My first infield released for Wayne Dating Lifestyle (Same Day Lay)


I forgot to post this. Been so busy getting students pulls and lays non stop. Here it is. Yes the third daygame Wayne in the entire world is a 5’7 Chinese guy who has no muscles living in Vancouver. Here is a video of a same day lay of a 6’1 women. If you compare me to other dating coaches in Vancouver. You objectively look at their infields. You will see verbally, inner game wise, tactically, I can destroy them in game. It is why my students are so good. I’ve been taught by Deepak Wayne. I’ve been trained in an extreme level. Yes I was a dating coach for nearly 3 years now. I was already good, at 75% student pull rate. But now its moved to 80% student pull rate.

Its funny, when you look at the stats. I might make a post one day to compare all few local dating coaches side by side to help you choose. I won’t insult them, no point, but let their infield speak for themselves. I could literally give them all a critique why their game won’t lead to student results. But I don’t want them to get better. I want them to believe their direct game works even if there are no results to show for it in the last 2 years. There is no need to get egotistical, other dating coaches can’t actually do what I posted in this video anyways. You will see how bad they are technically and how gamey they are. How intermediate they are. Doesn’t matter how long are you in game. It’s how smart you are. I’ll let my results and student results speaks for themselves.

fuck you jan.png

Just go to other dating coaches site locally and see their testimonial section and compare it to mine. For Jan however, look at here, he really doesn’t have any testimonials. Click here and click here to see Jan Lifestyle frauding people with night game testimonials and zero daygame.

But last 2 years they have no testimonials for every single other dating coaches. I’m saying its getting tougher lately. You won’t survive Vancouver with direct game. You have almost next to zero chance in daygame. Night game you might have a chance. But competition against tinder and everything else. Only our students pulls and gets laid here. I hate to break the bad news for you.

Also, people are flying in all over the world to train with me. This week I have a student from Toronto training with me and one from Australia. Even if the Asians here are stubborn and cheap. Remember, while you might pay less locally, it cost more for repair work which I do. You will have to go out non stop and get no results. If one coach can get students laid in 3 months intervals. I’m not talking about Scam Jan, but someone else. It means going out 6 hours a day for 30 days = 180 hours. But 3 months its, 540 hours for one lay or pull. That is with one dating coach here. But he doesn’t have any testimonials in the last two years. For Jan Lifestyle, no matter how many days you go out, its practically game over, there is almost a zero chance of pulling or getting laid in daygame. For my bootcamps, if you are a normal case you pull in the first bootcamp, which I’ll post videos of. That is like pulling in 9 hours or less. A lot of students pulls at the end of the bootcamp. They even pull on the second class. In less than a week and some in a third. They get laid shortly afterwards. Most normal cases on Skype and online training pulls in a two days, a week or two. They get laid in 3 weeks or less. You have seen some getting laid twice in less than a week. Hardcases might take 2-6 months. But they still pull, but they get laid around the 2.5 month mark for online international students. Some even later, depending on how resistant they are. Or they are impossible cases.

The reason for such efficiency was, we here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle cracked the code to daygame. We found out without any sort of privledges in looks, height, race ect. No advantages, we can get results. Other coaches can say game is game, but that is only the right side category. We had to adapt. Jan is maxing out the left side U.A.R (universal attractive rating) Most people will say, looks or race doesn’t matter. But keep denying your privileges. Another coach might use his SMV, being white or Latino. By not denying it, but adapting around it, you see 200 testimonials of pulls and lays. My theories were spot on all these years. I know Asians likes to think looks don’t matter and dress like shit. It is why you all failed. Learn to compensate. Do you know any good looking girl going out with a guy who is dressed like shit? I don’t.


One guy said to me this other coach is charging cheaper. Well that coach didn’t talk shit to me. If he did, I would use my platform to destroy him. I’m a Wayne you know, we are a world class company. The reason I didn’t attack was, he never attacked. I think everyone has a right to put food on the table and pay their rent. Since he was also attacked by Jan. So maybe now I can empathize. But he didn’t fight back against Jan. You know how aggressive and unforgiving I am, I did. I’m more alpha, I really have no mercy and ruthless beyond any other daygame coach out there. But this other Asian guy said he was cheaper and might go with him. But calculate the time, time is money. Look at the testimonials and how often it happens. All I can say is, I really have so many clients now all over the world. I also do repair work. If you don’t get the results you are looking for elsewhere, remember, it was your fault. My students do pull and there are a ton of testimonials I never posted or video ones. I don’t have time to edit them. That’s all I am saying for now. Just let the testimonials speaks for themselves. Time is money and the value of my bootcamp is worth every penny. Remember all my Asian clients were burnt by RSD and Simple Pickup direct and natural and direct. I’m always the third and last guy that does all the repair work for them. Some gets burnt by Justin Wayne too.



-John (best investment) Wayne

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