Why my system at Wayne Dating Lifestyle is better than Justin Wayne’s system (Video)


Lots of people said our system is just like Justin Wayne, but a few tweaks. Its almost the same. Most of those guys are usually black guys in almost all cases. They are so preselected by white women. You see lots of black guys having white girlfriends. So romance is something they can apply. But what about Asians or East Indians?

Our system isn’t that similar. The escalation ladder concept, sure. But we don’t go the romance route. Deepak Wayne explains the difference. Our system is more adaptable. It isn’t rigid. If I ever have to hear some more ignorant guy say our system is similar, I would direct them to this video. I’m retraining some Justin Wayne victims or clients. They come to me as total train wrecks.

For the record, for those who said I should thank Justin Wayne for my skills or some nonsense. I never met him. Except though a 10 minute Skype coaching call that came free with his scammy products of complete nonsense. I even brought up the flaws of the system to him. I used to teach the domino effect the same time Deepak did. A year and a half ago. Then I taught Deepaks system. I only got three students using samepagology laid or romance concepts. Two were the same race as the girl. So the value system outlined in this video is equal for the status.

Justin Wayne clients if you see their Wayne Secret Group. I got kicked out for posting 2 testimonials from students success because someone was asking me how in the world did I achieve that. He didn’t know there were many 2-3 day bootcamp was running. I would of posted like 20 more testimonials or more. One black guy kept asking if it was the Domino Effect. Or insisted it was. I kept saying indirectly it wasn’t. He asked again if I was trained by Justin. Then Justin or his group kicked me out because I can’t answer I was trained by Deepak. But when you kick out John Wayne, then well. I lost all respect. It wasn’t because I turned on him. It was more like I realized the scam and dark triad personality or manipulation used on others. Jan Lifestyle was the same way. Dark Triad personality consist of psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavelli manipulation. But I don’t think he hates me or anything like that. I don’t personally hate him. I am only speaking about his game and the alleged scams, dark triads personality and kicking me off his group. I think he is happy I am doing some amazing things with the Wayne name. I still like to believe this name Wayne stands for greatness. I still am going to elevate the name to the top of the daygame industry.

Also, even if Justin Waynes students are some of the worst daygamers I have ever seen in my life on the forum group. Well outside of Jan Lifestyle clients. (Most are starting to get wise to his scams, he is losing clients) Most gets nothing but Instagram closes, insta-hangouts and sometimes a kiss on the cheek for the Wayne Secret Group. Or they say I got an Instagram close, this system works. I say works my ass. Justin once cited some guy who used the romantic connect, some Asian guy who got married. But then again a ton more Asian clients I have got laid and pulled. My percentage is 80% student pull rate, 70% student getting laid rate. One last thing that irks me was when I bought the product. Justin said write something nice about me. Then he used all of that comments as testimonials? He scammed people for the testimonials? Just copy and pasted their comments? That’s a new low.

The only Justin Wayne clients with any success are tall strong protector status, preselected black guys. They are preseleted by white women. They often defend him. Tells us to stop using the Wayne name, or some bullshit. Also, Filipino clients goes to Justin because they have a dark complexion too. But he isn’t known to most East Asians. In some ways I would try to make the Wayne name famous. These Filipino and black guys are always defending Justin Wayne. They are brainwashed to the max. If I made fun of Justin Wayne to a black guy. Almost all black guys who are Justin Wayne fans. Only uses Justin’s stuff because Justin is black too. Its like black people voting for Obama just because he is black. Its so bias. It is like saying Asian clients follows me because i’m Asian. No they don’t, everyone follows my work regardless of race. Maybe you should follow me because of my own merits. I don’t want people to say, John Wayne is Asian, therefore i’m Asian. I’ll listen. I want you to listen to the testimonials and the results. Most of my clients are every race. Not just one or two. Just because Justin is black, you are black, then you automatically be blind fanboy. I was going to be interviewed by black PUAs who wanted to collaborate. But as soon as I talk about Justin Wayne in a negative way, they don’t like it and stonewalled me. I won’t give details who or any details about them. Its confidential.

John (the Wayne Dating Lifestyle) Wayne


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