Why I avoid all Asian PUAs and the Vancouver lair. A bunch of scumbags.

I have trained student who flies in across the world. Most people wouldn’t fly in to train with any of the scumbag dating coaches locally. But they fly in to train with me. I have more of an international appeal. I have students all around the world of every ethnicity, age group, occupation. However if any scumbags from Vancouver claims they know me, they don’t. Remember, most of the time if you seen me, you most likely seen me sticking my middle finger at you. I associated with some of them three years ago. But a lot has changed, I have zero association with any of them. They wouldn’t know me. If people trash talks, they wouldn’t know anything new. I only have one friend here, my camera man. I don’t trust any of you sociopathic fucks. I’ll tell you a true story, Jan bought the Vancouver lair and re-directed it back to his site. Just as he did with my site. They formed a WhatsApp group of sociopathic fucks.


The Vancouver Lair


Lets talk about Asian PUAs. In my experience being a dating coach, I have met them all. I hate generalizing, but certain cultures, countries and certain behaviors arises. Most people when they say Asian PUAs, or Asians. They all think we are the same. It is like calling British Daygamers the same as American ones because they both have the same complexion. That is wrong.

What I noticed for Vancouver PUAs in general. Remember I taught over 350 people on Skype and bootcamps. I do know what I am talking about. I stand by what I said. I have seen the same patterns shows up over and over again.

Koreans PUAs.

Positive traits: There aren’t a lot of Korean daygamers. But from the ones I have met, their social intellegence is above normal. Well for an Asian. They have a culture where the older guy is considered higher status. They call them oppa, or big brother or something like that. I could be wrong, i’m not Korean even if I look like it. Since they hang out in big social circle and groups, they tend to have the most social intelligence by far. They tend to have a very bright complexion too, their skins are literally glowing white in a lot of cases. It could be genetic.

Negative traits: They however tend to go for Asian girls a lot. They aren’t perfect, but there isn’t a lot of them in Vancouver. My previous wingman was Korean. Some of my students are Koreans too. They aren’t really that preselected. Most has bangs for hairstyles. Or they dress in an unrelatable way to white girls. White girls can sense it, unless they have yellow fever.

Chinese PUAs.

Positive traits: There is some level of preselectedness if the Chinese guy is good looking. You usually see some exceptional Chinese PUAs. They tend to have a fashion sense and some can look like actors, singers or models. In the United States, some has a white washed look that makes it easier to date white girls who tends to be Russian, or Slavic. Some has no problems dating white girls.

Negative: There is no worst type of daygamers than the Chinese. Among the Chinese, you will noticed two traits for PUAs. One is the sociopath type. What I mean is these types of PUAs are the most stubborn, mentally unstable ones. If you give them advice on their fashion or game, they will literally get stubborn and attack you. One of the trait of sociopaths was, they believe whatever opinion they have is absolute truth. Its weird because everything I do is field tested. They have opinions as facts. Win at all cost, no love, empathy, guilt. They tend to have the worst hairstyles and clothing style imaginable. They would say what is wrong with my fashion. They tend to act sort of socially uncalibrated to the max. They are completely unaware. They tend to use direct daygame a lot. But they quit extremely easily due to no success and excessive auto rejection. They tend to train under Jan Lifestyle and get ripped off. They quit daygame quickly and stick to night game forever. You will never see them again. They are disgruntled since they have next to zero daygame results. They often just quit going for white girls altogether and say I like Asian girls more. To me that’s bullshit because they love white girls. They repel them.

The second type of Chinese are the dark triad personality. Which is defined by a lack of empathy. A grandiose sense of self with narcissism. Also, Machiavelli manipulation. These are the high functioning type. They are the ones who are more calm than the above ones. But these PUAs are extremely manipulative. Stonewalling, doesn’t like to hear what you have to say cause they have no empathy. They like to gaslight you with fake information. Also, likes to manipulate you. Some are even sadistic, called the dark tetrad. Even among Chinese dating coaches, they have a troll like quality to them. These guys are extremely smart though. Every Chinese has one world class ability better than the rest. Jan Lifestyle is an expert scammer. I’m an expert daygame coach. I’m the best at it in North America due to my stats.

Japanese PUAs:

Positive traits. Unknown, they don’t daygame very often. I haven’t met that many Japanese daygamers unless they do it in Europe or Japan.

Negative traits: The bow out of game and just fap to tentacle porn and hentai all day. They don’t really get married anymore or even get out of the house in Japan. They rarely work or they work too much. They are too complacent. But I can’t speak about daygame because there aren’t enough Japanese daygamers.

Filipinos PUAs:

Positive traits. They are extremely preselected by white women in the United States. They tend to have more of a killer instinct in terms of daygame. They are always willing to pull the trigger. I don’t mean in a literal sense, but I mean pulling her to the bedroom. They tend to be aggressive when necessary, but they often exibit no fears. It makes them good PUAs. They are also a bit preselected by Latinas a bit because they look like Mexicans.

Negative traits: Unfortunately they have a lot of negative traits. We have a saying here, we call them the Mexicans of Asians. They tend to have darker skin. Most of them are passive aggressive. They will backstab you 100% of the time over time. Its in their nature since most of them are two faced sociopaths. They have a hidden layer or mask. Due to their religious upbringing, they tend hide their anger. They tend to not have empathy or guilt. They always wants to get even. If you have worked with them before, they are the guys and girls, who wants to get you fired at your job. Or they snipe at you, meaning they make indirect passive aggressive comments. Almost every Filipino person will backstab you. Don’t be fooled by their pretending to be cool nature. They really take value and give very little of it back. They usually have a poor economy and are narcissistic to the max. They would at least spend some money on training. But if you give them too much value, they will undervalue you and backstab you. My solution was, if you feel the knife near your back, get away.


