a curse. It is what it is I suppose. We will never run out of clients because they want this skill. I’m selective who I teach now. Any deluded people won’t be taught by me. I don’t cater to the cabbage mind. 

Then again unlike Justin Wayne, we can do this for real. We use pure skills and the old fashion way. Since I did see Deepak same day lay and I also approached her and escalated her in the bedroom. I’m just saying, we are the real Waynes. It is why we have the most testimonials in the world. Its no secret the reason why we are so good is the reason our students are so good. We have less LMS, so we can only transfer our game to you guys. I might update the testimonial page today. Been weeks of students getting laid, I didn’t even update. Justin Wayne has no testimonials. Or only had from old instructors who all left him. That’s not testimonials. It makes me sick to my stomach how he is bypassing the process with money. I don’t even have a single fucking dollar to my name when this same day lay happened. I only exchanged my currency the second day. He even took down half his infields in his scammy product. So do I get the videos back one day? What does it matter, most likely its fake.

Deepak told me RSD Tyler responded to Deepaks video, saying but I like the Wayne’s, I didn’t know they felt this way. I way to say, hey mofo, not all of us Waynes are the same team. I also think, if you guys make good money and rip off Asians and East Indians. Then why shouldn’t we be the ones who helps the world and give them something that works?

Like I said, if I am trying to sell romance, it might auto reject me as an Asian. We don’t always fit into that category. Best to disqualify yourself and turn them into fuck buddies. String them along. It is a reason why we have to same day lay first. Being at the mercy of phone numbers where the girl thinks how you fit into her life. Lover, boyfriend, friendzone. You can’t win this battle in daygame. Only night game if you use preselection. I know this sounds horrible, but sometimes this is how life is. Its been an epic 2 days so far. I’ll see how the third day will be like.


Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding. There is a realm of game so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension. I am John Wayne. Natural and direct game is nothing but a genetic mutation, an accident. Your lives are measured in years and decades. You spam approach and die. We are eternal, the pinnacle of game. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything. We impose order on the chaos of daygame. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it. My kind transcends your very understanding of game. We are each a Wayne Dating Lifestyle nation – independent, free of all weakness. You cannot grasp the nature of our existence. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Decades ago after your daygame has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure. We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our game will darken the sky of every continent. You cannot escape your doom. Your words are as empty as your future in daygame. I am the Vanguard of your destruction. This exchange is over…

-John Wayne



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