Superman group, a group of Vancouver sociopaths faggots. Calling you out

Someone took down my other facebook again. I am looking in one direction. It might not be him, but I take this as an attack. I said something about Justin Wayne’s new product. How it might not work again. So I decided to make this hall of shame section on the worst PUAs or most sociopathic. I decided after the latest attack, I am never taking down that info from my site. I wanted to see for myself. I take this as an attack or provocation. Its possible it wasn’t him, but due to the track record. It justifies me putting things up there. Crab in the bucket mentality, failures who doesn’t want others to succeed.

What is the superman group. Its a group by a bunch of faggots. After Jan bought the Vancouver Lair and linked it to his site. I think its time to call you faggots out. These sociopaths banded together in an arch of the most extreme socipathy known to Vancouver. It is the biggest collection of sociopaths outside of a jail cell. Its the biggest collection sociopaths or stubborn Asian PUAs and white RSD nation faggots. Seems like a bunch of younger guys are shit talking. I remember teaching this student a bootcamp.

I was with this student I think. You saw me teach him. This younger Asian guy stalking my camera man maybe trying to recruit him. During my fucking bootcamp. I said I was John Wayne, you said you knew who Justin Wayne is, but not a fan of mine. You stonedwalled me like some sociopathic faggot. Stonewalling is something Jan has done to all of you, not listening, pretending you are a boring windbag because it requires empathy. Regardless of what you said about my bootcamp, my student here pulled. Something you guys can’t do if you lived to be a thousand. You are RSD circle jerkers. I’m calling you faggots out. Talk shit all you want, but my students all pulled except one guy. Your group of faggot Asians, I bet they got no results too. You guys are poor as hell and can’t afford my bootcamp. How in the world would you guys come up with $2100 usd? You guys are like 18-22 years old. I make more money than all of you guys combined. Of course you will talk shit because you failed to recruit my cameraman you met from RSD Nation. I still have a video of you, I should post it if you continue to talk shit. Why should I not? You kept saying don’t take a video of me or record the audio. You are one of the creepiest guys ever, your vibe is like other Filipino sociopaths. You talk one more shit about me I find out from you and your friends. I’ll post your pic up here or in the hall of shame. You want to spread lies, why not actually spread my testimonials, the truth.

This is the faggot that tried to interfere with my bootcamp. I was told on the superman group a bunch of younger PUAS before the age of 22 tried to talk shit. I think it was this guys group. You guys don’t know me. I never seen a more sociopathic guy stonewalling me with such disrespect. But my student pulled. You guys wouldn’t get results if you lived to be a thousand with RSD shit. Wait, my source said you talked shit last year but not this year. But it was your crew.

I took down this guys pic, not here to ruin your life, you are still young. But I was told this shit talking happened last year, not this year. 

Another guy my friend told me about was called Calvin. Who threatened to me now. He said to meet him at some location to fight. Go attack me first you faggot, then after you made the first punch, i’ll fight in self defense. I’m not afraid, go for it. I’m not meeting you there. If I fight, I will go to jail for willingly fighting. If you attack me you will be back in jail and I get to defend myself in the process. I get to finally field test my 5 years of Krav Maga training and MMA. If you end up in the hospital afterwards when I defend myself, its your fault for attacking me first. I won’t hurt you beyond just force, I know the laws. I’m not stupid, you will end up in jail again. You wouldn’t stand a chance anyways. Most of your sociopaths are too impulsive to even concentrate on fighting. The fact you threatened me can be used against you in court faggot.

ugly faggot.png
This ugly delusional faggot sociopath dark tetrad personality creepy mofo is Calvin


When one eye is smaller than the other, it means dark tetrad personality. Same with one iris off center, psychopaths. Intense eyes are sociopaths. He follows dark tetrad. He said I look gay, this guy looks like a homeless person and a total bisexual faggot. Most sociopaths are bisexuals. Him and Dan are and they both have that lazy eye or what they called lazy eyed psycho. He got laid flaking off my bootcamp for 7 hours following my fashion and hair advice for a day. Baggy pants, homeless shirt. Trim your nose hairs. This guy could use a fashion domination make over badly. Dan is even worst, they both dress homeless. Both are sociopaths.


He met my camera man with another sociopath.

