Why I don’t date Asian girls. Real reason behind the AM/WM phenomonon part 1.



Talking about race, doesn’t make you racist. For deluded people with the wrong X + Y = Z formula in their head. Talking about race means you are talking about race. Nothing more.

This blog will always be a beacon of truth. If I wanted to make more money, I would say race doesn’t matter as much as you think. Or only in the first few seconds. Which is a total lie.

There is no agenda behind it, except to tell you the truth. I lose a lot of money and potential clients for telling the truth. But then again I am not in it for money. So if you get butthurt easily, press back on the browser and don’t read it. If you want to keep your head in the sand, go to RSD. I’m going to tell it as it is.The past



When I was growing up, back then when you see no Asian guy white girl couple. You don’t even see that much of Asian girl white guy couples. In highschool and before, I used to like white girls and also Asian girls.

It wasn’t until University where I fell hard for white girls. I fell for this white girl with curly hair and blue eyes. Now her wide jawline, which wasn’t that wide before is wider. She used to have such a nice ass and I used to hit on her constantly.

I was even doing daygame at campus before and on the bus. What a time, being the worlds first daygamer. Having absolutely no realization that racism and xenophobia existed. Back then we had no K-Pop, no Psy from Gangnam style, no positive representation.

I used to draw what girls on the bus on the Way to University, or sketch people. I still have them if you wanted to see it one day. This was how I opened the set, or my routine, or gambit. Being able to draw to some degree as an excuse to open the set.

Here I was, reading a guide called the lay guide, NLP shit. When everyone was into night game, I accidentally used the guide for daygame. My very first system wasn’t direct, but it was indirect.


The present

Fast forward many years, I didn’t like Asian girls. But I was attracted to one of them. Her waist was so small and she did yoga. She had triangular hips and torso, I was attracted to her body. She had a cute face, but back then I was still banging other girls on the side.

She tried to make me into a boyfriend or she would with hold sex. I told her to fuck off and that was that.

So that is an important lesson, don’t fuck your fuck buddy more than a few times a week because they get clingy as fuck. Then ask you what are they. So this is a good way to get a girlfriend.

But I didn’t settle because I had a few more epic same day lays afterwards. If I was stuck with her, I wouldn’t be able to do that.


The main reason I disliked Asian girls was they had no body. This girl had a yoga body so that was an exception.

Most of them are socially retarded. If you think Asian guys are borderline socially retarded, or aspies. Asian girls were exactly that, with the opposite gender. I Just wanted to try an Asian girl once to see how it was like. Trust me, I had enough hairy pussies and small tits enough for this lifetime. Time and time again, I just keep getting turned off.

When I started to daygame seriously again, after some years of hiatus or taking a break. After a few months of taking to Asian girls, I lost all attraction. They were socially retarded.

The reason why Asian guys go for them for daygame was they didn’t think they can get a white girl.


The future

Most of you only see me with white girls, latinas, middle eastern, just about every race except Asians. Unless I was demonstrating for bootcamp clients if they are into that.

Yes, I am not only into white girls due to their natural status. I dated just about every race, with the exception of Jewish. I was about to but at the time I didn’t have enough money. She had like G size bra cup and a really pretty face. Oh well, but I tried.

For black women, I dated half African women, but not full black. I have been through a phase where I dated everyone. You have to find out what you like or don’t like. I remember making this video before and it got semi-viral.

Deepak Wayne wanted to interview me. I was already a dating coach for years. I just captured the video once I get her into the escalation stage. Once you do that, girls will eat out of your hand. I didn’t have a cameraman or knew there was hidden camera software at the time. I just gamed this way because it was the only way that produces results for a shorter Asian guy. It was the Wayne style of course.

So in the future, I will never date another Asian girl again. They all disappointed me. I think automatically they would want white guys which is often true in Vancouver or the Metrotown area.


My advice to other Asian guys

I’m not talking about the PUAS that does daygame in Vancouver. None of those guys approaches white girls because they don’t have a chance.

I mean even my good looking second cameraman who is East Indian, will have a  hard time with white girls. He looks Latino, so he gets Latinas. I just tell him never mention he is East Indian. Even if his universal attractive rating is high. I tell my students to stop saying they are Indian. Just say something else. Even Latino guys I tell them to say they are half white.