Positive traits: They tend to be liked by Asian and white women alike. They tend to be somewhat social too. Some of them are extremely smart or extremely nice. Some are smart enough to be doctors and other kind of jobs. Some can speak Cantonese and will have academic achievements like them. Some are not nice, but has a gangster mentality. But this is a great trait for alpha personality traits. Some women likes this type of trait for their personality. They can be extremely white washed.

Negative traits: The problem with a lot of Vietnamese PUAs are, they are sociopaths. If they aren’t, they have the genetic code. Know how crazy Vietnamese women are? Yeah the men are similar. The extremely nice guys however has a super quiet voice. It is almost universal. They can’t vocally project for some reason. No matter how much you force them, they can’t at all. You have to tell them to repeat themselves. They do have a temper. Most of these guys goes for average looking girls. Unless they are a dj, or porn star, they usually have lower standards. They are usually good at pulling the trigger. Or they are just too fucking nice, quite and timid. They really don’t put much into their hair or physical appearance. But the gangster ones puts a ton of attention to look gangster.

Thailand, Malaysians, ect:

Positive traits:

Negative traits: They tend to have severe mental illnesses. In almost all students who wants to train with my from Vancouver or Victoria in B.C. They almost has some schizophrenia, autism or retardation. I usually just send them over to Jan Lifestyle. I know since he has no game. Then again this can happen to the Chinese too. I don’t know why, but I met a lot of people like this asking for training. I have declined it all.


Let me tell you my interpretation of why Asian PUAs, not the rest of the population. But PUAs acts like this. In the old days, Asian guys were once the toughest mofos on earth. They were Ninjas, Samurais, Vietcogs, Genghis Khan. There was a high degree of psychopathy or dark triad personality within Asian DNA. Over time, they have counter beliefs like Buddism, or confusion-ism. This sort of is the counter beta like behavior. Fast forward to modern days. When you hear of the trait tiger parents or tiger moms. It means mothers that forces their kids to be good at school. But they are totally controlling, lacks emotions, or love, no guilt doing it, manipulative, even sadistic. This is the dark tetrad or dark four which includes sadism. The parents were moving to North America. They think their kids are like future meal tickets and retirement plans. Their kids only focus on school and become very beta. Lacks social skills. But the PUAs has the parents genes. I think 67% of Chinese have this gene called the warrior gene. However their kids growing up in North America becomes totally beta. They will start to lack social skills. Asian women would be more aggressive and less beta. The ones with the squared jawlines with more testosterone infused. They will date white guys with pure disdain for Asian guys. The Asians will continue to date Asian women. The betas, not thinking there are any other choice. They grow up with a lot of anger. The lack of social intellegence is what makes Asian guys, especially the Chinese have no sense of fashion. Fashion is directly related to social intelligence.

The Asians who becomes PUAs mostly have these genes. Most who doesn’t, will quit being a PUA. Its too hard for them. This really explains everything about the Asian culture and the Asian PUAs. Its why a lot of them doesn’t train under me because they like to think looks don’t matter. Its related to their sociopathic traits. The opinions as facts. Sometimes an Asian PUA might not express those genes because they never been through enough trama and stress to kick start those genes. They will still retain some of it. The hater mentality or passive aggressive traits that turns on you.

All three dark triad traits are conceptually distinct although empirical evidence shows them to be overlapping. They are associated with a callous-manipulative interpersonal style.[9]

Dark Tetrad[edit]

Several researchers have suggested expanding the dark triad to contain a fourth dark trait. Everyday sadism, defined as the enjoyment of cruelty, is the most common addition. While sadism is highly correlated with the dark triad, researchers have shown that sadism predicts anti-social behavior beyond the dark triad.[113][114]Borderline personality disorder and status-driven risk-taking have also been proposed as additions.[108]

Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth 

Sociopaths never answer facts; they always attack the messenger

Another very valuable red flag to recognize when trying to spot a sociopath is to see how they deal with attacks on their own integrity. If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!merely because they say it!

The quote relates to Chinese PUAs. The delusional part is what makes it so hard to get though to Chinese PUAs. They become resistant and stubborn. Its easier to say go natural and direct. Looks don’t matter. My point is unless we discuss this topic. We can’t really fix the issues as Asians. While my skills at a daygamer exceeds nearly all Asian daygamers. On a pure skill based level. Also, my testimonials exceeds most of the industry in terms of sheer amount of success. It was because I can see things in a very objective way. I don’t attach emotions. This is something we have to fix. If you keep going to RSD and other type of companies that appeals to your stubborness and ego. You will never get good at daygame. We will perpetuate this Asian beta negative stereotype. I stand by everything I say. It doesn’t represent my company. But only what I John Wayne believe. If you are Asian and read this, you know I described you like an open book. I’m not stupid, I trained you all.

If you give me this stubbornness or shit attitude or backstab me. I’ve already predicted it all before you even did it. I knew you better than you knew yourself. Having said that, I know how to teach you better due to it. If you aren’t like this, great. Just becareful of not washing out early. PUA stuff is hard. Its easier for certain people because of these traits. These traits can make you on top of the industry like government, wall street, ect. Or it can break you. If you are a criminal, scammer, stubborn sociopathic PUA. It depends on the person. So acknowledge it and work around it. Or utilize it to your advantage. I’ve written this article months ago, but decided to make it public now. Since I’m bringing up the dark triad personality traits.


-John (the enlightened) Wayne

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