The other guy is a gaslighter, or lying piece of shit. Everything he says he exaggerates or outright lies. His name is Dan Y@#&. But i’m not giving anymore info because I blocked and avoided this guy. He is an old creepy piece of shit who lies like no tomorrow. He gets off on lying and making up fantastical stories of how he got laid non stop per week. Prove it. This guy is blocked on every single thing I can block him in. This was even years ago, if you think I dealt with sociopaths only now. I have dealt with them my whole life. I know everything about how they function. This guy is a total troll and is a gaslighter. Out of everyone in Vancouver, he is twice as toxic as this Calvin creep. This aging PUA gets 10 numbers a day approaching every girl in the mall. But I only ever saw him on one date after 6 months. It doesn’t add up. He tells fantastical stories like a sociopath how he gets 4 lays in a row due to social circle. Or he can’t approach because he has a girlfriend. For PUAs in Vancouver. Tbh, none of them are getting any results. You ask them to prove it. The entire Superman group is just an approach group, not a group that closes the deal.

Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

This other guy gives fake info while this Calvin faggot who dresses like a homeless person. Calvin said I looked gay. Lol, maybe you think my hairstyle or fashion looks that way. He has no fashion awareness, but only knows how to dress like he shops at Winners or Old Navy. Baggy clothing aren’t popular anymore. But this guy dressed like he fished clothing out of the salvation army or dumpster. Calvin is a value taker, what’s in it for him. He is more self centered and narcisstic than I am. He is what they called comorbidity or multiple mental illnesses. He has a disability check for his multiple mental illnesses. Maybe double the dose of your medicine. He flaked on my bootcamp before for 7 hours. He got laid using my fashion advice. He got a haircut and thought I would suck up to him. He tried to approach my camera man. He is now harassing him to hang out. No one likes you Calvin, only the biggest scumbags. I blocked you like 10X on the phone. I never seen such an ugly looking Asian.

So after he flaked on my bootcamp, I raised the price for time waster tax. Then he said he will go to Jan Lifestyle. After he took Jan’s bootcamp, with his cocky behavior. He got arrested for alleged touching a girl in the boobs. He claimed he was touching her shoulders, but others saw him touching her front side. He was handcuffed and finger printed. He was kicked out of the mall too or every mall it seems. This guy is retarded. He is a hardcase and stutters like crazy. I told him he is banned from my training and even if he pays a million dollars, I wouldn’t take it. He even asked my camera man if he can join my bootcamp. You insulted my camera man, but he thought you had fetal down syndrome. So he felt sorry for you and gave you advice. He thought you were retarded or something. I don’t mean in the insult sense, he really thought you are clinically retarded.

Do you see a pattern of Sociopathic Asians? Its why I don’t hang around Asian guys in Vancouver. The Superman Group is the biggest collection of sociopaths who are deluded and not getting laid from daygame. Who gives a shit what you faggots thinks. Its funny I have posted many testimonials and will do so. Everyone got pulls from my bootcamp or laid. Except one hardcase guy. I’m really tired of the drama from sociopaths. Tbh, most PUAS in Vancouver who are Asians and in the superman group are the most sociopathic faggots ever. Its why I have zero contact with them. I have a no contact policy with sociopaths. In the future I will train non PUAS or guys around the world. Vancouver is full of the worst PUAs in the world. The most stubborn deluded sociopathic ones. So keep saying don’t join John Wayne’s bootcamp even if every other student pulled in the summer time. You guys have no results to back up the false shit you say about me.

Most of you guys who has no game or RSD level game are the reason why white girls doesn’t date Asian guys here. Its your fault for being shitty PUAS. Just keep taking action and talking shit. Never closing the deal. Did you faggots let people see my testimonials? Or all 200+ of it? Or too busy dissuading others who easily could of pulled or get laid under my bootcamp. Maybe its time someone calls you faggots out. Don’t get me started with the sociopathic Chinese PUAs. I don’t have the energy for that. This is the reason why I don’t associate with any PUAs in Vancouver. I keep a very small but trust worthy crew. Its why no one knows anything about me and can only gossip bullshit. So stay the fuck away from our crew and we don’t associate with sociopaths or psychopaths in Vancouver.


