Best white PUA in Vancouver. My student. 3 lays already after bootcamp and counting.

m testimonial

Other local dating coaches can’t get their students laid. But my white student already got laid on third day with the first approach he made in ear coaching. You have to be insane if you think listening in ear from any local coach can get them laid or pulls. It will never happen for daygame, maybe night game only. So what is the difference? He didn’t have any friends, no dates, no sex, nothing coming here from London. He wanted to leave. He bet on me instead of the other Dating Coaches. It was the Wayne Game from Wayne Dating Lifestyle that made this happen. Yes this is the first white guy in the world who can progressively escalate. I’m not talking about twirling a girl around in a circle as kino or touch. I’m talking about a progressive escalation ladder. I told him he can’t let his white privileged pull his hands back from touching. To this day he banged 3 women. One blonde and two Asians. Yes, he hired me to get Asian girls. He apologizes for it too, since an Asian taught him how to get them. Tbh, I don’t even approach Asian girls anyways. Only by mistake and this mistake happened three times this year. I’m not Eddy Baller. I don’t require Asian girls to get anything. #yellow fever #easier #privledges #unskilled. He saw Deepaks videos and he loved it. He asked if that was possible, I told him he could do it. He will be the first white guy to. I really trained him to escalate hard on submissive Asian girls and seduced the shit out of them. I also taught him how to builds comfort and connect. Once those two skills worked together. Plus our text game, we have a new system and it isn’t in the Daygame product. I might make a text game course separately. My students are getting 5 dates a week. Both of them so they can’t make any testimonials.

He is totally awesome at daygame. Practically unstoppable. I’m teaching him how to build a harem now. Like I said my students are pretty much unstoppable if they listen and don’t get hardcase. You might say he is easier because he is white. Its true, its easier. But when I made him stop using direct game that week, where every number flaked. I yelled at him and say go back to what works. He is dating 5 girls a week, pulling and getting laid. I have fully fulfilled my entire process. Was this worth $2100 USD? Yeah, it’s priceless. There are white students in Vancouver. With our system you would kill it in daygame. You have zero chance in Vancouver unless you are buffed and tall, good looking. Vancouver is extremely shallow.


If you measured your natural status. White people, if we score each section 10 points and lifestyle is worth 5 points. 20 points is the line of date-bility. You have the full 10 points. Too skinny, you have some height, you get 5 points. On the right with direct game you have 3 points. You don’t quite make it over the line. If you were talking about an Asian or East Indian guy. The natural status starts at a lower score. So your game has to be tighter. Also, you have to change your fashion if you aren’t buffed to compensate. Muscles do help a great deal. But aesthetics can too if you don’t have muscles. Enough of the narcissism. I’m just really trying to educate you trying to make a point. I hope you get it, that there are more to game than most of you realized. There is a hidden layer. I have no theories, all of this is a science experiment. I just tell you the results from it and people flips out. Its cause and effect, I don’t control the effect. I just tell you what the effect is or the field testing data is.

Value giving post, two post in one. Listen, he was nearly about to give up. When should you give up daygame? The answer is simple. I’ll make a checklist for Vancouver to know when they should give up daygame. They have no fucking chance without my training, zero. I mean if you did, you would of got laid during the training period like my students.

You should give up daygame if: 

-you are a stubborn sociopath with comorbidity. Which makes you deluded

-Sensitive to a critique, impulsive

-you have been in game for 4 years or more without pulling much. Just dates.

-you are a member of RSD Nation and your head if filled with unproven ideas like looks don’t matter. Be in the moment, freedom of outcome.

-You approached over 10,000 girls in Vancouver in a few months and you approached every girl 10X. Cough, autism. There was a half Russian fuck who did this. GTFO the field.

-You trained with 3 direct game dating coaches or more and got no results.

-Your hairstyle is really messy and looks like a basement dweller. You have no effort into your grooming which suggest no social intelligence creeping out every girl because to you looks don’t matter.

-You wear clothing two sizes too big and say what is wrong with my clothing? I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. You are Chinese or Asian and alienated every girl in Vancouver dressing borderline homeless.

-You are a sociopathic Asian or Chinese. Enough said.

-You are part of the Superman Group of sociopathic faggots.

-You believe in self development as an excuse to help how fucked up you are. As some form of therapy. So you think, take action. But not closing the deal or even attempting it.

-You learn at a 1% rate or make the same mistakes again. Not teachable, or learnable.

-You have no social skills

-Your sociopathic vibe sucks. Its value taking and dark.

-You have been trained by Jan Lifestyle (pretty much game over for daygame)

This video listed 4 traits a long time ago when I made it. But I knew all the hardcase traits of my clients. Or impossible cases. How did you think I found out these 4 traits? I taught nothing but hardcase at the beginning of my dating coach career. I have so much experience with them. They only have these exact 4 traits every single time.

Listen, I’m working on a solution for you basement dwellers asperger, sociopathic socially impaired mixed mental illness creey guys. Its called: From Hardcase to Hero. Its now listed as coming soon on my online store. Click here.

This could help existing students who still has problem learning game. Game is really the frosting on the cake. The social skills is the actual cake or the dry part. Yes social skills are dry, but its social and conversational skills. It is why hardcases can’t learn game. They can’t piece together the pieces of game without a solid foundation of social skills. Yes its a 30 day challenge type of course. While its not a course to get you laid. Its a course to make you somewhat normal. Then you apply the game back on top afterwards. There is a category outside of hardcase, its called impossible case. I invented that termed. I say to these people, just focus on social skills, social circle and maybe bar game or club game. You have zero chance with daygame. Do yourself a favor and step off the field. For everyone else who isn’t an impossible case, there is hope. I’m coming up with a solution. I’m not going to lie to you. The students who already has some social skills or social intelligence does better in my bootcamps. They get laid faster. At first when I was working for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. They were concerned about the way I post. Now, they accepted that is my personality. But lots of people are happy how brutally honest I am. If the truth hurts, then fuck your sensibilities.

Also i’m editing his first infield. While it was a day 2. He closed a deal with a blonde women. Now he has two more fuck buddies, but he lost the blonde. I’ll post that and his infield soon. Yes my students are that good. Now that I have Vancouvers attention for a short while. You guys are so out of your depth here. You can’t deny there is one coach here that is the best in Canada. His name is John Wayne.

-John (I’m Vancouvers reckoning. After when the Vancouver daygame world is in ashes, then you have my permission to quit) Wayne




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