Regardless all the PUAs have fallen or rarely daygame. They might of deemed it too hard. There are places like Toronto where you see a lot of Asian guys with white girls. California is another place. But it is something you no longer see in Vancouver.

I used to see about one couple like that a week. Now its just once a month. It’s getting bad here.

Jan Lifestyle, the guy going after girls half his looks scale being natural and socially retarded direct. Direct game killed off the Asians because we had RSD here too.

RSD also says looks don’t matter, so dress like shit and give a compliment where the Asian guys always gets swiped left in real life street tinder at a first glance. Why do you think I don’t go direct? I want to demonstrate my personality first before I set the frame. You all have fallen, serves you right while my students are killing it out there. You guys are so retarded, what did you think was going to happen?

My students, it seems all around the world are converting day 2’s and pulling. Whenever I am on the field, most of you scatter away like coachroaches in every direction clearning the field for me. You guys know its game over for you when I am on the field. You let my team work. Which is great.



Lets do the math, why going for Asian girls is a losing battle

My advice to the other Asians around the world is to focus on white girls. Or to start dating girls outside of your race. Doesn’t have to be a white girl, could be a Latina or Persian or whoever. You don’t know who you will find love or even if a fuck buddy, who will have a good connection.

If 1 in 5 Asians won’t get married or procreate. 51% of Asian women will marry a non Asian or creepy white guy. 1 in 5 Asian guys will marry a white women.

Unless you are in Toronto, or if you are tall, or good looking or buffed.

I’m talking about the universal attractive rating side of things. Why do you think I use fashion? I have to compensate my value. So the odds are so much against you. For those who took Jan the scam Lifestyles bootcamp, look what happened? Even with other direct game nonsense in Vancouver.

You all dropped out and went to night game. Now you dropped out of that too. I mean did you think Jan’s RSD Julien and Tyler’s game will work? Are you insane? You deserved to fail. You have no effectively made yourself the 1 in 5 Asian guys who won’t procreate or get married.

Another issue that Asian guys doesn’t think a white girl will give them the time of day. Put them on a pedastal. I listerally knock white girls off their pedastal. Put myself up there instead. My mindset is brutal and my frame is more alpha. She is trash to me until she sucks my dick then I can give her validation.

So if 1 in 5 Asian guys marries white girls. That’s 20% that will procreate, but their daughters will just date white guys anyways. The cycle of destruction continues.

You are better off improving your aesthetics, then learning my style of game. Powering though with every other race except Asians. Rathern than sticking with Asian girls. The odds are completely stacked against you.



Asian women

Race is only a category out of 4. Looks, money, status (ethnicity) and game. But it is a big one with a hierarchy.

text gameuar 2



Why do Asian women go after white guys?

It was a question I got constantly by almost everyone when I started out as a Wayne. Even when I was an independent dating coach. The answer is simple, Asian women will use any excuse but to the social status or natural status matters. There really is a hierarchy.

They want to borrow the white privilege or social standing because they hate their own race. Asian women are the most sought after for now for online dating. Even more than white women. Mostly by creepy white guys, they have a lot of dating options.

The funny thing about these white guys was, they all look like inbreds or creepy. They have weird faces and can’t manage their hair.

Image result for asian women white men

If I had to list the qualities, what did Asian women possess in the last few years. Now its different this year. Every type of Asian women is going after white guys in Vancouver. It is the most common pairing, more than Asian guys and Asian girls or even white guys and white girls. You see this everywhere, especially on the weekends. These creatures come out.


Asian women

-They always have a wide jawline, almost looks like a man. I call it the Asian women square jaw phenomenon. Years ago they all had it. Now it is every type.

-It doesn’t matter if they are fobs or they been immersed in American culture or not. They unapologetically go up the social status or natural status ladder. To Asian women, it is like winning the lottery going out with a creepy white guy.

-The reason why the squared jaws goes for white guys was they are born with more testosterone than the v-shaped jawline without the square part of the upper 2/3. They are considered not attractive as Asian women who has the V shaped jawline which will go out with an Asian guy. These women were not preselected and over looked because they didn’t fit the standard of beauty. 49% of Asian guys still likes Asian girls. Asian women are more dominant than the beta Asian guys with so much testosterone, they often go for weak meek, beta white guys who are an upgrade to Asian men.