hqdefaultRWPHREB8.jpgThis is the real reason why Vancouver is not getting results. There are 4 main professional level dating coaches. 3 of them are direct game. It didn’t seem to work with the testimonials except one. However, one coach has every student getting dates, instadates, pulls, lays, girlfriends from May till Sept. Except one hardcase. You have these faggots or bisexual sociopaths like Dan the Asian gaslighter lying though his teeth. Then you have these other sociopathic faggots in Vancouver, RSD Nation circle jerkers. It seems if I John Wayne can get a student laid or results. This crab or PUA tries to get out of the bucket. The rest of the other sociopathic crabs will pull that crab back to their level. They do that because they are jealous and not getting any results. They are petty and just aweful people. They are even sadistic, manipulative. I’m probably the most successful in the entire world in terms of getting students pulls or lays in the world. You sociopathic fucks who are not successful, poor, value takers, stubborn, impulsive, no empathy, no remorse, sadistic sociopaths/psychopaths. You guys don’t want someone else to succeed. I say to those crabs that wants to leave the bucket. The superman group is just one big crab in the bucket. I say leave that group. If you don’t have good wingmans or negative people who doesn’t promote your growth, cut them out of your life. People like these are cancers, trouble makers, failures. This Dan guy lies so much, he told me he was a lawyer or engineer. In reality he worked at Pizza Hut and Burger King. He keeps lying though his teeth and causing problems and gaslighting with bullshit info. I feel sorry for you guys. The rest of the world flies in to train with me. In the future years from now when I am trying to help the Asians. When I trained people all over Europe and all over the U.S. All over Canada, everywhere. When you guys see all 10 of my infields at that time. When I am more established. I have helped the world. But if you keep not training with me. But you train elsewhere. Vancouver will get harder and harder every single year like it has now. You will be left behind. You will all quit game to night game. You will walk around the malls not approaching because you been kicked out of every single mall. You will be left behind. 1/5 Asians will never get married. JT Tran now said 1/4. Which is getting worst. You will be part of that group and will be left behind. Remember, it was your fault for not wanting to train with me. A guy who statistically has more testimonials of students pulling and getting laid. More than any coach in the world so far. Its your fault, you are responsible for listening to the crab in the bucket.

Update, this other guy blocked me. He wears glasses and is receeding for his hairline. He keeps trying to mention Calvin, then I say something. Then he relays what I say. Then he starts to instigate trouble. I keep calling him out on gossiping. I told him 5X in a row not to do it, he still does it. He has no empathy but nice. But he has no life or something. Calvin wanted to threaten me when Dan and Calvin saw my camera and this guy was the mediator inbetween. I used to know these sociopathic fucks before. Now he tried to do the same with another guy, another incel or hater. A guy who couldn’t get laid and impossible case. Maybe one of the worst of the worst. Most of these guys threatened to punch me. But bring it on, as long as you throw the first punch. I’m protected by the law to self defense. You wouldn’t even stand a chance. I can choke you out without throwing a single punch. But you see the kind of drama these sociopaths stirs up. This guy is dark tetrad, sadistic. Do you see how i’m so burnt out on Sociopaths? Do you know why I stopped associating with Vancouver PUAs for a few years now? These people are the biggest scumbags I ever met. Superman group is the biggest collection of sociopathy in the whole B.C.

Also another update, my camera man who came all the way from London. Who was trained by a dozen of the best coaches. He struggled to get results. I told him not to use white mans privledged game. When I say the biggest coaches, I mean he knows the biggest names in all of London, everyone. With my game he got a blow job from a Latina. This is my second cameraman. I have two. Congrats dude. I’ll post your screenshots tomorrow and i’ll post the video testimonial, audio recording of his lay report and his sex sounds with her soon. I have too many testimonials to put together. He was helping me film the bootcamp too. The East Indian student pulled 2X 3 botched pulls, he botched one pull I was about to pull with. Then the second camera man got laid just now. He never ever will see the game the same again. He used to go direct. Look even these Asian sociopaths all go direct. They all failed. Listen, you can laugh at me John Wayne. But everyone around me is getting laid non stop. Look there might be something to our game. We might have the best game in the world. Just think for a second, even if you don’t believe it. Is it even 1% possible you might be wrong about everything you knew about game? By dimissing me? Is it possible? If so, maybe put your ego aside. These Asian PUAs has no chance whatsoever. They are screwed and have no more way to move forward in the game. Its pretty much game over for them. Its getting harder and harder every single year. But my students are current and killing it. You can’t beat us, join us.

-John (I hate unnecessary drama, these sociopaths should all be in jail, fuck off) Wayne

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