-The guys they go for are not even quality white guys either. The creepier the guy looks, the hotter the Asian women he can get.

-They hate their own race so much, some are white supremacist or girlfriends of them. I am not surprised. Whenever they see a guy like me who doesn’t fit into their stereotype they tell the white guys. They tell them we are all badly dressed, weak, short and ugly. When they see me they brag. I often yell out white privileged super loud so everyone can hear. So I neg them back. No one has confronted me back, these guys are a bunch of cowards and pussies. Even if some are 6’5 in height.

Image result for asian women white men

Image result for asian women white men

If you look up google, almost every picture has this phenomenon. I can’t make this shit up, type in Asian women white man.

Image result for asian women white men

Image result for asian women white men

-Asian women will see Asian guys as everything they hated about their own culture. They will blame us for patriarchy or some bullshit as an excuse. We aren’t allowed to speak back, meaning we are sub human to them. We aren’t even afforded the rights to have an emotion to this. You see Asian women with blue contact lenses and blonde hair too saying they won’t ever date an Asian guy. They would say dating an Asian guy is like dating their own brother. Most Asian girls are completely racist against thier own race. They use the interacial dating as an excuse. Then you ask them why only date white guys? Why not a black guy or East Indian guy?

-Asian women who works in starbucks, bars or Tim Hortons often will mess up my drink. Or freak out when I date white women. They get all angry and jealous. Last time I took a 6’2 Russian women to a bar. They all kept looking at me as I stared them down. It’s such a double standard when I am dating hot women, they are fucking up my girls drink on purpose shows these Asian women has very little class. Now they got a taste of their own medicine, they don’t like it and looks annoyed, aloof.

-This is a soft genocide and Asian men are now the next on the chopping board. Our species will die out. In Japan they don’t even get married as much and in South Korea, the government is getting invovled forcing people to date. They don’t date anymore. While things are bad for Asian guys, it is just as worst in Asia. Asian women and creepy inbreed white men with bad hair are a symbotic species like tapeworks to an intestines. Asian women are the tape worms and the intestines are the white guys. They both band with each other to leech off the host. Or leach white privledged or social standing.

-If an Asian women can’t get a white guy, which she originally thought was her only option. She will go up the list, to a middle Eastern, Latino or anyone who is higher on the ladder who isn’t an Asian. It is why you don’t see too many with black guys. There is no economic or social advantage. Only white guys has that. Even if they aren’t good looking. They are still tall and have preselection with Asian women.

-Asian guys have the lowest response rate on tinder and ok cupid. This isn’t an opinion, this is a fact. The only other type was black women who was a close second last. For women, you say you aren’t racist or you are open minded. But that isn’t what is showing up on online dating.

-You don’t approach white girls. Unlike Toronto which they do. They think you only like your own race. Of course approaching with bad game won’t change anything. If you go direct and RSD socially retarded. Never go full retard.

White guys

White guys has no idea why they are attracted to Asian women. Some does actually and see Asian women as submissive. While the Asian women will say they are not submissive. But then again actions speaks louder than words. Never listen to what a women says but what she does.

She seems over joyed when a white guy hits on her. I know, I have trained a lot of white people in bootcamps and I see these things. Its almost comical.

Image result for asian women white men

Image result for asian women white men

-First trait we noticed about these white guys and squared jaw Asian women is the white guy is never a quality white guy in most cases. The ones who looks like male models tends to go for a 6/10 ugly Asian women. To him because she is Asian, she is more valuable than him because he has yellow fever.

-They all have an imbred looking face, with a creepy smile. This is universal, they all look creepy and weird. The creepier or weirder someone is that is a white guy, the hotter Asian girl he will be with. It is the opposite with white women.

-The white guy has a problem with his hair. In almost all cases, they can’t manage their hair. They always have a receding hairline of some sorts. Or they never use hair products.

Image result for asian women white men


Image result for asian women white men

Image result for asian women white men
An Asian women with absolutely zero empathy for Asian guys. She didn’t understand the reasons behind white people calls her out on it. She only acted like the victim.


Image result for asian women white men

-These are not quality white guys. You never see the top tier white guys dating Asian women. Its often 6’5 height, three heads taller. Bulky baggy pants wearing creepy tall white guys. Only the male model ones which are rare dates a girl half his looks scale because she is Asian with a decent body. All of these pictures are taken off google when I searched. I didn’t cherry pick them. They are that creepy looking. I didn’t pick only squared jaws for Asian women.

Image result for asian women white men




Stop approaching Asian women. They are ticked off and annoyed an Asian will even approach them. Or stop going for squared jaws if you do. They are white worshipping appeasing the white gods. If you go RSD it is a one way ticket into the 1 in 5 Asian guys won’t procreate or get married.

I hear bullshit excuses some Asians with no game say they like Asian girls. I’ll be honest with you. Most of the Asian guys, 85% of the Asian guys don’t even like Asian girls. They won’t even approach an Asian girl. Not even on my bootcamps or even during Skype training.

Second, fix your hair and fashion. No excuses having a bowl cut or air dried towel hair. It just shows you aren’t in her tribe. Only exception is to have muscles. Dress like you fit into her tribe. Or you are going to have a ticket to the friendzone. Or auto rejected. Why make it harder?

For me I dress like I fit in her tribe and talk like it. You have no chance. Xenophobia is the fear and dislike of other peoples cultures. By not fitting into her tribe, you are part of the out group.

Third, stop going to RSD. I mean Jan the scam Lifestyle is RSD training. Look where that got you in Vancouver. Absolutely nothing, zero. No daygame testimonials for students pulling or getting laid. In fact this was part of the reason of Vancouvers downfall. They still go to RSD nation and listen to RSD concepts here. It killed you all, literally.


Image result for one day ticket to hell
Asian guys has no idea how toxic RSD is to their future. You have no idea how important you are and how you are self sabotaging. You are your own worst enemy and turning into an endangered species like helpless dumb panda bears.

-1 in 5 Asian guys will marry a white girl. If you aren’t the 1 in 5. You are playing low odds with Asian women where more than half your race doesn’t like you.

-You should consider one-day training with me. My Asian students are getting laid though daygame. Asians depend on night game mostly to get pulls and lays with Asian women. You see this in other companies. It is never daygame. This is why I am heads and shoulders above the rest of the industry. There is no one else who is short and skinny to challenge this area. There will not be in the future. No Asian daygamer lasted more than a year on youtube or a year and a half. They all fell into obscurity. It is because daygame is brutal and unforgiving. They can’t keep up the results. It is often luck. But I don’t believe in luck, but I believe in skill. I have a ton more infields to post in the future.

More to follow in part 2 of the article. We will talk about the exact pairing you see. We only covered the squared jaws. I will talk about every type of this pairing of Asian women and creepy white guys with receding hairlines and inbred faces. I mean I waited a whole year to write this article. At the end of my first year as a Wayne. I was a Wayne on January 1st 2017. The truth won’t be censored on my blog. I will tell it as it is. Fuck your sensibilities, this is my race, I know my own people.


The other side of the story

Another thing that is unrelated, to play the devils advocate. I myself do have a lot of white students. I had an acquaintance who I trained for one day. He was a friend of my bootcamp immersion student.

I am often told by others, John stop teaching white guys to steal our women. Everyone crucified him, the blonde guy for stealing an Asian girl from an Asian guy on youtube.

But she was actually originally with him in the first place. The Asian guy tried to make a move on her. That was what he told me. He hugged and and moved her away because he was already with her. He swore to me this was the truth and I want to vindicate him on my platform. I believed him.

The other Asian student who came from the United States. I trained him for 6 days and he pulled every single day. He was a big guy and Asian. He was this guys friend and friends with a lot of other dating coaches. He wanted to see if I was for real and he took my training.

He ended up fingering in the hostel. That is where we took the pic, as you remembered from the 2 girl pull infield of two blondes.

Regardless he fingered 6’2 German blonde women in the hostel. Same day lay a pretty Asian girl. Then fucked an average Asian girl 2X one time I was in the room. So that is good results on a bootcamp.

But he doesn’t want to be made public. He knows most of the other big name dating coaches.


I have a lot of white students. If they want to get an Asian girl, that is fine. I reserve the right to teach anyone I want to. I have a lot of white bootcamp students in the past. This is just how reality is. I can’t change it. Its all evolutionary psychology and the culling is happening to Asian guys.

Unless you train with me, if you are softly genocided. White guys genocided Jewish people, Natives, blacks, now the Asian race. They dominate cultures, we are just next on the chopping block. Get used to it, or stick to night game and fail. Or make a stand and train with me. Regardless, the world is not a nice place.

I never will RSD Max lie to you to comfort your ego. Dude is a sociopath anyways according to my middle Eastern student. Max is the same as most of RSD. Real sociopath dynamics. This is just a mask on his part.

If you guys wants to keep failing, go to RSD and become the 1 in 5 who won’t procreate in the next generation. You were last years model. You weren’t smart enough so you are destroyed. For those who are smart enough usually trains with me.

Talking about race is the worst marketing plan. I lose a ton of money being this honest. But its the truth, it won’t be censored. This is not my marketing strategy. The truth is. No matter how unfair or ugly the truth is. Trust me, its not easy being a skinny short daygamer. If you take height and muscles out of the equation.

Maybe if I were to say to some of the other Asian guys. Maybe you have become your own worst enemy. You have become obsolete. You are being replaced with half Asians and half white people that will pop up everywhere in the next generation. You had a part in it. A lot of you forgot I am Asian because I am well spoken and I dress well.

Never forget, John Elite is Asian. I know your struggles. I just adapted better and smarter. I been waiting a year just to write this fucking article or blog post. Every single time I wanted to write it. I just waited until the right time.

achilles heel

This is just a term for a weakness. If white people had one weakness, it is they are too privledged for daygame. Meaning they never would physically escalate. So they will depend on verbal game crippling their daygame. While they do have more value than us and are taller and considered higher SMV or natural status. They usually don’t get girls way above their looks scale. Usually, it is below their LMS or equal. By using an escalation ladder, us minorities can overcome most white dating coaches or white daygamers. Also, since they are so privledged, they rarely dress nice. This is their biggest weakness. It is like they are handicapped. When I taught white students, they often are afraid of touch, this is called an escalation anxiety. It freaks them out, it is the only reason why I can overcome most of them. Lots of white dating coaches are good looking, but they are better looking than the girls for their looks scale. That is why they don’t show the kind of girls they date. They are embarrassed. They always do some form of direct game, so they always fuck themselves over. They always stand up square off to the girl and creep her out. They are only capable of creating a numbers game and never conversions. This is their weakness. They just have an easier time with Asian girls, not white girls in general. They often get older 26 year old trash. With her skin hanging off their bones.

uar 2


He appologized for liking Asian girls and going after them. Its okay, you are my student. I have taught you well. Now you have a HB 9/10 girlfriend of your dreams. Before he had nothing, no friends, no social circle, no dates, nothing. A complete transformation.


I do have one bootcamp student who wasn’t afraid to touch. The only white guy with a fashion sense. He was the only one who could Wayne it. He got a HB 9/10 Asian girlfriend. Also, a blonde girlfriend who was just okay. He got laid during the bootcamp period. He also got 4 fuck buddies and 2 girlfriends in 3 months. He isn’t short, he is 6’2. But he was a zero to hero, a slayer.

If all white guys learned our style. They can execute, we minorities are fucked. We will be destroyed in daygame. But luckily their privileges tends to hold then back in the game category.

I had another bootcamp student who was a model and actor European white guy. He was too afraid to touch. But he still got 4 pulls 3 lays one blowjob. If they just utilized our game, they will destroy us all. But not in my lifetime. They refuse to admit their privileges so they can’t check their privileges

. If they are 8/10 in the looks category. Their natural status or SMV is 10/10. They already have 18/35 where you need a score of 20. Their game just needs to exceed 2/10 to get to the line of fuckability. It is why most white dating coaches suck at daygame.

If they only realized how much potential they flushed down the toilet. Check your privledges and admit then before you can utilize them fully. This is also why white peoples game isn’t transferable. You can’t transfer the 2/10 part of their game. It wasn’t their game, they just happened to be their type.


My second camera man, not Latino but looks like one. He lies about his ethnicity to have a boost in the SMV score. But he was taught by a dozen guys in London, the biggest name dating coaches there. He didn’t get much results, barely anything. He comes here, learns our 9/10 game, he now has a HB 9/10 Latina girlfriend and a fuck buddy. Many lays, many pulls.

White people can never transfer their game to Asians or East Indians. Nor casn they empathize with them. Its hard to when you are so privledged mixed with no empathy. You can’t even sympathize with us.

-John (the truth) Elite


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